Mahek 21st April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Mahek 21st April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Ratan asks Mahek if she is fine? Mahek is in tears. Shaurya hears it, he turns and sees Mahek’s back to him and tying thread on scared wall, he runs to her but when he comes near, Mahek and Ratan are gone, he looks around and gets dejected.
Shaurya comes in Dargah prayer place and wipes his tears, Maula mere lale meri jaan plays. Mahek comes to water filter and drinks water, she turns to leave and sees Shaurya walking there, she panics and hides behind pillar, she hides away from him. One man is spying on Shaurya, he smirks.
At night, Mahek is sadly sitting, Ratan brings her phone and says I have changed your phone number and only Kanta have its number, now no one will irritate you, he talks with her and says all are using facebook so please upload my photo too. Mahek says I will take your photo from my phone, she takes it and opens her facebook account, she shows him how to upload it and uploads it.
Shaurya is sitting in Dargah and says I will find a way to find you Mahek. Shaurya’s mobile shows notification, he opens it and sees Meera Sharma’s photo uploaded on Meera Sharma’s account, he sees recipes uploaded on her profile and recalls how he started with her on facebook too and MS is actually Mahek, he smiles and thanks God. Shaurya opens facebook and messages Mahek ‘how are you?’. Mahek sees message from her online friend and writes I am fine, how are you? you have come online after 4months, he writes you too, Mahek messages I was busy. Shaurya writes you looks sad. Mahek writes I am fine. Shaurya messages there is something, tell me. Mahek writes I have left my family back, i have left person behind whom I.., Shaurya writes that you love most, you didnt tell me all this. Mahek writes life moved on a lot, i got someone and lost them too. Shaurya writes where are you now? Mahek says in heart of city of love, love’s identity, but far away from my love. Shaurya reads it and gets link. Ratan comes to Mahek and says lets eat. Mahek writes to Shaurya that i am going now. Shaurya reads her message and says i told you I will find you Mahek in 24 hours.

Next day, Mahek is working at Ratan’s dhaba. Ratan says to Mahek that you have brought energy here, Mahek sadly looks at him. Waiter comes there and says you should put board outside to not insult me, one man is saying that there is a lot of salt in food, call chef, i will complain. Ratan says i will see that man. Mahek says I have cooked so I will handle that person. Mahek comes in restaurant and says what is problem in food? she sees man wearing hoodie, she tastes his food and says everything is fine as per me, what is less? man says spices are fine but.. Shaurya takes off his hoodie, Shaurya says there are tears in food, maybe you were crying while cooking right? Mahek looks at him in tears.

Scene 2
Kanta gives tea to Balwant. PD comes there, Kanta tries to give her chair but PD takes it herself, Kanta tries to serve her food but PD asks Sonal to serve breakfast, she nods. Jeevan comes there and asks Ravi to come for work, Kanta asks him to have breakfast, Jeevan ignores her and says to PD that i will be late, eat dinner, dont wait for me, Kanta asks him to take lunchbox, he says leave it. Kanta brings lunchcbox and says tell me you are miffed with me, dont show anger towards food, you think i like to do this? i have done all this for Mahek. Jeevan says no you have done all this for your selfish benefit, you dont even know what Mahek wants, who are you? I dont even recognize you anymore because the person I am married to for 23 years, you are not that Kanta, not forgiving Shaurya is just your stubbornness, you dont care what Mahek wants, you are doing what you want only, and one last thing, you can want anything but What Mahek has in her fate, she will get it, you might try to stop it but you cant. He glares at her and leaves.

In restaurant, Mahek and Shaurya shares eyelock, they hug each other tightly, Mahek smiles while crying, Ratan comes there and sees them hugging, he says he came here too? Shaurya says to Mahek that i realize how alone I am without you when I had to spend few hours without you, I love you Mahek. Mahek cries and touches her forehead with his, he hugs him again. Mahek recalls Kanta’s words that she has to go away from shaurya’s life, she breaks hug and says you cant be here, we cant be together, no, she runs away from there, Shaurya runs behind her. Ratan calls.
Shaurya runs behind Mahek, some man is spying on them. Shaurya grabs Mahek on road and says Have you gone mad? Mahek says dont stop me, she pushes him and Shaurya strikes with pole, she runs to him and asks him if he is hurt? Shaurya says what has happened to you? are you running from me or from yourself? Mahek says leave me, we cant be together, we cant live life together, Shaurya says why I have fought with whole world for you then why? Mahek says because I dont want to be with you, I dont want to live with you, Shaurya grabs her hand and pulls it back, she says let me go, leave my hand, Shaurya puts hand on her face and asks why we cant be together? why? Mahek says we cant, just cant, people who we love are in pain with us together, we cant live life for ourselves, we have to live for our families, Shaurya says then why you saved me? why you said that you would live with me forever? you promised me to set everything right, why did you do it Mahek? Mahek pushes him away, she runs to rickshaw and asks driver to drive, Shaurya runs behind her but rickshaw leaves. Shaurya looks on. He brings his car and starts following her rickshaw, he shouts for her to stop, Mahek is tensed seeing him follow. Kanta calls Mahek and asks how Shaurya reached to you? Mahek says I dont know, Kanta says this isnt right, my curse will fall on him if he keeps following you like this, he will be destroyed and will die in pain slowly. PD snatches phone from her and says has your mind gone mad? you are cursing your own? PD says to Mahek are you fine? dont worry, Mahek cries. Mahek sees Shaurya following her in his car and his car gets hit by truck, Shaurya hits his head on steering wheel and faints, Mahek shouts Shaurya. Kanta and PD hears it too.

PRECAP- Mahek sees Shaurya’s car burning, she shouts for shaurya and runs to car but Ratan and other people stop her, Mahek says let me go to my Shaurya, she pushes them away and goes hysteric seeing his car in flames, she begs people to save him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Hi moni di why you commented so less nowadays. We all miss you.

    1. Moni7

      Hai geeta …How are you…The reason I’m in zkm group in instagram that’s why…Nothing …Busy in instagram..Lol…
      Wat to do…Doing edits nd posting nothing

  2. hi moni7 …1st u tell me…the serial is a hindi serial not a tamil serial okay….if u have any problem hindi then plzzzz stop waching this seial because its a hindi serial ….

    1. yaar itna ghussa krne ki kya zrorat hai jo jis language main chahe comment kr skta hai chaho to tum b hindi main kr skti ho phir ye ghagra/fighting q dekho mujhe b tamil smjh nhi aati lakin main to fight nhi krti hmare andr apne se mukhtalif/different logon ko tolerate krne ki ability honi chahiye

      1. Ooshi dear you are right.phle to hme bhut bura lga tha jis trah chaaya ne reply kiya tha but it was only misunderstanding,ur jab unhe hmare hindi me comment kerne se koi problem nhi hi to hme unke Tamil se koi problem kue hogi

    2. Moni7

      Oh i see….Then why are you staying in india….???… Unity in diversity…..Learn something…Then talk about language….
      I never degrade any language…I love and respect all language…
      Public forum…We can share our thoughts and opinion..But shouldn’t ill-treat any other languages…This os called basic manners….

      Learn how to convey your inconvenience seeta…You can’t stop anyone from watching ZKM…. Im not talking about oly tamil..Even french,Dutch ,Latin japanese….
      Language is a language…That all….
      I can’t understand hindi but I love to learn Hindi…

      Don’t dare … pull your own legs…. Even I’m in india part of india… Mind your language..Then i also know how to talk in bad language like you…

  3. And one more thing i m not commenting any Tamil serial because i don’t known Tamil language okay….sooo….i think u can understand

  4. hey guys what’s up by the way good noon

  5. swetharaja the language ur use it it shows which type of person ur ….. don’t mess with me …okay …otherwise u will pay for it shut ur mouth ….

  6. go tooo the hell with ur tamil language i don’t care…

  7. Now I’m​ feeling bad khi ye language ki problem hmari vajah se to nhi ho rhi hi ?? please guys respect all languages

    1. Sarah don’t worrymain kehna to nhi chahati lakin kuch logon ko lrai kie bagher ya iss trha ki gndi batain kie bagher sakoon nhi milta shaid iss lie wo meribaat nhi smjh pai tum tension mt lo kya kron o baby wo hai aadt se mjboor just chill us ko b meri baat sahi time pr smj aa jae gi tum apne oopr blame mt lo

    2. Hi sarah dnt feel bad for crack people girl???……we use to see tis kind of mental cases lot of time in TU???……

      U feel comfortable to tell ur view in watever language u want but try to giv explanation for tat???……..

      Then seeta darling u r not a producer or PM of india to say dnt watch hindi serial and all we know wat to watch how to understand everything???……Then if u dnt knw tamil means its better for u and also for me because we people dnt knw hindi if we knw hindi tats all wat would hav happen to u????

      Dnt underestimate any language first try to learn proper manner to how to behave in public places ???…..Then start commenting in forum ????


      It better try to grow up ur IQ level and start commenting thn one more thing its not ur personal forum its public forum????……..

      Guys feel free to comment in watever language u lky???…….Have a great day guys……
      Long back commenting nack in TU……
      then hi guys chaya chanda maya moni ooshi geetha sorry if i left any one name??????

  8. if u have any problem Hindi then don’t watch Hindi serial … go and watch the tamil serial….i know ur tamil serial is very bad …but what i can do …if ur tamil serial is good ;u r not here… okay .. u people watch the hindi serial…but don’t respect hindi language…

    1. We are not telling that we all having problem with Tamil or any thing. Who the hell are u tell this to watch or not watch…
      Mind ur words before Posting because this is a public forum….
      We are staying in India and one more Hindi is not our national language it is just an official language
      And one more thing I didn’t belong to tamilnadu but I respect all the languages as my mother tongue.please learn this because we are living in India.
      And understand this thing also clearly you don’t have right to tell us watch or not watch.comment or not to comment.This is not ur forum…

    2. Moni7

      Ha ha ha ha.. Thank you…I guess you already staying in hell…in Ur own la la la land…Be happy in ur own hell land..Lol…
      Don’t utter a word about tamil..You damn..This is the difference between you and me..Im not even degrading hindi..But you on your own doing it…Comparing language lol… You are in public forum…Mind your tongue… Learn some basic manners … Then come and talk…. Wen you aren’t understand wat I’m talking about!! just keep quite…. Be mature show some respect.. tamil serials not good..So wat.. I’m watching Hindi serial….I love to watch it….By the way if you feel like disgusting..You stop commenting… Being a part of india don’t know about unity in diversity… Lol…

  9. Oh my god kanta chachi saaare hadhe paal kardiya hai….oneside pd and chachu is in annoyance with her but she is continuing this madness towards shaurie…now I think that goon whom may be swetlana’s man Wil capture shaurya from,its time to show smartness of our mehek in finding shaurie…..I think these cVs are best in hooking their viewers towards show…waiting for upcoming episodes

    1. u agree na k kanta ko pd ko thapar marna chahiye tha

      1. I’m totally agree with you,jis trah kanta chachi ne shourya ko thappad pe thappad mara tha??? usi trah PD ko bhi kanta chachi ko marna chahiye tha??????unki himmat kyse hui shourya ke bare bura bolne ki?????

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