Hamari Sister Didi 22nd October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Babay asks Veer did he catch the criminals. Amrita panicked, and says to Karan that he will have to wake up. His pulse begins to grow normal. They all take a breath, of thankfulness. Amrita comes to him, calls his name and says nothing will happen to him. The doctor says he is back, and calls for injection. They bandage his injury, and tells Amrita to call her immediately in case of any problem.

Outside, Dimple asks how is Karan. The doctor says they revived him with great difficulty, he must stay stable for the next few hours.

Veer talks to inspector on call, and asks what they said. Did he see the registration of their gun. He was worried.

Amrita talks to Karan, that someone can’t say he is so peaceful. She says to Mehr, that she will come back after taking a round out. Mehr hugs her.

Amrita comes out, she stops Dimple and says she wants to talk to them all. She says no one will go to Karan’s room, he needs rest. She and Mummy ji may see him once, then she will handle all the injections and medicines; only she will go inside. Dimple reminds her that Karan gave her similar orders, today he is in the condition only because of her. Had she not been irresponsible, he wouldn’t been in this condition. Mrs. Kapoor sides Dimple. Amrita says they are right, she is the culprit; she asks Dimple to make a committee sit against her and mummy ji can take a decision but right now she won’t let anyone meet Karan. At this time, she is the head nurse of the hospital, and doesn’t allow anyone to meet the head doctor. She asks Veer to take care of it.

Amrita comes into the lawns, and cry. Babay comes to her with Mehr and Malika, and asks what happened. Amrita cried badly, and says she did a big mistake. It is because of her that Karan is in this condition. She never listens to anyone. Babay asks when she has started to accept defeat. Amrita says she is losing each and every moment for her Avi. She was hiding this loss, behind her stubbornness. Babay says she can’t change herself. Amrita asks who is she? She is a mere nurse, to keep Avi’s hospital alive, what will she do if something happen to Karan. Babay says she has to show courage this time as well, and hugs her. The children come to her. Khushi asks in worry, what happened to her. Amrita says Babay makes anyone cry. Sooraj asks will Karan die too. Amrita says no, it is nothing like that. She says he will be alright, perfectly. She takes them to round.

Veer comes to talk to her. She tells Veer to let her take a round, and tells the children to go home with dadi. They resist, that they won’t leave until Karan is fine. Veer says it is important.

Babay says Amrita is so torn, first time after Avinash. She asks all the blessings for Karan. Malika says Babay must pray for Amrita.

Veer tells her that it was a family matter. They say that they came here to make him afraid. He says their guns didn’t shot. Amrita tells Veer that it went dark, she saw a third man on window whose face was covered. She tells Veer that Lalit was already 3 feet away, the man wanted to kill Karan. This is the reason, she tightened the security. Veer says her hope, will win Karan’s life. She asks Veer to ask some inspector to be in plain clothes as well.

Bobby brings food for the children. He asks Mrs. Kapoor to eat too. She denies. Mrs. Kapoor asks Dimple to call someone from Karan’s home. She says she has been trying for a long time. Mrs. Kapoor tries a number that was switched off too. Dimple goes to call some friends of theirs.

A boy calls someone to make his friend well. He calls the dog Pappu. Babay tells him that animals aren’t treated here. Dimple tells Babay to give him the address of Vet clinic. She says it is very unhygienic here. Khushi and Sooraj come to him too. The boy says that he is the one who take care of him, when he sleeps beneath the bridge, he must also take care of him now. Amrita takes the dog, bandage it. Mrs. Kapoor comes to see this too. Amrita tells the boy, that his Pappu will be alright soon. The boy says he is angry with him, Amrita asks why. He says he was hurt because of him that is why. Amrita thinks about all the blames on him.

PRECAP: Sooraj says that he has written a letter to God to make Karan well again.

Update Credit to: Sona

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