Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi saying our respect will be ruined today. Kirti thinks why is Aditya not answering. Devyaani says Naira did not come till now. Guest asks Dadi about Naira. Dadi asks Suwarna will she say it, just say any truth and make them have hope. Kartik comes home and says I told you I will come home early, bike tyre punctured and phone got switched off, very sorry. He does not see Naira. Guest says your bahu has come. Dadi and everyone look on. They get shocked seeing Naira. Naira smiles.

Kartik gets the gift and says I think there is some surprise like today. He gets her note and reads. She writes I called you many times, but could not connect, sorry I m going home. He gets angry. She writes I know you will be annoyed reading my letter, some relations are important, I m going to respect them, I hope you will come, I will be waiting. Everyone smile seeing Naira. Naira takes elder’s blessings. Guest praises Naira for touching elder’s blessings and respecting them. Naira says we are taught, that respecting elders is respecting Lord, our work should start and end by their blessings. Lav and Kush happily hug her. They compliment her and ask how did she come from inside the house, she should have come from outside. Goenkas get tensed. Naira says yes, I should have come from outside, but my work at temple ended soon. She says Kartik and I went temple, Dadi kept our Shringhaar. Mishti asks where is Kartik, did you leave him in temple.

Kartik thinks to call Naira. Suwarna says he would be coming. Kartik sees the kurta and goes. Suwarna gives the plate to Naira. Naira says you made plate for me already. Suwarna says yes, my heart was saying you will come. Naira thanks her. Suwarna says thanks to you, Kartik….. Naira goes. Suwarna prays Naira’s happiness always stays, as she came here against Kartik’s wish. Naira hugs Naksh and Naitik. She asks how is Naitik. Naitik says I m fine. Devyaani says we are glad you managed everything so well. They all bless Naira. Gayu asks did your room get set, or did you take any room on rent to adjust your bags.

Dadi asks Naira to light diya and do rasam. Naitik says we will go after meeting Kartik. Manish says sure, he will take some time to come, come we will sit. Manish asks Akhilesh what’s happening, how did Naira come, why did Kartik not come. Akhilesh says we can’t reach to this, don’t know media can print anything. Naksh sees them tensed.

Naira does the rasam. Dadi asks how did Naira come inside the house. Kirti says by back door, she called me, so I have opened the door, Suwarna was right about Naira, she saved our respect and heart too. Dadi says you are mistaken, she came here for her family, not us, they don’t know Naira and Kartik are staying separately, and their upbringing will be questioned if this news spreads in society, that Naira made Kartik away from family after marriage. Surekha says Dadi is right. Suwarna defends Naira. Dadi says Naira has come, but people will make news that Kartik did not come. Kirti says we don’t need to do anything, I m sure Naira has thought something, Kartik will surely come. Dadi says I wish you could say this for your husband, Naira came to keep her Maayka’s respect, but you are ruining our respect, if Aditya does not reach till puja, you know what will happen. Naira lights diyas. She prays to Lord that she is trying to manage shattered relation, my love and family should attend this puja.

Dadi says we will start puja now. Guest asks is there anything new. Dadi says it happens what our bahu wants. Guest says maybe Naira teaches some new customs, we heard a lot about Naira’s Maayka, that they celebrate everything well. Dadi asks Naira to show something new, our times are gone, it will happen what you want. Naira cries.

Naitik says we should have not come this way. Naksh asks Manish is everything fine. Manish says its merger stress. Akhilesh says its much work. Naitik says Kartik manages all my work, I got much peace, he is focussed and hardworking, we are very lucky to have him. Manish says sure, you are lucky, who leaves big family business and works for others. Naitik says Naksh told me, we tried to talk to Kartik, but he made us emotional. Manish says this is new trend, to show profit as emotions. Naitik asks what do you mean. Manish says nothing. Naksh asks him to talk to Kartik. Manish says no, I can’t think of this, Naira can talk to him, she is his wife and make him do anything. He makes excuse and goes.

Naira and everyone do Gangaur rituals. Naira sings Prem ka aise rang chada….. They all dance. Naira says don’t misunderstand me. Dadi asks her to think of what will happen now, if Kartik does not come, our respect will be saved, but your family will be sad along with us. Lawyer says I tried to bribe Kashyap’s family, they can expose our truth anytime. Akhilesh says no, you know what will happen, Mansi, Kartik and Naira’s lives will be ruined. Lawyer asks him to tell everything to Singhanias and request them to take Akshara’s case back. Akhilesh says this can’t happen. Lawyer says there is no way, old judge changed, new judge is much strict, matter can get worse. He goes. Aditya greets Dadi and sees Kirti. He says Kirti did not call me, but I will do my duty, I love her and will forgive her mistakes, you enjoy. Dadi stares at Kirti. Naira dances and smiles seeing Kartik. She sees Kartik disappearing and gets sad. She dances with everyone.

Aditya asks about Kartik, is there any fight between you two. Mishti says I will say, Kartik and Naira don’t stay in this house. Naira says Kartik will be with me, else I won’t do puja alone.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thanks Amena diii for ua super fast update!!!
    RAHUL BHAIYA……it means u won’t tell ua birthdate to me??? Y u r punishing urself bhaiya? Ok say me one thing,Y u don’t want to celebrate ua birthday??? Just bcoz u all didn’t wished me on my birthday???? But Y bhaiya????? It’s really unfair bro. Plz say ua birthdate na..If u don’t want to reveal then Fine bhaiya. But I promise that I will wish U on ua birthday certainly even if u won’t reveal ua birth date.! Let’s c bhaiya!!

  2. Pls keep kaira unite …… I luv them them

  3. This manish and his mother are very rude, they always blablate about their so called wealth but don’t have any basic knowledge on how to interact with others. Have money but couldn’t afford education?.

    1. Ishaana

      So true!!!!

    2. Yes I agree with you – this family is acting disgustingly. They dont trust Naira. She gets blame for everything. Meanwhile, their son already left home before she met him.

  4. Yes it’s me again
    Now before I start with my second instalment of how the CVs are spoiling this show I must first say that I do love this show and all it stands for but right now I am not feeling it as the negativity in the show continues. Out of the many star plus shows this show was one show that do not dwell on the negative of life too much – they will introduce a negative storyline and try and wrap it up quickly – which was the uniqueness of this show. And we all grew to love. Now I am thinking that they have introduced all these negative characters and storylines and are not able to wrap it up like they used to, so they are letting it drag on whilst they seek solutions on how to wrap it up.
    Now coming to the Goenkas – it seems that every one is negative except the cute twins.

  5. Dadi Goenka hate Naira with a passion and the relationship she has with her family but why? She is supposed to be the matriarch of the Goenka family but could not established any sort of relationship with the members of the family. She proclaimed to be passionate about serving God but is full of hate for someone else’s child with no reason. She despises the closeness of the Maheswaris and the Singhanias why? Because it is something she could not do successfully in her family. She has a habit of putting others down and making herself & family look good but thinking is very small. She puts the Singhanias down all the time even though they are as rich as she is even more so. One has to wonder how does she acts when dealing with middle class people.
    We all know that when others put you down for no reason it is because they themselves are insecure. If that is the case, then Naira is too good for this family.
    My point is Dadi Goenka has no justification in hating Naira but she does – so showing this negative side of her is pointless and unnecessary as Naira and family has done a lot till date to please her (well that, maybe is the problem)

  6. Next Manish Goenka – for a man who wants his sons love – he really knows how to go all out to get it (me being sarcastic). The people that his son loves, he doesn’t leave any stone unturn whilst trying to humiliate them. For the first time in years because of Naira his son showed him respect and still he hates her and her family. To hide murder is a great injustice to humanity (if that was in the USA or U.K. All of them will be procecuted when the truth comes out – they will find themselves doing time in jail). People need to think if the table was turn how would they feel. We are not fools and I am sure the justice system in India is not that weak. You joined hands with your brother to lie to your would be bahu and deceived your son yet again – how will he not hate you. Because when this blows up because it will as truth never stays hidden – how can he has respect for you. He has continually make light of Naira’s feelings and has shown that daughters are rubbish to him. For a big businessman with exposure to the outside world – he sure is backward in his thinking. Now he is fretting because his son works for someone else (all pride, which kills and destroy relationships). There are fathers out there who are concerned about their sons getting work out of schooling and you are worried about where he works. They employed your son, treated him like family and was ready to marry their daughter off to him not knowing how rich his family is. Even when their daughter hated him they still would not allow her to disrespect him. They love him as a son not worship him as a son in law – which is what you do. What you should do is learn from them not bad mouth them or try to separate your son from them or you will have rebellion in your hands. As for me I do not feel any respect for you as I have seen how you treat your own daughter like a thing; a commodity – what sort of man are you Manish?

  7. Suwarna Goenka – now this character is interesting but very weak – you have been in this family for so long but no respect; you haven’t got any say in your husband’s house; your mother in law despise you; you are asking a teenage girl who just got married to unite a family that has been broken even before she was born. Something you couldn’t do and you want this teenage girl to do? Come on now – that is asking for too much, when she herself is not God.
    I know you are sweet and likeable but I have to agree with Kartik on this one; that’s manipulation.

  8. As for Surekha, she is just dumb I can’t wait to read how she will reacts when it comes out that her daughter is a murderer.
    As for her husband; he is a vile man – who does that – so a human life is nothing to him. I know he loves his daughter but he is just prolonging the inevitable. Hiding such a huge crime is not protecting her but destroying her life.
    I can’t believe that the CVs of this show has gone down the same route as other shows on Starplus.
    All this is so wrong and them making Kartik found out before the wedding is just terrible – they have managed to destroyed Kartik’s characters because I don’t think much of him now. He knows something so big and he never cared to discussed it with Naira. Also, how can he believe the uncle who lied to him and did such a dispicable thing that he will tell Naira the truth. That’s when Kartik’s character lost it.
    I, myself have stopped watching as it gets me angry and the fact that in the U.K. It’s get shown at 6.30pm I am not available at that time. I read telly updates – thanks Ameena
    I could watch on the internet but could not be bothered to fill my spirit with such negativity.
    Some one mentioned the other day that’s boring these days off course it is as all the romance with Kaira was done before the wedding so what we see now is the same as we have seen it all

    1. *someone mentioned that the show is boring these days of course it is as all the romance was done before wedding.

  9. And why are the Maheswaris been sideline and the Singhanias – they all look so sad these days. I really used to love this show and for the first time in years I have stopped watching it and don’t miss it at all.
    I would like to see justice for Akshara – she deserves it
    The Maheswaris have been treated badly by the the Goenkas, so I would like to see their faces when it comes out that one of their own was responsible for the sorrow in the Maheswaris heart.
    As for Kirti; she needs to stand up for herself.
    And yes, Naira will assume the typical bahu goddess and fix everything in the Goenkas house as she is god to be worshipped. This is a false impression on young girls looking forward to married life.
    I think I have said enough but this is my analysis of this family and what the CVs are doing to this once beautiful show.
    I will come again to give my analysis on Kirti and her husband
    And the Goenkas and their wonderful damaji

  10. @Missy – wonderful analysis

  11. hiii guys how r u all…..
    rahul bhaiya mujhe pata hai ki aapka birthday kab hai….

  12. Rishneee

    This used to be family drama showed lots n lots of values in relationship… nowadays it’s become quite bored with over hyped intimacy n skin show of newly wedded couple.. both look lovely n nothing wrong with their romance but all I want is sooraj barjatya kind of family drama from this show not Mahesh Bhatt type…

  13. Rahul bhaiya…..I gt to know ‘when is ua birthday’naaa……See, I promised u na that I’l wish u on ua birthday.!! I’m so glad as I know ua birthdate now…..6th October… Am I right bhaiya?? Now we’ll celebrate ua birthday bro…I won bhaiya!! Nw u can’t stop me from wishing U.!! I’m soo happy! Waiting for ua comment bhaiya. Where r u?? Seems like u r bzy!! Bt pls reply me bhaiya…

    1. Soumya85

      Yeah di rahul bhaiya’s date of birth is 6th October

      1. But y u didn’t told me dear?

    2. Rahul96

      Hmm. Haan haan chal thik hai . Pagli ladki . ???????. Btw Raf how did you come to know about my DOB ???
      And I got an another name for Soumya and it’s .. Somu the ghost !! ???

      1. Ohoo Rahul bhaiya Aap ne mujhe pagli kaha? Aap ko to mujhe admire karna chahiye tha bcoz itni mehnath se aap ka DOB Jo pata kiya hai Mai ne…n I won’t tell that how I came to know ua DOB…

      2. Oh..somu the ghost! Don’t give such Nick names for our lil angel bhaiya!

      3. I want treat on ua birthday!! Will u give me bhaiya?? Give anything!!

  14. Yay m soo happy raf dii….
    Very good dii…

    1. Thanks dear..But y u r soon happy?

  15. Soo happy*

  16. Q ki dii aapne khud hi bhaiya ka birthday pata kar liya…..

    1. Rahul96

      Mahima when is your birthday ??

      1. 25th august rahul bhaiya…..

    2. Rahul96

      Tum 10 days pehle paida bhi ho Sakti thi???????

      1. Hahaha very funny bhaiya but 15th august ko meri cousin sister ka birthday hai aur unka birthday koi nahi bhoolta…..

  17. Rahul bhaiya….where r u?????????

  18. Preeti,where r u sis????

    1. Lasyashree.10

      Gayu where are you?? You said me to comment and I’m here !! But you are not!!

      1. Here I’m…

  19. Lasyashree.10

    Hey my wonderful family!!!! How are you all???

    In the episode NAIRA’s dance was awesome!! Loved it!!

    And you dadi???? Try to understand people first!!

    Aditya why did you come again??

    Waiting for keesh’s track…. falling for them day by day than for Kaira!!!❤️?❤️?❤️??

  20. Lasyashree.10

    Hey raf!! Yes I’ll comment here too!! But you know I’m not only busy in fan fictions but also in functions!! It’s my brothers marriage functions going on… so I’m definitely finding time to fulfill my This family’s time too!!

  21. Lasyashree.10

    And you got to know bro’s budday!!! Your super GAYU!! ?❤️?❤️?

  22. Lasyashree.10

    Raf why don’t you get registered??? Get registered Gayu!!❤️❤️??

    1. Rahul96

      Lasii when is your birthday ??

      1. Lasyashree.10

        So bro forgot another sister’s birthday as well?? Think think!! You even wished me!!??

      2. Rahul Nick name-Gajni the second suits u a lot bhaiya! First u forgt my birthday n now lasya’s birthday? Her birthday went bhaiya! It was on 24th January!! Am I right lasya?

      3. Lasyashree.10

        yes RAF!!! you are ultimately correct you remember everything that’s the reason we call you GAYU OF THE FAMILY!

    2. Will think about it lasya!!

    3. Will think about it lasya!

  23. Rahul96

    Pehle apni soumya kewal ghost thi . But ab Somu 2 days tak Comment nhi kar payegi ?????. Somu IPL me koi team mera favourite nhi hai , Mae IPL cum dekhta hu .

  24. Hellllllllo my dear family members
    How r u all?
    Hope u all r fine n healthy. …

    Raf di what a name of rahul bhaiya………I mean funny name

    Rahul bhaiya plz soumya di ka naam mat bigado
    Agar rakhna hi hai toh ‘Sumo ‘ rakho naa

    Sorry soumya di I was just joking plzz don’t take it seriously as I’m ur lil sis…

    Hey lasya di I wanna see ur ff so after ur bro marriage plzz give us ur fastest update

    1. Hey preeti I’m good…..
      How r u….

  25. Hey mahima di I’m also fine
    What’s up di???

  26. Rahul bhaiya,waiting for ua comment.pls reply to my comments..plzz!!

  27. Sethidisha002

    why this aaditya is separating kaira

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