Bigg Boss 8 22nd October 2014 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 8 22nd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 31
all are sleeping, song aloo chaat starts playing, all dances.

Diandra says to ali that what is happening in house, its all mess in house, Ali says sonali is coming, she will clean the kitchen, diandra says she doesn’t even wake up on time, Ali says don’t be shocked if ingredients are cut in luxury budget as sonali, praneet keep sleeping even after song starts, he says I will talk to Sonali.
Sonali comes, Ali says to sonali that work fast, many people bicker that you don’t work, they complain about you that you don’t work, sonali says tell them to look at their work, not keep seeing me.

siren blows, all inmates goes and starts taking ingredients which starts coming in house, Diandra reads the order that both teams will ask other team to make sweetdish of their choice, diandra will give order to Gautam’s sweets and Gautam’s sweets will order Diandra’s sweets to make sweets of their wish. Gautam ask diandra what she wants them to make, diandra says to Gautam that you people make apple pie for us, puneet ask guatam to tell what diandra should make, gautam says oh we have to tell you people too? puneet says yes you have to tell also, gautam says ok I will discuss with our team, diandra and puneet says this is cheating, they found our order and will discuss with their team and will give difficult thing to us, he have to tell now, he cant discuss with his team now, he has to tell now, gautam says I didn’t know that we have to give order too, puneet lifts gautam in his hands and ask him to mot mess with him, puneet says you cant go now, you have to tell what to make now, you cant change strategy after listening to our order, Ali comes there and tries to break their fight, Puneet says he is cheating, he asked us what to make and now he will give difficult thing to us, I will not let him discuss with team.

Gautam talks to Arya and says puneet shouted on me, he pushed me but I didn’t take action against him as I love him, he cries, Arya hugs him and ask him to not cry, Gautam’s team give order to diandra’s team to make halwa.

Arya is disturbing diandra’s team, he keeps speaking. Karishma and praneet are making apple pie. sushant comes there, Karishma ask him to tell recipe only, if he knows. Ali is takes umbrella from sonali and ask her to work while he uses umbrella, Arya says to ali that I am bringing fruits from inside, Karishma says don’t ask him, ali says Sonali that I am boss in this task, you all are servants on mine, don’t bicker with me, I will give punishment to you, sonali sings that he is jealous.
After time is done, Gautam and diandra brings sweetdishes to Ali, gautam says we asked them to make solid sweets not halwa, Ali ask them to not fight, he says in camera that diandra’s team have made good sweets but they shouted and they made issue in task so I am cutting their marks and announcing Gautam’s team winner in this task.

Diandra says to puneet that you should listen to captain of task before doing anything, i was asking you to not touch gautam, look because of you we lost this task, Puneet gets angry and ask her to not blame him, diandra says shut up, Puneet shouts why you always make other shut, you should listen to someone else too, diandra says you should have controlled you aggression, minissha comes there and ask diandra to not fight, she takes her away, diandra says to minissha that puneet is emotional and gets aggressive in tasks.

diandra says to Ali that puneet did wrong when he lifted gautam, he got physical with gautam and it is wrong, ali says to puneet that don’t ever get physical, you are strong, if you get angry then shout but don’t get physical, its not good, I am requesting you, Puneet says gautam was cheating, if Ali found me wrong then he could have asked me to not involve in task now, Gautam says to Arya that puneet did wrong with me, Puneet says to Praneet that Ali and gautam have lose tongue while I have lose hands, guatam comes there, puneet hugs him and ask him to leave the issue.

Praneet has asked sonali to rob sugar, sonali comes in kitchen, she hides sugar in her shirt (undergarment).
Praneet says to upen that robbery is fine but you should not get caught.
Gautam says to Ali that sushant has said that our team have thieves, ask him to not say this, Ali says your team did robbery, yesterday Arya did it, Gautam ask him to do his work, why are you giving ego to me, tell me who has hide sugar, he shouts on Ali and ask him to not become so bossy, Sushant comes there and says soni told me to say to Ali that see around if anyone is doing robbery of sugar etc, Gautam ask to bring all team members, Gautam says to Ali that you are breaking our strategy, you are become our boss, do your work only, don’t disturb us, Ali says I am doing my work only, Gautam says I know your work, you are *****, ali ask him to not use slang against him, I will disqualify you, you are a cheap man, Gautam ask him to touch him, Ali touches him and says now hit me, I will answer you, I will hit you, cheap man.
Puneet comes there, Ali says I told gautam to not hide things, this is cheating, he started shouting on me, he is cheap man, gautam comes there and irritates ali, Ali says don’t shout, you cheap man, Gautam says you are desperate, Ali gets furious and says don’t use slang against me, I will take out your eyes, Ayra holds Ali and stops him from hitting gautam, Upen takes Gautam from there and says you did right reaction by not answering him back.
ali says to praneet that I will not listen slang against me, I will hit him, I am not here for money, I will not leave him, we guys use slang but in fun, he was hitting my sentiments, gautam says to inmates that nobody come in this issue, I will handle this, Ali says stop it gautam, the cheap man. Ali leaves from there, puneet says to gautam that what was Ali saying, will he take off eyes of all inmates.
Ali comes there again and says to gautam that you have messed with me, now I will show you, I will show you how to be psycho, he has used slang against me infront of girls, he has started it and now I will not leave him, Puneet ask Ali to sit and talk, Praneet says Gautam was just talking and he just used slang in cordial way, don’t take it seriously, Ali shouts on praneet and says don’t be defensive for him I will not leave anyone now, the task is left behind now, I will show you what I am, you blo*dy ****, I have worked hard and will do but I wont tolerate slang against me, Ali says gautam has given slang to my sister, Praneet says to Ali that you also sued slang now, Karishma agrees, Praneet says you have used slang used many times, Ali says I am sorry, but I wont tolerate all this against me, Ali says gautam als do this, first he says slang to anyone then he says sorry so I am saying sorry too, now one will have to be naked, ones clothes will be removed now and it will be gautam only, he is a nude person, Praneet says he is not naked ( in sense of doing wrong things), Ali says you sit with him, you spend time with him so you are covering up for him but It will not work, all listens to Ali and praneet’s fight silently while gautam smirks. Ali says I was seeing gautam in tv for month, he is younger than me so he should respect me, don’t become his lawyer, praneet leaves from there, gautam says to upen that I will not say sorry to him don’t react to him, Gautam ask all to not react to his talks. Ali leaves from there.
Ali comes in lounge, puneet comes there too, Ali says he is younger how can he use slang fro my sister, Ali hugs Puneet and cries, Puneet consoles him and ask him to not cry while Ali cries loudly.

Diandra talks to Minissha and says I am still not convinced with Ali.
Arya talks to upen and says please talk to Gautam and ask him to not use slangs in house, this way Gautam will be left alone in house, he should not do this, he should not use slangs for anyone.
Gautam says to Sonali that I will not react to Ali’s talk, I will see how much will go far to break me.

Bigg boss says to inmates that luxury budget task is done, diandra’s team has won the task, all applauds, bigg boss says puneet got physical with gautam in task and we cant ignore it so as punishment we are taking right from puneet, he cant become captain this week now.

some inmates are discussing that who will be next captain, diandra says to puneet that voting should not be criteria to select captain, it should be on persomance basis in tasks, upen ask diandra you want to be captain, she says yes, he ask minissha, minissha says no I don’t want to be, he ask sushant, sushant says I have no issue in becoming captain, Puneet says my vote is with sushant, upen says mine too with sushant, minissha says my vote is for diandra. ,,

Karishma reads announcement that all inmates can buy their favorite designer suits and shoes on Diwali occasion, its gift from bigg boss, first girls will go in snapdeal room in house and will buy clothes then boys will go, both girls and boys will get 20 20 minutes. first girls goes in room and selects designer suits for themselves then boys goes and selects on screen the clothes they want to buy.

diandra says to praneet that you are saying I have aggression issue so I cant be captain so I this way nobody can be captain, there are many friends of mine here but nobody took stand for me, all are saying that sushant should be captain, I want to be captain, I care for many inmates, tell me what sushant do in tasks? he just stand in corner and watches all inmates doing struggle to win, she is in tears, Praneet says I agree with you.

PRECAP- On Diwali occasion, Palak and Guthi from comedy nights comes in house, all inmates gets happy seeing them, they crack some jokes and gives some tasks to inmates like eating laddos.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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