Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 21st March 2013 Written Episode Update

Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 21st March 2013 Written Episode, Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat 21st March 2013 Written Update

Aaru is watching from behind the walls whether ehsaas has worn the watch. She expresses her anger towards bharti for standing as a barrier of her view. Suddenly the watch starts ringing and madhu is shocked while aaru is so happy saying that rahul has worn the watch. Bharti and rahul looks at madhu with shock. In a sudden action, madhu stops the watch and removes it and gives it to rahul. Bharti questions madhu for wearing such a weird watch and he says he simply wore it. Madhu’s leave as a phone arrives. Aaru is tired of this hiding and game and decides to check the watch though bharti is there. She goes towards them and sees rahul wearing the watch. This windens the misunderstanding created in aaru’s mind.
Bharti turns to find aaru and she says menka had called her for some rituals. Rahul and bharti leave. Aaru’s friends arrive and they are so happy for her and she jumps in joy that finally ehsaas has forgiven her. Madhu hears all this from behind the curtains and thinks she is telling about him and has seen him wearing the watch. Aaru is very happy and constantly smiling and her friends tell her to control her happiness or else everyone will get to know abt the whole things that are happening around. Aaru gets normal and says that how much ever she tries she is unable to accept that ehsaas is her friend. He friends comment that today ehsaas is her friend, tomorrow close friends and then boyfriend. Aaru says that her love story will not move this fast as she wants a slow and progressive luv story like in old Hindi movies.
Suddenly they notice a lady and her daughter chasing rahul. The lady introduces her daughter to him and says that he should think of marriage. Aaru is angry. Rahul says he has not thought of marriage and has no girl in her life yet as he will only like the girl his mother (bharti) likes for him. Aaru is super shocked. Her hopes shatter thinking abt princi. Her friends say that her love story ended even b4 it started. However, aaru says that if this is the condition then she will win bharti’s heart. Taking her first step, she takes cake for bharti but pallo comes suddenly and the cake falls on her dress. Aaru apologizes but bharti says it was pallo’s fault so she doesn’t need to say sorry. Bharti tells pallo to go home but aaru takes her to her room to get her cleaned. Pallo shares her disappointment of not being able to enjoy the rest of the function when aaru offers her dresses to pallo to change. Aar comes down and her friends enquire where she disappeared. She shares abt what happened to pallo and they say that this is a good way to impress bharti as if pallo is happy, bharti will also be happy.
Aaru thinks that’s a gr8 idea and in that way bharti will be impressed and by the end ehsaas. Madhu hears this and smiles thinking that aaru is saying abt him. Pallo comes down wearing a sleeve-less suit of aaru and bharti is angry at pallo. However, aaru comes and tells that it’s her suit and the dupatta should be put properly. Dadi comments that pallo is looking gr8. Menka announces the dahi kachauri contest which is part of the rituals and aaru takes pallo with her. Dadi suggests bharti to smile and enjoy the function as it’s not a crime. Two teams are made and menka tells how the game is to be played. She says that each team will eat kachauris and one member from other team has to disturb the person eating ad if their kachauri falls then they r out. Rahul becomes leader of boys team while aaru leader of the girls team.
One of aaru’s friends Tia comes to eat the kachauri first. Rahul comes and acts like he is about to vomit and tia drops the kachauri, hence out. Some random guy from boys team comes and tia tries to deviate him but he keeps eating. Tia acts like sneezing and he drops the kachauri as well. Now rahul tells that the trams most talented player madhu will come up to play. However madhu convinces him that he will just cheer up and rahul comes out for the competition. All the girls try various tricks but it doesn’t affect rahul at all. Aaru comes and tells the story of man who had a dog named sher and the neighbour asks why he has named it sher. The man says that his pet was a sher first but after getting in love, he became a dog. Everyone around laughs at the joke but not rahul.
Madhu notices aaru’s sad face and pulls rahul’s sherwani due to which rahul drops his kachauri. Aaru sees this and through signals thanks madhu and smiles while rahul tells that ajay did this to make megz win. Aaru says he shouldn’t blame ajay as he is lost. Rahul says that in this case she should prove if she is better. Aaru starts eating and rahul goes to her and says ehsaas is her and aaru drops her kachauri. Megz says that ehsaas shouldn’t have been involved here but menka says however it is; game is game and both teams as winners. Prerna and bharti r witnessing all this from behind and Prerna comments that aaru and rahul are alike: childish, irresponsible and not ready to take their responsibilities and not serious abt life. Later, everyone are busy while ajay’s mom says that aaru’s family will reach by evening the next day to their house and all preps should be done by that time.
Two ladies stand beside bharti and comment over the difference between rahul and madhav in terms of behavior and looks and bharti is abt to give them back when ajay’s mom stops her. She tells that people will stop saying this only when rahul gets married and they should find a girl for him. Prerna says she has tuitions tomorrow and they should leave. Bharti is abt to talk to brij when she hears the convo of aaru, megz and her friends talking abt life after marriage. They ask megz how she will live in joint family and she says that she and ajay will be living only with his parents so it won’t be a big problem. Then they imagine aaru is her sasural (telling how she will be after she married rahul). Megz says that their parents say that aaru will be happy with a guy who is independent and away from his family. Someone who is care-free, keeps her happy and who doesn’t force her to do household works. Bharti, after hearing this starts a mind analysis on aaru and rahul and finds that both are made for each other in all terms.

Bharti says she has found a girl for him and rahul is very excited. She shows him aaru’s photo and still is shown till he take it from her. Other side brij tells madhu that shaadi ka rishta is going from this house for aaru. He thinks bharti has liked aaru for him.

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