Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 22nd October 2014 Written Episode Update

Khusiyon Ki Gullakh Aashi 22nd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Vishesh says how can you say what color was the kid wearing. THis means that you are the lady in that picture and the kid is of seema. Vishesh all she said was just a story. It was a fake story and I showed her a fake picture that revealed the truth. judge says miss pushpa singh will you explain. Pushpa says I never wanted to do this my brother forced me. He wanted to marry a rich woman so he kidnapped her son and blamed her. He kicked her out of house. I am so scared of him and I did what he said. The court gives three years detention to pushkar and 2 years to Pushpa. He orders to give the child back to seema. Aashi says congratulations vishesh we won. Vishesh thanks for you help you both, sahil syas I did nothing I just kept saying her don’t do that aashi. Aashi says make us your assistant. He says I agree. I think without you I can’t do anything. Seema comes and says thanks vishesh. he says thank them. they are my left and right hand. she thanks both of them. aashi says you will hav to let me play with this cutie pie. Aashi says we won all three cases. sahil says we should party. vishesh says not today I have to go home. papa texted me. aashi says you are an amazing son too. aashi says sahil lets go for a small party, he says I have a shoot . They leave.

aashi comes home and tells prabha, jahbro and Vishnu. they congratulate her and appreciate thei hard work. aashi says I shot the sixer in the end, jhabro says we have a bad news for you. You kaki is a thief. she is stealing your stuff. aashi my kaki? Prabha says she has stolen, aashi says she isn’t my kaki she is your relative. Vishnu says what are you saying? She is your aashi. Aashi says why don’t I know if she is my aunt. Vishnu says she met you so well when she came. prabha says she pretended she loves you. aashi says I thought you have told her about me. And when I was looking for my diary she came and hugged me. Jahbro says told you she is not aashi’s relative. aashi says who is she then? Aashi says whoever she is she has made a mistake by doing this.

Scene 2
Sahil is shooting for his ad. He is dressed as a devil. its a coil’s ad. Aashi laughs when she sees the ad. she shows it to prabha and says don’t know should I be scared or laugh. Jhabro says don’t say that for him. Vishnu says did you think about that woman? jhabro says we should call police. Aashi says I don’t know what will I do and how but I will teach her. prabha says let us know whatever you are going to do. Aashi says I will shake that kaki.

Seema gives some envelop to vishesh and says you deserve it. He says you will need it you are going to live alone. Vishesh opens it. It has a name plate for his associates. Vishesh says I am nothing without my friends. We are a team. he says aashi is mad I keep asking her not to help me vbut she comes every time. I feel like its her mission to help others. He says I mean aashi and sahil both are nice. She leaves. She stops and says its abig day in temple they say you get what you want. you should go there as well. Take aashi there too. Vishesh recalls his moments with aashi.He smiles standing alone on the road. He sees aashi everywhere and in everyone.

kaki plans on leaving tonight. ashi says we have to keep her busy in our talks. They make her sit. aashi asks what are you eating? She says wow almonds. she gives it to everyone, she says its good for brain. aashi asks how is phpha ji? kaki says he is fine aashi says nut he died last year. she says he is in hell. Kaki says in hert I think I about to stuck. She says I wanna go to temple. aashi says u will take you to temple. Jhaabro says she wants ti talk to you please ket her. Sahil scares her. She says there is a ghost there. Aash says I can’t see it. Aashi says dada ji told me that shandu lal lived in this house before dada bought it. He scares the people wo do sins. chandu lal spirit lives in this house and only sinners can see it. but we are all good people why are you seeing it then?

Precap-aashi says to vishesh I know you haven’t call for no reason. Vishesh says if you are free tomorrow can you come with me? aashi says where on date?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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