Maharana Pratap 22nd January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 22nd January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pratap takes Jagmal’s position. He leans one hand (holding the pistol) a little downside and clutches onto the railing with the other. He drops the gun and it lands near Chetak’s foot. Pratap picks up the gun again and looks up towards the balcony. He asks Chetak if Jagmal hid the gun here. CHetak neighs again which confirms his doubts. Pratap is shocked to realise that Jagmal shot Rani Ma.

Patta storms inside a godown (of the same guy who had sold gun to Jagmal) and ransacks it and finds more guns hidden there. Patta beats the guy. Who was the last person to whom you sold it? The guy lies that he dint sell it to anyone. I have no idea how the guns came here. Patta warns him to tell the truth or he will have to take him to the person before whom everyone starts talking.

Pratap looks at the gun and recalls DB’s condition; her pleas to him to save her for Jagmal as he needs her. Patta brings that guy there. The guy is scared and realises that he is standing before the same Pratap who had killed Badshah Khan. Patta confirms the facts. Tell him the entire truth or you cannot even imagine what all can happen with you. the guy falls in Pratap’s feet, asking for forgiveness. The guy admits that he is a mere seller. Pratap shows the gun to that guy. Is this yours? Who did you sell it to? The guy takes Jagmal’s name. Pratap and Patta are shocked. Pratap tells Patta to make sure this person is not to be seen here in Mewar. Patta takes that guy with him. Pratap remembers how Jagmal was acting all along. He calls out for Jagmal angrily. Jagmal gets scared as he hears his Dada bhai continuously shouting for him.

Vaid ji leaves after giving some herbs to Ajabde.

Jagmal realises that maybe Dada bhai has found out the truth. DB too wakes up hearing Pratap’s voice. Ajabde too is surprised. Maan comes to temple where Jagmal is. Jagmal tells her to close the doors. Lock the room from outside. I don’t want to die. Please I beg you, please save me. she is in tears seeing her brother thus. Pratap continues to walk in the corridor holding that gun in his hand, looking for his brother. Maan tells Jagmal that this door cannot hide him now. He requests her to hide him somewhere. Dada bhai wont spare me. I don’t want to die. Maan calms him down. There is only one place for you to be safe. She takes him with her.

Maan runs out to talk to Pratap after telling Jagmal to go inside Rani Ma’s room. Ajabde comes out and tells him not to go inside as Rani Ma is taking rest but he tells her that he is more concerned about himself right now. Pratap continues to look / call out for him. Jagmal goes inside DB’s room while Ajabde looks at him in confusion. DB assures Jagmal that nothing will happen to him.

Maan requests Pratap to listen to her but he is in no mood. Where is he? Maan replies that he is in the same room (where that incident happened). He stops Ajabde from saying too and moves her aside. Maan hugs Ajabde. Please forgive me!

DB tells Jagmal to stay here only. Nothing will happen to you. he is damn scared of his brother. Pratap breaks the door using his foot. Jagmal covers his mouth with his free hand (he is holding DB’s hand with the other one). Pratap looks around for Jagmal inside the room. DB calls out for Pratap. He notices DB holding someone’s hand and walks behind the bed to see. Jagmal pleads innocence. I dint do anything. Pratap aims the gun at Jagmal who is in hysterics. DB looks at him in shock. Pratap points out to Jagmal that he shot his Rani Ma with this gun only. Jagmal asks him to believe him, I dint do anything. Pratap’s hands too are shaking. He finally holds Jagmal by his coat and drags him outside. DB tells Pratap to leave Jagmal. He has not done anything. Pratap drags Jagmal outside the room and beats him badly in the corridor. DB asks Maan to take her outside. Maan denies as she is very weak at the moment but DB insists. DB is shocked seeing Pratap beating Jagmal. She cries to Maan to stop Pratap. She starts walking towards Pratap with Maan’s support. Please stop Pratap. Pratap is thrashing Jagmal real bad. Jagmal pleads him to forgive him but in vain. I am your beloved little brother. Please don’t do it. I will forever stay in your feet. Please forgive me. jagmal tries to run away but Pratap is not in a mood to spare him. DB continues to request Pratap to stop for her sake atleast. Jagmal is bleeding badly.

Pratap takes him to the balcony. He is about to throw him down from there but DB touches his feet. Please don’t do this. Pratap immediately leaves Jagmal. Don’t make me such a big sinner by doing this. He holds Jagmal and turns to Maan. Remember, I had told you once that a mother only knows how to sacrifice her own life for her kids. Rani Ma is a living example of the same. A son shot his mother whereas that mother panicked / broke when the same son got hurt. She forgot her own unbearable pain and came to save her son. Maan thinks that he is saying the right thing in regard of her Rani Ma but she is only concerned about her own son, not for you. Pratap is about to hit Jagmal once again but DB panics. Pratap leaves from there followed by Ajabde. DB hugs her son but Jagmal pushes her away. Couldn’t you come earlier to save me when Dada bhai was breaking my bones? Now even the Vaid wont take care of me as their beloved Pratap has hit me after all. Your revenge is complete now so please go away. I don’t even want to see your face. DB tells Maan to be with Jagmal as he needs her more. she leaves from there. Jagmal even tells Maan to leave him alone.

Pratap is looking at the moon from his window. He recalls the whole incident. Ajabde comes there. She is pained to see him this way. He hugs her and is in tears. She says I know Rani Ma is very patient. She will live through this problem.

Jagmal’s words echoes in DB’s mind. She recalls how he had blamed her for everything, all the failures, for cheating him all his life before aiming the gun at her. she falters in her steps and AJabde holds her. why did you come out of your room? Vaid ji has told you to rest. Ajabde calls out for daasi’s but DB starts walking again. I did so much for Jagmal. I made so many sacrifices, loved him more than myself. I have stayed up the whole night worrying for him. you cannot even imagine it all. She remembers the little Jagmal and how she had showered all her love on him her entire life, even his dream of becoming the king of Mewar. Ajabde holds her yet again to support her. DB continues to cry. I did everything for him that no mother in this world will do for her son. I built so many dreams for him. I have shown him so many unimaginable dreams, even (have done so much with) PRatap. Ajabde gets curious. What did you do with Pratap? DB goes quiet realising it and looks at AJabde.

Precap: US and Pratap come face to face. The gun falls from Pratap seeing which US is taken aback. My faith in you is shaken seeing this (coward) weapon with you. this is a weapon using which people attack on their enemies without even looking in the eye. Our ancestors have not even touched such weapon. Vaid ji greets US. US gets curious. Who is unwell in this palace? Pratap tells him about DB getting shot. US and Rawat ji are stunned.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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