Qubool Hai 21st March 2013 Written Episode Update

Qubool Hai 21st March 2013 Written Episode, Qubool Hai 21st March 2013 Written Update
Scene 1:
Location: Asad’s residence
while having breakfast, Tanveer makes jam and bread for asad, to take care of his health. As asad asks her to sit beside him, zoya jealous of it, reminds her that she had to go out, and hence sends tanveer off for getting her bags. after she goes, asad, while reading the newspaper, is unaware that zoya has stolen his breakfast. When he catches her eating, she breaks into her poetry,

Cheeze share karne se dushman bhi ban jaate hai dost
Sirf app hi nahi, even i love, yeh jam wala toast.

He is as usual disgusted by her nonsensical humour. After finishing his breakfast, she asks if he would like anything else. When he says no, she asks if he only likes dishes made by tanveer. asad hides his face in the newspaper to not let zoya see him smiling at her. when tanveer comes back, asad asks tanveer to show her leg to the doctor. Zoya says to tanveer that they should leave in haste, to avoid him talking to tanveer for long.

On the tv, he sees an interview being reported where Feroz says that the case against rashid was completely false, and that this case was done by rashid’s first wife dilshad’s son, asad ahmad khan, just for the motive of malaligning, due to some family feud. He is highly tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s office
Ayan, too thinks that asad would think that ayan was behind all of this, despite nikhat telling him otherwise. ayan says that whats happening recently will lead asad to believe that ayan was after that. He says that he would clear out the misunderstanding. But razia, comes in saying that he wouldnt go and do anything like that, since asad is after all their enemy, and feroz hasnt lied about that.

Rashid comes in and says that he would go. razia asks why is he so bothered. She asks if he feels remorse or guilt that asad couldnt get the noose around his neck. Rashid says that he would go and tell asad the entire truth, as he doesnt want ayan to be raised in the shadow of a crime, that he didnt even commit. He says that she cant come between two brothers. He sends ayan off to meet asad. as ayan leaves, rashid looks at razia victoriously.

As ayan is about to leave, razia tells him that rashid may be newly agitating, but he knows better than to refuse what she is ordering him. Ayan still goes ahead, but is stopped by razia’s hand on his. He says that the condition was just for marriage, and that he would do, but other than that, he never was anyone’s slave, nor will he ever be. He says determinedly that he’s going to meet his brother, asad.

Scene 3:
Location: At the doctor
Tanveer keeps getting razia’s call, and she asks zoya to stay in line, for the appointment

Insaan wahi kal katega, jo usne boya hai,
tanveer toh udhar phone mein busy hain, mera naam toh zoya hai.

The nurse asks her to get tanveer soon, as she would give the appointment to someone else then. Zoya keeps trying tanveer’s phone, but she doesnt get through. she wonders where she went so unexpectedly. She thinks that asad wouldnt forgive her for this.

Scene 4:
Location: Asad’s residence
Asad keeps cancelling the calls that have started pouring in, after feroz’s interview. He throws away the phone in disgust. Asad, who is in a rage hearing this, is shocked when he finds ayan in his home. Asad remembers ayan’s harsh words to him. Ayan tries to clarify that whatever he saw on the tv was a lie. Neither asad nor dilshad respond. He asks dilshad to believe him, saying that he neither thinks nor did he say anything like that, and that he just wanted to save rashid. he tells dilshad that

Asad starts pacing towards his room, and when ayan follows, he slams the door on ayan’s face. ayan is hurt at this and walks away. dilshad reaches out to him.

While asad is very disturbed thinking about feroz’s interview, he gets a phone call from zoya. Zoya tells asad on the call, that tanveer has disappeared, which surprises him too. Zoya tells asad on the call, that tanveer has disappeared, which surprises him very much, when he knows that tanveer went to attend a phone call, and then didnt come back.
When in the evening zoya returns, thinking that asad would be very angry at her for losing tanveer. When he finds asad angry, she breaks into clarification, but she is srprised when she finds tanveer in the house only. She asks tanveer where had she gone, and why. She, in turn sys that she wants to ask the same thing from zoya, as after attending to her phone call, she came back to find that zoya wasnt there. Asad, as usual, is very upset at zoya, who he seems to find at fault all the time. zoya says that she was looking for her, and came back there only.

Asad says that anything can happn to her, and she cant even perform a simple task, and put him into tension for her. He says that tanveer came straight home, which was good. Tanveer asks asad to let go for the misunderstanding, as both are home safe. She apologizes to zoya. Asad says that for someone’sfault, someone else is asking forgiveness. He tells tanveer, that next time onwards, he would take her wherever she needs to go. As he leaves, the screen freezes on zoya’s hurt face.

Precap: As razia screams out for water, as the chillies start showing effect from the samosas, badi bi holds her from behind, and says that she would get water definitely, and throws her into the sme pool, that razia had thrown her once into. on the other hand, tanveer is shocked to find that she’s pregnant, and cant seem to believe it. Just then, zoya walks in on her in her room, and catches her off guard.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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