Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 21st April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani 21st April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Suminda wakes up at the middle of night due to nightmare. Prieti was worried about Rani being so late, she lay down and fake to speak to Rani about Raaj. Suminda was relieved and prays Raaj comes upto Rani’s expectations.
Rani was moved as Rani sings, ‘Mere dil mein jaga ke’. They dance together. Rani asks Raaj why he doesn’t confess his love. Raaj says a few things aren’t said, Rani says she won’t be relieved until she hears about it. She is ready to wait for him until he wish, she wants to be a companion, not a support. Raaj says I love you Rani, she hugs elated as she replies him with I love you too. Bari Rani Maa fumes as she watches them. Raaj looks towards the light coming from the door and was alert. Rani drags him the other way to show him something else.
Bari Rani Maa comes to her Guru and tells him she has even betrayed death, but today her luck has betrayed her. She thought about her victory since long. Her Guru tells her they are her Kaal, and reminds there is a huge power in the world, she doesn’t mean anything in front of that power. She had sown the seeds of her death the day she killed Raja. Love never dies, Raaj and Rani have returned as her end. He minds she must stay away from them this time. Bari Rani Maa was determined to end their story today, right away.
Rani brings Raja into a study and was about to wear a mask. Raja was afraid of it and gets flashes from some past. They discuss they both felt as if they had underwent all these events before, as if they belong here. He holds a paint brush. Rani says he appears to be a great painter. Raja says she would discover after their marriage about all his talents. She asks him to repeat what he just said, he doesn’t repeat the word Marriage. Rani was annoyed he didn’t propose her well. Raaj holds her hand and kneels in front of him, he says she is the one who taught him love. He would never let him cry and makes her wear his locket. Rani asks where he got this unique locket. Raja says he used to dream nightmares in childhood, Rani says she also had the same. Raja says his mother believed on a yogi who gave her this locket. Rani asks why he gave this to her if it’s for his life. Raja calls her as his life now.
There, Bari Rani Maa creates her shadows and instructs them to finish Raja and Rani.
Rani was shocked watching an army of masked men coming there, they run away from the room and runs across the palace. The masked men stood in front of them with guns pointed at them, Raja apologizes as they didn’t know its private property. They miss a gun shot and runs the other way into a room. Raja sits beside Rani who had been trembling. Rani says this is her nightmare coming to truth, she has seen this before. Raaj assures nothing would happen to her.
Bari Rani Maa calls his shadows and instructs them to spread across the palace and not leave saved. She shuts the main doors of the palace.
Rani hugs Raja in the room. Raja watches the shadow approaching and hits him with a wood stick. Bari Rani Maa turns the lights of the room on, two masked men enters with guns pointed at them. Raja attacks them, Rani beats one while Raaj fights the other. Raja shot one of them with a gun, he didn’t die but the shadows back up.
Bari Rani Maa shows up, Raaj and Rani recall the flashes from their pasts. Bari Rani Maa drags Rani towards her, Raja feels himself stuck close to himself. Rani gets hold of Bari Rani Maa’s braid. Raja moves with a sword to cut it, Bari Rani Maa vanishes.

PRECAP: Rani and Raaj shows an old picture of them to Suminda and tells her its true, this photo isn’t theirs.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. liked the soft moments … still some flames there …
    hope the supernatural cease soon to close off this chapter *sigh*
    would like to see a little more romancing and less action to close off season …

  2. Hello everyone I haven’t watched this show in a while and I’m all confused about it now. Somebody fill me in about the incidents that happened where is the other duplicate of rani ? Was she Naina?

    1. Dida, season 3 was a huge fiasco, you don’t want to know…trust me on that statement. It’s too long to explain, someone else can do it for you, not me….I’m exhausted on the topic. All I can tell you is that the duplicate Rani died, Raja died and this new season will reunite both our Raja Rani through reincarnation. We gave the writers so much hell on this forum for their crappy writing that they had to close shop early and come up with something to please the viewing audience. We in the Caribbean and other parts of the world had to feel the brunt of their fury by ZEETV having had
      to pull the serial off the air and by one viewer named Jada on this forum emailed the people behind the scenes to beg for the serial to go back on the air, after all, this serial was already all messed up so by pulling it off the air didn’t make much difference anyway. So it came back on approximately two weeks later and this is where we are now. I wasn’t even watching episodes for days, so frustrated I was, now we are episodes behind and are trying to catch up with the story. So, Raja and Rani will unite and close the serial in June, I’m so going to miss this fabulous couple, I know I’ll cry buckets for weeks…. Enjoy what is left now…..

  3. Since I’m from the Caribbean and don’t see current episodes but two weeks old ones, I find it somewhat not dissatisfying to comment on the updates alone. I know I’ve been doing it but after looking at the recorded episodes since season 3 and also because it’s a crucial one as well, I have commented on the new season without fully reading the actual subtitles and may have not written my comments precisely as I would want to, based on subtitles but
    on the updates. I don’t think it’s fair with the viewers who have to see older episodes but comment on what’s shown at present, it doesn’t feel normal , my comments feel like its in slow motion…….coming in way after real time sequence. ZEETV had aired crazy and crappy KKB some time ago, in 1hr episodes, for two weeks I believe, so why can’t they do the same here so that all viewers will be writing on the same wavelength? Even WAS…is a couple episodes behind, it’s irritating I tell you!!!!! It’s all because in this case, that there was a Mahaepisode during Holi time and instead of showing us it in entirety, we only got to see normal 1/2 hr and now are behind in the same dilemma . ZEETV…… If anyone is reading this comment, can you all look into this matter please!!!! JADA.. I believe it was you who had some sort of interaction with the people behind the scenes when season two was off base…. Could you please do the honors….. Thank you dear….

  4. Line 3 should read…. Not satisfying….. Sorry for the typo error..

  5. show has taken concept of rebirth of raja and rani
    they meet up and end up in falling
    show is now good than stupid don and naina track

  6. please all … there is a really nice drama on Star Plus called Kya Qusoor Hai Amal Ka (time: 12:30pm and again at 11:00pm : Mon-Sat), it is a new serial and is the story of a lower classed young woman who was gang-raped in her own town by four young men whose parents are well known to society … it is a really gripping story and it relates to the modern day issue of rape among friends … there is also the greedy family member who chose to make a profit out of her own family’s misfortune … sad
    thanks again

    1. its indian remake of turkish serial Fatmagul

      1. thank you Trupti and yes I saw the comments on the forum … really sad story

  7. Naz, since we live in the same country I understand fully well what you’re saying, it’s the reason why I haven’t been commenting. I prefer to comment after watching the actual subtitle episodes on Tv instead of commenting after watching it online and reading the updates. And as you have said we are two weeks behind so the only good thing about it is the fact that we will know beforehand what’s coming in the future episodes.

    1. So right you are Topaz… It does feel odd to comment on what we see versus what we read……so that is why I don’t color the forum much with my comments, this lagging behind is making me run out of steam…. ? ? so you, Sapphire and I are from the same land and quite a few others from KKB forum as well, I interacted with them across there but these days I’m staying far from that wacko serial. Hey… How are you handling the heat these days? I had headaches 4days in a row this week, I try to stay indoors most of the time, only today Saturday I stepped out with my daughter to Fair and Square to get few small items otherwise I’m inside all the time. I feel so sorry for my plants outside, the sun is abusing them these days and I’m helpless. Keep good my friend……

  8. I agree Naz that KKB is indeed wacko, as for the heat it is unbearable, i also had headaches for 3 days. And since I have extremely sensitive skin and Acne Rosacea and every dermatologist I have visited told me to stay out of the Sun, you can imagine how difficult that is to do when I work from Mon to Fri and have to travel to and from work. I’m hoping for rain to cool down the temperatures and to extinguish the many bushfires that are burning the hillsides. Anyways Naz you are lucky to be indoors, stay safe and take care.

  9. Hello Naz ,hope you have recovered from those awful headaches.We are in no way better in India,temperatures are soaring everywhere:may be due to global warming.Bangalore which was once known for its cool and pleasant weather throughout the year,has now become a concrete jungle,thanks to IT sector ,and this year the heat is unbearable.As I have decided to take a short break from work, ,i am spared from going out in this terrible heat.
    As for the late telecasting of ETRETR in Caribbeans,so far I have been thinking that you get to watch our 9.30 pm episodes a few hours later than us since India is around 10 hours ahead of Trinidad.But the gap of almost two weeks is unimaginable ,I really don’t understand the problem of Zee tv to telecast the show on the same day. Naz , is this the problem with Zee only or with the other channels like Star plus also?Hope someone from the channel understand the concern of viewers in Caribbeans and address it immediately..I agree with you Naz , that all of us,irrespective of our locations ,should be able to watch the show at the same time and I think it is not impossible in this technologically advanced 21st century .
    Regarding Friday’s episode ,the writers should have thought over before writing such unrealistic script where Rani kidnaps a strong Raju on her own and takes him to the palace.I mean it is really unimaginable that a petite girl like Rani kidnapping a six feet man and carrying him to the palace without anybody’s help.But the next scene is absolutely adorable where Raju confesses his love for Rani,Then enters all the masked men and Brm.I earnestly request the makers to put a stop to this stupid supernatural track by the coming week end and never bring it back again.Naz Surekha Sikri is such a fine actress that sha can be given some other character in theupcoming extension episodes.Sartaj,as usual is perfect as a suddued and level headed Raju ,quite in contrast to the arrogant and hot tempered Raja.
    Let us see how they will proceed with the story in the coming months.Naz, take care of your health.Hope Zee will take care of the Viewers’problem as early as possible .

  10. Line 22 Subdued
    Sorry for ty .error

  11. Lakshmi, we don’t have any problems with the other Indian channels here, all shows are same as what you see in India, it’s ONLY ZEETV that does it. I’m sure you weren’t aware of this problem that we here in the Caribbean and North America has been facing with this channel. I can’t understand why they can’t give same treatment to this serial as they did with KKB ,Ekta Kapoor can’t have so much influence that she can overshadow another serial in terms of airplay. I hope ZEETV address this problem soon because we all won’t get the opportunity to close this serial together like Archana is hoping we’d ALL do….. Lakshmi, I was about to send an SoS out to you but then I saw your comment and I’m delighted to read as always, what you write. So you too have been having bad temperatures there as well? If I have to go somewhere to do an errand, I leave very early in the morning and try to come back in a couple hours or less. Thank goodness for AC units…. It’s no longer a luxury these days, it has become a necessity!!…. And Trump thinks global warming is a hoax……what a moron!!!!!! Happy you can get the much needed break you so needed, sometimes you have to really relax, it’s good for your health. Seems like you’ll get a daughter in law before me, hope all turns out exactly as it should in a positive way, you’ll invite me for the wedding na…… Nice to chat with you, I hope we can get ZEETV to rectify the situation soon….

  12. hi Happy monday to every one, ( NAZ, Topaz, LAkshmi, Archana, Sandy, Jess and others on this forum )
    just a review about the episode they aired last friday , the episode was ok oh much better than the niana and don track ( which i still cant recover form 🙁 ).. just a small advise to the writers.. they must keep note of the names and the details and the old story shown..
    in fridays episide Rani has called Raj with three different names ; ( Raj, Raja,Raju), hence now what is his real name ??, also after raja and rani remembering their past Rani Calls BRM as Badi Raj Mata , but i thaught BRM means Badi Rani Maa.. The Director and the script writer must look into the names of the characters from the past ans present .we cant blame this on the channel…
    BRMS boyfriend is ( Agori) is back ( I wonder why BRM cant settle with Aghori baba . a perfect pair 🙂 both are ) , And what did he mean by Nadan payaar of Raja (in terms of Naina and Raja ) i couldnt digest it yaar . Nadan Pyaar of raja rani i can understand and i hope they dont bring any of nainas character again.
    The Writers must really improve on the story line and director of the show…
    Sandy are u there , your reviews has been Misssing

    1. Agreed !! You ve pointed out the errors correctly sree. I dint like the episode much owing to the discontinuity and regressive content. I think it was all rushed up . Now that the show has got an extension, lets just hope for a better story?

  13. Lakshmi, you need to check out Koi Laut………major development. You’re in for a surprise.

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