Ek Nayi Pehchan 23rd June 2014 Written Episode Update

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Pallavi challenges Sharda to go to any court or temple but this truth cannot change as legally Mahesh is only my husband. They are all shocked to know it. Suresh stands there quietly. Your vermilion, your mangalsutra and your identity of Mrs. Sharda Modi is a lie. I haven’t snatched your husband from you but it is you who has snatched him from me. I don’t lack anything you do as you accepted to be someone’s second wife. You are the second wife of Suresh Modi. She seeks confirmation from Mahesh / Suresh. Everyone is stunned as he agrees with Pallavi. You are my second wife Sharda. Sharda is devastated by this truth. Pallavi points out that Sharda isn’t Mrs. Sharda Modi anymore. You are only Sharda. She throws the marriage certificate there and heads out of Modi House with Suresh following her. Latika too follows him.

Pallavi leaves in her car by the time Suresh comes out. He calls his driver to bring the car. Latika questions him on what he had said inside. How can you do this dad? You have been my inspiration from the very beginning. I thought you would never cheat anyone but you cheated us only. You have hurt my mom? I had kept you above everyone else but now I will never ever forgive you. He tries to explain but she goes back inside. He apologizes to her mentally. But I know one day you will understand my helplessness. But I will have to go to Pallavi now. I will have to make it up to her anyhow. I cannot lose her. He leaves in his car.

Sharda recalls Pallavi’s words and is in tears. Sad title background plays as she turns to go back to her room. Sakshi is worried for her. Pallavi’s words and Suresh’s affirmation keep echoing in her head. Sakshi, Karan and Dadi too start following Sharda but she simply closes the door behind her. All the family members ask her to open it but she doesn’t. They are very much worried for her. Latika tells Karan to break the door. Hope she doesn’t take any extreme step. Sakshi’s belief is very firm in her Ma. She isn’t that weak to take such an extreme step. She has been hurt very badly. She only needs some time to pull herself together. We all should give space to her. Karan is angry at his dad. I will send him to jail if anything happens to my mom. Sakshi calms him down assuring him nothing will happen to Ma. She tells Latika to take Dadi to her room or she might fall sick. They all leave except Sakshi who stands by the door tearfully.

Sharda looks at the idols in her room. Sakshi reminds her of their first meeting. Sharda recalls everything. I was leaving my dear ones that day. I feel God chose to make us meet / connect that day itself. You only made me realise that day that what I was doing was wrong. I trusted you and held your hand. I got saved that day from making the biggest mistake of my life. She sits outside the room and continues talking to her Ma. People say that your husband is your best friend at your in-laws house but I got my best friend when I came here on the first day and it was you. I might not have any relation with Karan if you weren’t there. Our fights, our differences, our misunderstandings but you never gave you. You always encouraged me by being my mother, friend and at times being my Guru. You are the strength of this house. If you leave our side then who will take care of us? Who will scold us if we make mistakes? Who will hug us if we do something great? Who will show us the difference between right and wrong? Please don’t let us break. Please don’t keep yourself away from us. Sharda is in tears as she realises what Sakshi is saying. You are our identity Ma. Don’t snatch our identity from us. Title song plays (after a long long time its happy ENP). Much to Sakshi’s surprise, Sharda opens the door and they both share a tearful hug. Karan and Latika are relieved to see this. They too join the hug.

Suresh comes to his other home looking for Pallavi. The servant tells him that she isn’t home. He wonders where she has gone to.

Pallavi tells the servant to bring tea. She gets call from Suresh. He lied so much to me. is there something left to tell? She finally picks a call. She tells something in mute asking someone to come to Mumbai asap.

Latika and Sakshi arrange the bed for Sharda. Dadi tells her to sleep. We will think of something tomorrow. It might be that tomorrow’s sun will bring something good. Karan assures his mom that no woman can snatch her identity like this. You were, are and will always be Mrs. Sharda Modi. Your identity is because of your son, your daughter, your DIL, Dadi. Latika agrees with him. Karan reminds her that they are her real identity. Sharda points out that all these relations are with her because of him (Suresh) only. Dadi explains that relations aren’t made by words but by heart. You have lived all these relations beautifully. Your identity is by them. Sakshi also adds that the very same relations’ identity is because of her only. Only you! Sharda looks at them.

Suresh comes to Modi House. He tries Pallavi’s number but it is switched off. He has no clue what to do now so goes inside his home.

Sharda has spread all their photos on the floor. Suresh is confused as to what’s happening. She tears a pic of theirs in half and throws it in the other lot. He tells her to clean the mess as he is sleepy. Instead, she lights a match and burns everything. He is shocked by this. Have you lost your mind? He douses the fire and keeps questioning her on her act. Were you planning to burn the whole house? She replies that that has been done already. I am only collecting the ashes. He asks her what has happened. What have I snatched from you? You have everything – money, house, kids, and prestige in society. What else do you want from me? He leaves from there as he cannot rest in his room even.

Sakshi comes to her room. She looks at Karan and can understand that he is tensed. You would be as everything is breaking apart. He replies that things will start afresh only when they will break. She is confused by his words. He tells her that he is thinking of doing something. I only want you to stand by me in whatever I am going to do. She says she will as she knows he will do the right thing. He goes from there. She is getting scared by the minute as things are changing too quickly. Don’t know that tomorrow will bring. May God bless us always!

Everyone is at the breakfast table. suresh cribs about his breakfast, tea and breakfast. Karan comes to his mom. He seeks her blessings. Suresh taunts him about it. you don’t get business skills by touching feet. You need dedication and decision for that. Karan retorts that I have taken a decision and I have gotten my dedication from mom’s blessings. He tells his mom that he is leaving this home. Everyone is in for a shock.

Precap: Sharda is packing her bags. Suresh keeps asking her questions but she continues doing her work silently which irritates him all the more. Where are you going? I am your husband and you cannot avoid me like this. Answer me. She takes her bag and goes out while he keeps calling out for her. Sharda, Sakshi and Karan are leaving together from Modi House while Dadi and Latika look on.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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