Veera 23rd June 2014 Written Episode Update

Veera 23rd June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

episode starts with ranveer came to meet sonia ji and says, i came here for put nail on wall. Sonia calls to gunjan and says, can you give me salwar suit because i have to go in meeting. Bansari ji reaches there and gets surprised and this time sonia’s plan gets failed.
Balwant tayaji calls to bansari ji for tea and ask from her, where is bansari ji.
Balwant tayaji says, i will also make tea for you then balwant tayaji says to himself, i dont know how will i make tea. Balwant tayaji’s hand burnt away. balwant tayaji says, now your tea is taste like gunjan’s hand made tea. Sonia gets jealoused. SOnia reaches to meet ranveer and invites ranveer and gunjan for dinner. Sonia makes a plan and calls ranveer early. Ranveer choose kurta and ask from gunjan, is this kurta is right for me. gunjan says, why you will go to sonia ji. Ranveer says, she had called us for diner. Gunjan asked from biji for dinner invitation.
Biji says, dont ask from me about this. You have complete rights to decide. Chaiji says, go and dressed up.
Sonia called to gunjan then gunjan pulling her leg. Gunjan tells that ranveer has informed me about dinner and we will reached at your place at 6 “o” clock then sonia says, no, you comes at 7 “o” clock. Sonia calls to bansari ji and says, sorry, i cant come at your house, i have some urgent work. Ranveer called to gunhan and says to gunjan that reach at sonia ji’s home because i will reach in late night. Sonia waits for ranveer and then ranveer reaches at home then gunjan says to ranveer that i have to go to hospital. Ranveer says, i will go with you. Gunjan reaches there. and see ranveer home.
Sonia and ranveer reaches at patients home. gunjan waits at sonia’s home and gunjan calls to sonia but she didnt pick her phone.

Precap:- Gunjan see ranveer and gunjan and says, her maid said me that you were gone to hospital. Sonia then says, no we were gone to patient home, lets leave it.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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