Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 22nd October 2014 Written Episode Update

Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 22nd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Umatgaon
Virat is tensed wondering where did avni and raj vanish and if they actually escaped, and if they have gone, then nothing can happen, but their secret shouldnt go out, and that Virat’s evil shouldnt be seen and known as to what he did years back, in this village itself, on the Dekri. He remembers being after a girl, insisting her to give a lift, and the girl finally complying. they drive off. He then tries to lure her and force himself on her, and bhawna sees this as she passes by and rushes to her help. She overpowers Virat, and slaps her, while he is shocked to find that its sarpanch’s daughter, and immediately apologises. Bhawna is unnerved, by all of his apologises, and how he adds that if this goes out, the girl’s relation shall also break, since the in-laws wont accept her. Bhawna lets him go, due to preserving the resoect of the girl. She leaves with the girl. Virat is determined to have this revenge, and that she would have to pay the price of slapping him, and shall ruin her. He hears vikram’s confession that he shall run away with bhawna, as their love shall not be accepted, and after he is gone, virat shall have to take care of his parents, and that noone knows of their escape except for him. Virat agrees to give his fullest support, and then mixes something in the water, which make Vikram dose off. virat thinks that now is the time to ruin sangeeta’s life. he dials sangeeta’s father and tells him of sangeeta’s plan. He remembers how he also had eyes on vikram’s money, and got his sister, anjali married to the heartbroken vikram, and lives a luxurious life. he thinks that now noone should get to know of his evil

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Raj and avni discuss as to how they would break this news, and while avni is shocked when raj proposes that they should settle somewhere far away from their families, and he asks whats does she want that they should let their families override their love with their hatred. She says that they maybe entitled to their own life, but they leave their families. she says that first they would try and solve the differnces between the families, and then tell them about their marriage. Raj has his reservations at first, but finally raj complies, while avni tries to get him to agree with much conviction. They drive off. finally they reach their place. Avni has a tearful parting from raj, having hugged him, and then stands outside the main entrance of her house. raj comes out and says that he doesnt want to part with her again, and tries to take her along, but she signals him that they have to bear this separation. raj says that he shall do this today, just to be united forever. Avni adds that they shall be united with their parents’ approval. they hug each other. avni turns to leave raj and go inside, but is unable to let go of his hand. Raj is emotional too. they again confront each other, and a romantic embrace along with an eyelock follows. He caresses her face, and then finally kisses her on tghe lips, marking their love. she is overwhelmed and finally leaves in happiness. Avni goes inside her house, while raj eyes her, till she disappears. raj leaves too. In the courtyard, Avni has haunting memories of her first debacle of a wedding, and laments that after marriage, a girl has to go to her in-laws house, but she is the first bride who is entering her house after the wedding.

Scene 3:
Location: Raj’s residence
As anjali comes down, she is surprised to find raj standing on the front door. She hugs him in glee. all come out to meet him. Madhuri too is happy but stops herself from meeting him, as sh remembers their last interaction. anjali reprimands him for being so rash and irresponsible and selfish, that he ditn even bother to talk to them once. raj says that he had to sort out lots of stuff and hence had to stay alone, and his doubts are clear now, and knows what he wants with life. Anjali says that she wont be able to bear it the next time he does this. Vikram and anjali are very happy to find raj back, and they happily ask him to enter. raj gets tensed as he finds madhuri, in tears, standing at a distance, and remembers his last conversation with her. anjali asks him why he stopped. he tells anjali that he shall enter only if madhuri doesnt have a problem. All arte tensed, as she stands speechless, tears streaming down her cheeks. madhuri says that this house is her parents’, and if he wants to enter, then its entirely his discretion and she is noone to permit. she leaves, with her husband in tow. Anjali goes to get coffee for him. vuikram asks raj never to do this to him again, getting emotional and hugging him, while adding that

Scene 4:
Location: Avni’s residence
Suket gets Bhawna down, who is recovering well, and they are excited to have this prospective suitor for avni and how avni too agreed at the first instance. Suket gets a call, and then goes aside, while Bhawna is emotional, thinking that the lord knows that she took avni’s happiness, and for what reason, but wants her happiness to return.

Later, avni finds bhawna resting in the backyard, and laments at Bhawna’s condition, anbd how guilty she must be feeling, and thinks that she got back whatever she lost, and that she and raj would together cover up everything. She finds her reflection donning the mangalsutra, and immediately takes it off, remembering raj’s conviction, just in time, as bhawna wakes up. She hugs her tight, while avni says that she is completely satisfied as she got what she had wanted all along. Bhawna thinks that had it been in her power, she would have never stripped avni of her happiness. Avni too thinks that her own mother cant even want that. As she enters inside with bhawna, she is surprised to find everyone busy decorating the house, to invite her prospective in-laws. Avni is tensed remembering her marriage. Avni, in front of her family, is told by suket about thie new lad, who knows about her past and has no qualms about it, and are very mature and level headed. He asks arpita to get her ready, as they would perform the roka, and finalise their marriage today itself. avni is shocked and tensed. the screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Avni tensedly tells raj on the phone, that she cant put up this charade any longer and that today she shall tell everyomne about her marriage, by showing them the pious vermillion on her head. Meanwhile suket attends to the guests and asks if the rituals can begin. they comply. As the ritual is about to begin by exchange of gifts, avni stops them, adding that she wants to say something to them, about a truth of her life. all are boggled, as she reaches out to separate the streaks of hair on her forehead, so that they can see the vermillion.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. huh so what to do avni

  2. wooww…. but how wil dis impact avni s life?? is avni vikram and bhawna s daughter??

    1. no, she is Suket’s child. It impacts her because the families hate each other.

  3. stupid! I think bhawna should talk out what happened exactly n let raj n avni marriage be accepted.

  4. no! I don’t want that to happen, uh! come on people!

  5. Oh my God. Let bwavna opens up so that avni’s story will tally with her’s to save them from too much trauma.

  6. writers please let everyone fine out about virat that he had something to do with whatever happened that stormy night with bwavna so that raj and avani could get married the proper way with their family present. I do not like virat let the villagers beat him so bad that he would not be able to hurt anyone again. let the true killers of rajs grandparents come out.

  7. I wish before Avni and Raj left there, they say Virat so they would have figured out his involvement in everything!!!!!!

  8. Hmm nice onw..savrina how are you?

  9. Omg..dere love is so strong.

  10. we are all waiting to see the innocent lovers unite,after finding out the truth about their parents past i hope the writers wont come with another twist to cover virats evil deeeds

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