Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st March 2013 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st March 2013 Written Episode, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st March 2013 Written Update

Akshara is driving & tells naitik to just wait & watch her surpirse . Mr.Chabra went to delhi. Rj tells vish she forgot to say him she went somewhere w/o telling him. Akshara stops the car.. its the place where naksh went for their first date. BG Jaadu yeh chaal gaya starts. Naksh come out.. naitik lifts akshara & makes her sit on bonnet. naitik comes close they share a eyelock Naitik kisses on akshara’s forehead. Akshara is about to kiss naitik on cheeks just then naitik’s phone rings ( what a timing) naitik cuts the call again naksh try coming closer their noses touch again naitik phone..

naitik excuses himself for giving details about deal to clients. Akshara waits for naitik.. naitik comes akshara happily turns around but naitik says he has to go back to office. Akshara tells naitik exactly when y’day I was busy you got pissed off with me. Y’day I was busy so much but u got angry with infact you angry with me some time ago also. why can’t you understand we have more responsibilities now. Naitik says now you smirking me for this? I waited for you y’day I finished my work.

But no you didn’t want to go. akshara tells everyone wants to go @ Holiday’s who doesn’t want to go? I was also exicited to go but duggu’s project was undone . and if you got by chance less marks whole blame will be on me. Naitik harshly says so now you blaming me for this? y’day while telling stories to duggu you were blaming me? Akshara tries to tell naitik that now we have more responsibilities to handle home,office,duggu etc. so we may are not getting time to spend with each other why can’t u understand this.!

Naitik angrily says so from now you do your work I will do mine saying he leaves. While returning BG- sad jaadu yeh chal gaya version Naksh looks at each other. a seller asks naitik to buy flowers for his wife naitik remembers their rain romance sequence when he offers akshara flowers. Akshara reaches home & tells gy3 that a call came from office so he went. RJ – Vish scene. Akshara is sad about what happened. vish enters his room sees RJ with so many books.

RJ makes an excuse. rj talks to herself god knows how many lies I have to tell for learning english. Akshara is telling duggu stories.. she feels uncomfortable duggu notices this & offers head message. naitik enters his room he tells akshi about office work. Naitik lies down not facing akshi. duggu notices this akshara having head aches he feels sad.!

gy3 is sad.. rb asks what happened? you look tensed? Gy3 tells him may be there is something wrong between naksh. Rb consoles him saying their story. rb-gy3 starts little arguement who started talking first gy3 tells lets stop here. they lie not facing each other then they start laughing. Morning Naitik chides girja for tea. naitik asks for file,akshara replies its in laptop bag. gy3 tells its happens sometimes.. duggu tells lets do something we will go out @ park. naksh will be left out alone at home so they may spend time together.episode ends.

precap: Duggu asks gy3 whether their plan will work or not. duggu tells akshi they are going out,gy3 tells akshi if naitik returns then you can make something for him.akshara tells naitik didn’t returned.

Update Credit to: Rasmi24

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