Sinhasan Battisi 22nd October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sinhasan Battisi 22nd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,shankhasur is seen killing all the dakshinmukhi shank and only one is left and then he says tat after breaking this shell he will be the king of shankh lok then rushi muni and raja bhoj are seen at the river bank and rushi muni tells tat learnig jalkumbhi is not tat easy and requires concenteration then shankhasur is seen trying hard to hit the shell but cant do this and later he finds out tat the shell is actually matsygandha and wen he sees her he finds her beautiful and attractive and raja bhoj is then seen inside the waters trying to concenterate while shankhasur asks matsygandha to marry him while matsygandha tells him tat mermaids don’t marry as they consider themself already married to god Vishnu while shanka sur laughs at it
Rushimuni is then trying to tell raja bhoj tat he needs to concenterate to learn the jalkumbhi while raja bhoj is seen loosing his concentration and is seen drowing while rushi muni gyaneshwar decides to go inside the water and save raja bhoj and then he tries to wake raja bhoj and reminds him of saving the shells and raja bhoj gets up and rushigyaneshwar then tells him tat he has now successfuly learned the knowledge of jalkumbhi and raja bhoj then take rushi gyaneshwars blessing
Shankhasur then warns matsygandha to marry him but she refuses and go into the shell back while shankhasur tries to hit but then comes his mantri and then he tells the mantri to call andhakasur to capture the shell and matsygandha and then arrives andhakasur shankhasur then asks andhakasur to take them away and not leave matsygandha until she agrees to marry him
Rushi gyaneshwar and raj bhoj are seen talking where raja bhoj thanx rushi gyaneshwar for helping him learn the jalkumbhi and then says that now he will go to save matsygandha but rushi gyaneshwar then tells him to have complete knowledge of shankhasur before confronting him then raja bhoj asks tat y is he killing the dakshin mukhi shells and rushi gyaneshwar then tells the story tat once shankhasur started creating a kind of unbearable sound and everyone was troubled due to this noise it went to such a level tat due to this sound the entire universe started trembling then god indra went to god brahma,god Vishnu,and god mahesha and asksed them a solution to stop this sound
Raja bhoj then asks rushi muni wat did god brahma say then rushi muni tells tat god brahma goes to talk to shankhsur and asks him tat y is he doing this shankhasur then asks him to give him the blessing to be amar while god brahma refuses this and continues to make sound then god brahma gives him a blessing tat he will die due to the sound of dakshin mukhi shell then shankhasur says tat he will disappear the reason for his death and then he will be amar
Then raja bhoj is seen leaving while rushi gyaneshwar tells him that only the one doing dharma can win anything in life and then raja takes his blessings and leave
While matsygandha comes out of shell when into prison and then she thanx the dakshin mukhi shell for saving her life and assures tat she will save him while andhakasur comes and says tat it is not possiblefor her to find a way out of this prison and then raja bhoj is seen swimming and finding where is shankhlok
Andhakasur then tells matsygandha tat if she wants to come out of the prision then she has to marry shankhasur matsygandha refuse and andhakasur goes and matsygandha is then seen yelling out at andhakasur tat this darkness will kill him and then she tells dakshin mukhi shell tat someone will come to save them
Raja bhoj is then seen reaching the shankh lok and he sees further to find out where are all the dakshin mukhi shells

Raja bhoj sees the injured shells and asks them who hit them and they tell him tat shankhasur did all this and then shankhasur and raja bhoj are seen fighting

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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