Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd January 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naitik and Akshara getting ready in Punjabi clothes for Lohri and romancing. They talk in Punjabi and smile. She says she is sad that her family is not coming, I wish we all were together. She is glad seeing her family. The families meet and are happy. Rajshri asks what happened, why are you seeing like this, don’t you like we came. Devyaani says no, we are glad. Rajshri says happy Lohri. Vishwamber says Karishma invited us. Karishma says I can do this for Akshara and hugs her. Mohit and Nandini come with family. Alok wishes happy Lohri to Muskaan and compliments her. She smiles.

Jasmeet’s parents join them. Jasmeet says I m sorry, I called my parents. Karishma says thanks for calling them, as my parents did not come. She says sorry and hugs Pammi and Sethi. Rukmani thinks too much sweetness, I don’t like. Karishma asks them to forget her old mistakes. Sethi says we regard you like Jasmeet. Rajshri makes Karishma wear the dupatta and another one for Jasmeet. Akshara says lets do puja together. Dadda ji lights the lohri fire. They all clap and do the puja. They all dance around. Naman is annoyed with Karishma.

Akshara says about dance and it will be fine. They all get together and make a good erformance for Lohri. Manao Lohri ve…………plays……………. Naitik sings and dances around Akshara. All couples dance. Karishma apologizes to Naman. He stays annoyed. Akshara tells her to end her fight. Karishma says I m trying. Akshara says keep trying, maybe he will agree. Karishma apologizes to Naman again, and asks him not to ignore her.

Bhabhimaa talks to Dadda ji. He says he is feeling sleepy. Bua ji says I will take him. The kids hug him and he leaves. Karishma says sorry Naman and holds his hand. He says leave my hand and shouts enough. Everyone look on and come to them. Karishma cries. Naman says I have bear a lot of your drama, not anymore, stay away from me. Chitti takes kids. Naman says I don’t want to talk. Karishma says how, I m your wife, we are married. He says yes, from where you have run away. Everyone is shocked. Karishma says I m sorry, its big day, don’t spoil it, everyone is seeing. Naman says you wanted this.

He says they will know how much hurt I m. Devyaani says stop it, what are you saying. Naman says I cme in my senses now, else I would have not covered up her mistakes. Karishma says sorry, you are my life. Naman says don’t say that, I don’t trust you, you are a liar. Naitik says we will talk about this later, you are angry, end it here. Naman says yes, I can’t stay with Karishma now. They are shocked.

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Bhabhimaa says everyone does mistakes, forget it, she is apologizing, she is a nice girl. Pammi says yes, she is not a cheater, forgive her. Naman says sorry aunty, don’t expect me to be great to forget everything, please decide and choose any one from me and Karishma. Naitik says what nonsense, this is not right. Nandini says yes, you are newly married and every marriage has misunderstandings. Naman says everything has a limit, this is my final decision, I can’t stay with her, you all decide, whom will you choose, me or Karishma. Akshara says fine, when you have decided it, then we choose you…. Karishma cries. Everyone is shocked.

Devyaani asks what is she saying. Akshara says yes, Naman asked us to choose anyone, so we will choose Naman as he is ours. Rajshri asks what happened to her. Varsha asks if anything happens between me and Shaurya, will you choose Shaurya. Jasmeet says she did not think she will decide this. Dadi says don’t hurry up, make them patch up. Akshara says no, Naman has decided and I have chosen him. Naitik asks Akshara, and she signs him. Naitik says fine Akshara. He says I agree with Akshara, everything won’t end if Karishma apologizes, she broke Naman’s heart and its his right to take decision, and being his family, its our duty to support him, not Karishma.

Akshara says no use of such relation if they are not happy, the things can go more wrong. She signs them all and they understand Akshara’s plan. Devyaani says Akshara is right. Jasmeet says yes, she is right. Shaurya says yes. Karishma says I can’t believe this, and you all made me stranger, you all showed fake love to me, you said I m part of this family. Akshara says yes, but when Naman don’t want to keep relation with you, why will we. Naman says thanks for choosing me. Akshara says fine, its Dadda ji’s birthday and I don’t any drama, so let Karishma stay here tonight. Naman says fine, I can’t stay with her later on. Karishma calls her selfish and she will leave now itself and won’t come ever. Naman says yes, no one needs you here. Akshara goes after Karishma. Naitik says let her go, don’t worry. Bau ji says yes, this is better for you both now. Muskaan says lets go and have food.

Karishma cries in her room. Akshara comes and says one thing I understood you love Naman a lot. Karishma says you all are bad, I won’t talk, whats there to say now, you have ruined my heart and home. Akshara says I want to make your life and home better. Karishma says you did not support me and convinced everyone to support Naman. Akshara says it was drama, we won’t let you go even if you tell us, no one will let you go.

Alok argues with Naman and calls him irresponsible, he got a big loss. He gets angry on Bau ji, and Naman pushes him down. Everyone is shocked.

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    What bullshit… This Rama behen can see Rashmi and Alok just standing together but not Muskhaan and Alok dancing so close.. Cant she see the love and romance.. Again a bakwaas triangle.. Guess this time too Akshara and Naithik will be in opposition to each other due to this…

    Hope Naman and Karishma differences get solved in one or two episodes…

  3. Plz stop gvng importance 2 naksh. irritating

  4. love it hope it continues for another 6 years! Priya take your negative comments elsewhere and don’t put so much effort into letting us all know how miserable you are. Happy content people who enjoys stories about morals and putting family first are the target audience not you…so go comment on a TV serial that centers around immoral vamps and multiple reincarnations and returns from the abyss as possessed persons….much more your type of genre!

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  6. I love this show thanks amena.
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  7. how much can one person write about people maintaining or failing in relationships? This show only gets votes because of the cheesy romance between Akshara and Naitik. I’m sure star plus has seen enough of this family over the last 6 years. how much shit can one cook up on a tv show? And not to mention their kid Naksh. Ive never heard or seen such an annoying kid in my whole 20 years. such a spoilt piece of work. ugggh.

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