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Media is gathered outside a police station. Inspector Sharma boasts to them about nabbing the gang in record time of 4 days. As soon as I got to know that DIlip Gang is behind it, I wasted no time and caught them. MLA ji’s car got saved that way. He stands with the MLA and his wife, and poses for pictures.

Constable Tiwari gives a pic to Kabir (journalist, from yesterday’s episode). This girl is missing since some time. Her parents are looking for her but there is no progress. I am not sure if this news will be published in the newspaper in contrast to MLA’s story. Kabir promises to look into the matter.

Sakshi (host) is surprised as he got hold of 2 news items. Kabir pledges to become the voice of all women and kids as they are most of the time unable to defend themselves. I am and will continue doing whatever I can for them. Sakshi points out that it is easy to talk and difficult to do things in real life. This little girl’s photo too will be added on a paper in missing children’s file. Approximately 44k kids go missing every year in our country. We get no track of around 11k kids out of the lot. This girl too will become a number in that list. Have you ever thought where these kids disappear too? Kabir wants to find out the same thing. I want to help those kids who become the victim of child trafficking. This girl is not just another story for me.

Kabir comes to meet that girls parents (Sharma’s). Amit Sharma (the father) tells him that Sweety (the missing girl) had gone to market with her mother (Lata) in the morning. She disappeared from there suddenly. Lata is panicky. I shouldn’t have let go of her hand. Everything was fine till yester night. We were happy in our world with Aditya (her son) and Sweety. Sweety had gone to purchase compass box with her mother. She had gone busy with Aditya and by the time she turned to look at Sweety, she was nowhere to be seen. I checked everywhere but no one had seen my daughter. Nobody told me anything. Kabir suggests printing Sweety’s photo in his paper. We will find some clue about her.

In a house, a lady (Kammo) is holding Sweety’s hand and drags her to the place where many other kids are too. One of the guys lock Sweety in a dark room while she pleads to them that she wants to go to her mom.

Lata knows that Sweety has not slept even once without her. she cannot sleep without holding my hand. who would be putting her to sleep or caressing her head? Aditya says I am missing Sweety a lot. Where is she? Is she dead? Amit ji hugs him so as to comfort him. Nothing will happen to Sweety, she will come back.

Kabir is writing his article. Will Sweety’s name mix up in the list of all those thousands of kids who disappear suddenly and can never be found, or will she be among one of those lucky ones who return to their home somehow? He hopes that tomorrow morning brings something good for Sweety.

Next morning, Sweety is mumbling in her sleep. I want to go to my parents. Kammo checks her. Sweety has high temperature. We will have to do something permanent to her. bring injection. The guy gives injection to Sweety.

Amit gets a call from police station. They have been called at the police station as a dead body of a little girl has been found. Lata faints hearing it.

Amit, Kabir and another guy reach police station. Constable tells them that the girl is about the same age as Amit’s daughter. Amit is shocked to see Sweety. He breaks down but Kabir points out to him that that girl isn’t Sweety. Look again. Amit realises the same. where is my daughter then? the other guy takes Amit outside with him. Kabir is sure this girl’s parents would be searching for her too. Where is Sweety?

A lady is out on the road with an unconscious Sweety in her arms. She is begging people to help her as her daughter is not well. She collects some money this way from random people. At night, that lady drops Sweety on the bed. This girl was sleeping the whole day, she is so heavy. Kammo scolds her for the same. The guy supports the other lady though. Kammo has planned something for Sweety already.

Kabir urges his fellow journalists to give hype to Sweety’s case. He goes inside the police station to talk to Inspector Sharma. Sharma too has not any clue from anywhere so far. The info has been shared with all the other police stations. This case is not simple though. Kabir nods. He talks about the lack of coordination in police stations of different states. Inspector Sharma says this is taking time, we are doing what all we can. Kabir talks about the MLA’s missing car case that he (Inspector) had found in mere 4 days. Inspector Sharma agrees to find the girl asap. He leaves from there on the pretext of a meeting with Commissioner.

After 2 days of incident:
People post missing posters around their town with Sweety’s photo and the necessary details printed over it.

Lata has not eaten anything since last two days. Her neighbours prod her to meet but Lata cries thinking about how Sweety will be.

All the kids are having food. Sweety is hungry as she has not eaten anything since last two days. Kammo refuses to give her anything until she shows her how to beg. Kammo gives her demo. Sweety continues to cry and beg her for food. Sweety cries at her situation.

Sweety is begging people on the road for food. Kammo points out to her accomplice that this is the result of starving that girl for two days. Hunger teaches everything to everyone. Keep an eye on all the kids. The guy nods.

Sweety notices a car where a couple is lovingly tending to their girl. sweety begs them for food but the couple shushes her. They continue to take care of their daughter. Sweety moves on to the next car. The people in that car give her a packet of biscuits. She is about to open it when Kammo snatches it from her. She keeps it in her collection box. Sweety asks her to give her something as she is hungry. Kammo tells her to keep everything in this box from now onwards. Continue with the begging. Sweety is starved but that doesn’t move Kammo at all.

A beggar comes to Amit’s shop. I haven’t eaten anything since last two days. Amit gives him money as the beggar was praying for his kids’ safety.

At night, the guy gives Sweety two chapattis but Kammo takes one back. Sweety eats the chapatti hastily. She recalls how she never used to eat chapattis at home and had been fond of laddoos more.

Kabir’s editor refuses to publish the same article again. as an editor, I have my own limitations. We cannot publish this article again.

Kabir talks to the police commissioner too but gets no proper reply. Kabir talks about the statistics. 2016 kids went missing from this district last year out of which only 14 kids returned. Two of them came back on their own somehow. Commissioner says you cannot blame only us for this as at times people refuse to cooperate with us. They don’t care to even inform police and sometimes press too backs off from highlighting the case. When was the last time when you had published something regarding this case? 2 months back or even before that? He turns to the other journalist to give him some bite on some topic. The other journalist talks to Kabir about the same issue. We cannot go against our editor. Kabir makes up his mind to do something.

Kabir has created a page on friendsbook for Sweety. He is hopeful that people will spread the word through social media which can help them in reaching to Sweety somehow.

Sweety is begging outside a temple. She stops a couple. The guy pays her money while the lady recognizes Sweety from the friendsbook page. This is the same girl. the guy contradicts as this girl looks more like the girl of a beggar only. He notices Sweety with Kammo. Her mother might come to fight with us then. The lady gives up.

Kammo takes collection from all the kids one by one. Sweety brings the lowest collection. One of the guys suggests cutting off Sweety’s hand or leg. He brings in the machine for the same but Kammo stops him. Tomorrow is Ganesh ji’s day. We will put her on work tomorrow otherwise she might not be able to do anything for 4-5 days if we cut her limbs now. We can do anything to her tomorrow night. Sweety cries desperately all this while.

Kabir gets a call from someone. He writes down some details and goes to Sweety’s house. He tells Sweety’s parents that a person called me. he has seen a girl, who looked very much like Sweety, near a temple in Bandra. Lata is hopeful. She agrees to come with him.

Kabir and Lata are at the temple. They notice many kids, check nearby too, but in vain. Lata goes to offer prayers in temple. Kabir hears a little girl begging. He is shocked to see Sweety. He calls out for Lata ji. Kammo too hears his voice and looks at them. Lata is in tears seeing her daughter thus. She begins to walk slowly towards Sweety when Kammo loudly asks Sweety to run. Kammo runs followed by Sweety. Lata and Kabir follow suit. Kabir finally manages to get hold of her. Sweety hugs her mother. Kammo comes back there with her gang. Leave that girl. She is my daughter. Lata refuses to let go of her daughter. The guys start advancing towards them with sticks in their hands but Kabir warns them not to step forward. I have informed police. They will reach here anytime. Kammo is not ready to budge. Kabir pretends to be on call with the inspector. Kammo retreats with her gang members.

Doc checks Sweety. She has been given drugs which have numbed her mind. She has grown weak because of lack of sleep and proper diet. She will take some time to get better. Inspector takes her statement. Kabir gives her toffee and makes Sweety talk. Sweety says I had gone to buy compass box with my mom and brother. I started looking around and met that aunty. She promised to get me a better compass box. She took me with her. Sweety narrates everything to them. their faces, body was blackened every day and they were made to beg, the tortures that she had been through. The fellow kids used to help her or Kammo would cut her hands tonight. Sweety started asking for more money so that her hands are saved.

Sweety’s parents cry hearing it. aunty would have cut my hand tonight. Lata and Aditya hug Sweety while Kabir comforts Amit.

Journalists throng police commissioner with questions. Kabir asks him if he has taken any step again beggar mafia till date. There is an intersection a few miles away from your police station. Many kids are begging there. Have you ever tried to find out if they are doing it by force or if they too have been kidnapped? Another journalist asks him about their next move. Commissioner replies that the case is of another area. They are doing everything to save the other kids too.

Police nabs one of the guys. He brings them to Kammo’s hiding point but they have fled though they find all the kids inside. They are sleeping under the influence of drugs. Police inspector makes arrangements to send them to hospital asap.

Kabir is writing an article. Who are these kids? Are their parents still looking for them or have they been left on fate as they have given up now? Because of media pressure the search for Kammo is on in full swing. Maybe it wont be very difficult to find her now.

Police inspector finally catches hold of Kammo. She was trying to flee from the city with a few kids.

Kabir prods people to think through his article. Have you ever thought why the number of beggars is increasing day by day? Administration and our carelessness are one of the prime reasons yet the bigger reason is you. as soon as you pay money to child beggars you are actually creating their demand. Illegal organisations kidnap kids just to earn few bucks. This whole system runs on demand and supply. Contact an NGO if you really want to help those kids. Maybe you can help any other Sweety from falling in this trap.

Message: If you too come across something like this then don’t sit quietly, raise your voice and contact these helpline numbers.
Bachpan Bachao Andolan 011-4921 1111 | [email protected]
Your one voice can save a kid who is in desperate need of it.

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