Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadda ji talking to everyone as they find him. They bring him home. Bhabhimaa cries and asks did he get the Satpuda. He says how do you know, we will get it later, I m tired now. Bhabhimaa says fine, we will go later. Naksh says I will take you as I know the way. Muskaan asks was he not afraid. Naksh says no, I know good happens with good people, and Lord helps them. Devyaani says yes, but we are responsible for our safety. Naksh says sorry. Rukmani says Naksh sometimes does good things and Naman did Naksh type thing. She says she will go now as she has puja at home. Bhabhimaa asks Dadda ji and Naksh to have food and get ready for puja.

Devyaani looks at Naman. Anshu and Jasmeet do the play for the Dhanteras story. Varsha comes dressed as Yamraaj. Anshu as king says he told her that he will die after his marriage, once he sleeps. Jasmeet as queen says she won’t let him sleep and asks Yamraaj to take rest. Everyone smile seeing the play. Dadi says the queen makes the kind awake all night by her stories and Yamraaj sees its morning. He asks the king to come. The queen says you can’t take him, its morning now, you can’t take him now. Jasmeet says you can’t take him now, and come when its his second marriage and its fourth day. Dadi says Yamraaj goes back empty hand and the day got the name Dhanteras. Ananya smiles.

Devyaani scolds Naman to being irresponsible. Naman apologizes and says he wnet for 2 mins for Karishma’s work. She says she will not forgive him if he does this again, if you love me, then be careful, this family has done a lot for me, if we hurt this family and ruin their respect, I can’t bear this. She asks him to change else don’t expect anything from your mum. Muskaan hears this and pacifies Naman. Naksh asks Bhabhimaa to thank Lord. Bhabhimaa says yes, to Lord and to you. They do the puja. Dadda ji says he will give the Dhan for the Dhanteras.

Akshara gets Rajshri’s call and talks to her. Naman touches Bhabhimaa’s feet and apologizes to her. Muskaan smiles. Bhabhimaa says Devyaani, I knew you felt bad, what could I do, I told what came in my heart. Devyaani says I understand, I got angry and scolded Naman, even you can scold him, I won’t feel bad, you have a right on him. Bhabhimaa says yes, if house is one, then kids are same. Akshara tells everyone what happened. Everyone is annoyed with her for not telling this to them.

Akshara says everything happened soon. Vishwamber says we pray this won’t happen again. Rajshri asks her to take care. Akshara asks Naitik not to scold Naksh as he found Dadda ji. Naitik says he wanted to thank Naksh, but everyone take me wrong. The men get good smell of the cooking and wonder whats this. Bhabhimaa says Akshara is making something. Dadda ji asks her whats she cooking. Akshara says you will know it. Dadda eats the dish and says its Satpuda. Everyone smile.

Naitik says how did you know. Dadda ji says the shop was there when Dadda ji spoke to those men. I came there and met the shopkeeper of the sweet shop, he got old and shut his shop, I took the recipe from him and made him. Bau ji tastes it and says Sargovi which we got in village. Bhabhimaa says why did he not tell me Sargovi, he said Satpuda and I did not know its this.

Rajshri tells about the problem when maid is there and they are not balancing right. Anshu jokes. Varsha and Jasmeet divide works as maid did not come. Pammi asks Karishma to come to Gurudwara as they have to pray. Karishma says she has holiday, but has work. She says she is shifting. Sethi asks how can you shift, you did not tell us. Karishma says am I a small kid to get your permission, I did not talk to my parents, but I m sure they won’t create problems. Pammi says how can she talk to us like this. Sethi says its our mistake that we loved her as our daughter.

Naman calls Sethi to talk to Karishma. Sethi says Karishma is shifting. Naman thinks she did not tell me. The maid Chanda comes and apologizes for not coming. Jasmeet and Varsha scold her. Chanda says she got conjunctivitis. She says she came to tell them why she could not come. Anshu says give her any simple work. Rajshri says we will do the work. Varsha asks her to clean the floor. Kaki says its good she came. Vishwamber says I did not know maid has power to make four ladies cry and smile.

Devyaani talks to Naksh and says its against rules, but still my chit has your name and I don’t know what to gift kids. She asks what he likes. Naksh says I will think and tell. She says sure. She says don’t tell anyone that I asked you. He says fine, don’t tell anyone. Akshara smiles. A man brings parcels. Bhabhimaa asks Akshara to help her, as she can’t go out to buy a gift, so she has to get it. Akshara says your name is not written in my chit. Bhabhimaa says no, you have to get gift for Naksh. Akshara says we decided we will give gift each. Bhabhimaa shows her chit and it has Naksh’s name.

Girja gives a chit from Naitik’s shirt, it has Naksh’s name. Akshara calls Naksh and he says he wrote his name. Akshara scolds him. Naitik defends Naksh and Akshara argues with him. Everyone looks on. She leaves angrily.

Everyone come in the function. Many people write Akshara’s name shocking her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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