Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik saying I know Naksh, he can’t do this. Manish asks am I lying, if Naksh does this, it will be bad, let me call him. Kartik says no need, Naksh will not do this without reason, maybe Malik did something. Manish says you are saying this without knowing matter. Kartik says I don’t believe it, Naksh loves his sister a lot, he will not do this unless he did not leave any option for him. He gets angry.

Naira teaches dance to Aditya and feels awkward. Devyaani gets snacks. Bhabhimaa asks him to take break. Aditya says no need, I want to learn dance. Varsha and Karishma talk about booking mehendi girl. Aditya thanks Naira and asks her to teach last step of SRK. He holds her waist. Kirti comes there and sees them dancing. Naira feels uncomfortable. She sees Kirti and gets relieved. Kirti greets everyone.

Kirti says I was passing by and thought to greet Naira and Gayu, Aditya you here…. Mishti says Aditya’s surprise got waste, he came to learn dance from Naira to surprise you. He acts good to Kirti and leaves with her.

Naitik asks Naksh why did he talk like this with elders. Naksh says I was talking well, he spoke about you and Goenkas badly. Naitik asks why did you hold his cillar. Naksh says if anyone tells anything about family, I can’t control. Naitik asks him to learn to bear things, he knows Manish, if he tells them then… Naksh says I did not do wrong, if anyone does this, sorry to say, my reaction will be same. Everyone look on.

Naira goes to Naksh. Naksh apologizes to Naira for creating problems for her and Naitik. She says no, you are not wrong, I know my brother. He says yes, I know you are saying this to keep my heart. She says yes, you just held collar, I would have broken that man’s head. He says I controlled seeing Papa. Naitik hears them. Naira says you will get many chances, don’t worry. He hugs her. Naitik says wow, what a healthy discussion, I thought Naira will explain Naksh, its good I came here, anger is not necessary, you should control too, anyone can get angry, but this is our test, if we stay in our standard or come to his standard, anger is weakness, not a sign of strength, I came to tell this, I have other ways to explain you, what did you say about breaking hands and legs.

Kartik folds hands and apologizes to the manager. He defends Naksh and says Naksh did not write bad review about your palace, Naitik is kind hearted, he could have filed big complaint, he never used his position wrongly and…. He turns and sees Naitik and Naksh. He tells Naitik that manager accepted mistake, tell them dates. Manager says fine, I want double money. Naitik says we agree to triple rates too. He shakes hands. Kartik says congrats, your work is done. Naitik thanks him for favor. Kartik says you wanted your princess to marry in this palace, I will take my queen from there, we all know you all are good people, I did not say sorry that I regret anything, I said sorry as I did not wish anything unpleasant to happen. Naitik hugs him and asks him not to think so about his parents. Kartik says all parents are not like you, go home and spend time with your princess.

Its night, Naira sees darkness in hall. calls out Naitik and Naksh. She sees a palace miniature and a bride. Naitik makes her wear the crown. She smiles. Naitik says my princess is leaving all of uss. Naksh says we will do your bidaai. Everyone come holding lanterns and says the marriage will be grand. Naitik and Naksh get emotional. Rajshri says that is your prince. Naira sees Kartik and smiles.

Everyone dance on Pyaar mil jaye….. Naira and Kartik hold hands. She does his aarti holding a mobile torch. They dance in imagination. Everyone dance around them and smile.

Naira gets kachori for Kartik and feeds him. Naira sees the palace and smiles. Kartik asks Naksh why did you get senti. Naksh says nothing. Kartik says I can feel there is something, is it about Naira, fine, tell me as a friend. Naksh says when you said about making Naira from princess to queen, I got angry that someone is taking my sister, whom she will love more, sorry, I know its stupid. Kartik says no need to be sorry to say truth, I went through this when Kirti got married, I can understand. Naksh says I m afraid that Naira will not miss me after marriage. Kartik says I m afraid that she will stay with me after marriage and miss you every moment. Naira sees them and smiles.

Kartik comes home. Manish and everyone see him. Manish stops him angrily and asks from where are you coming. Kartik says you did not ask this before. Manish asks what do you want, you never did this before, do you want us to get sold on road. Kartik asks what do you mean to say. Manish says don’t act innocent, that I hate those people, I always tried to help them, what did they do, they got us insulted, you defended Naksh’s mistake and argued with Malik. Kartik says no, I just apologized. Manish asks why, did you become servant while doing job, why are you ruining our name. Kartik argues.

Manish says its shameful when you apologize without mistake, Malik knows our business circle, we heard a lot about your job at Singhanias. Kartik says I don’t care by all this. Manish says it matters to us, we have to bear everything by your small and big deed, its your responsibility to keep family respect, what example are you setting for young siblings, you have made an issue, you have exceptional talent, if you can’t take family name ahead, don’t get it down. Kartik says we can’t agree on anything, I will do what I want.

Kartik argues with Manish and says I did mistake to agree to marry this way, everyone would be happy with court marriage, you and your wife stay away from this marriage. Suwarna cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Hi Sister, I cant talk marwadi is said as- MANA MARWADI KONI AA-WA.! I hope u can manage its pronounciation.! And if u want to introduce urself in Marwadi, introduce like- MHARO NAAM SOPHIE HA.! I hope u get it.! If u have any more problem or difficulties then pls ask.! Hi BFF, How r u, no comment since morning! I hope u r fine.! Do Reply both of u.!

    1. Thank you so much Aniket…
      That really helps…
      Love you bro..

      1. Arey, Dont b thanks di, Its my pleasure to help u.! Did u manage with itr pronounciation, coz TU dont allow voice comments orelse I would have sent that.! Love u too sister.! Where is my BFF, Twana.? If u dont comment today then I will b angry now.! Pls reply.!

      2. Yes I managed to get the pronounciation right….?

    2. is this a TU website or a language coaching center?

      1. Rahul96

        When you ask for address to a random stranger people , in India , did he/she tell you that I am not your Google map.
        When a friend of you ask you address , then did you tell him/her that I am not your Google map !!!
        Nithya di Aniket is only helping Sophie di and not opening language coaching centre . Don’t be rude di!!

      2. Ask the same question to yourself …..and this time use a little bit of the thing that is sitting in your skull…

      3. Lasyashree.10

        oh!! good doubt Nithya…..
        and even i got a doubt…
        are you a human or a cunning jackal?

      4. Lasyashree.10

        and nithya… you are leaving a comment that which is a message … doesn’t mean that you are a letter or post box write?

    3. Twana

      Hi BFF I’m really very sorry!! Extremely sorry… I didn’t hv the 4n since morning… my bro has gone on a trip with his friends n he took my 4n with him….
      So sorry plz don’t be angry…
      I never disappear If I can help it… But I couldn’t help this… so sorry plz don’t be angry… And happy to see u teaching Marwadi to Sophie dii… Ignore those ill mannered ppls damn comments.. I’m very happy to see u helping Sophie di..

      1. Rahul96

        Why are you not replying to my comment , Twana ???? Did you finally give up ??? Or did you not want to continue this arrest and police fun!!!

      2. Rahul96

        Why are you not replying to my comment , Twana ???? Did you finally give up ??? Or did you not want to continue this arrest and police fun!!!

        And why are you lying about your phone??? Why don’t you accept that you and Ishika were feeling tired !!! Because you two were running behind me and still you and Ishika weren’t able to catch me ????

      3. Twana

        Rahul bhai…I thought u met a doc to get a medicine for ur amnesia….seems like it hasn’t ended yet…Why can’t u remember that me n Ishika dii Arrested u n we let u got bcoz u cried out loud saying something…hehe….Hena Ishika di?
        Hey Lasya…Prescribe Rahul bhai some medicine for his Amnesia plz..
        I’m sorry I came in a hurry n couldn’t reply…Grabbed the 4n from bro once he returned…hehe…
        Ishika didi We catched Rahul bhai na?

      4. Lasyashree.10

        There are no medications for amnesia twana Di!! We just have one natural way….to intake a lot of thiamin and legumes(beans)!!!! ????

        Rahul bro!! I was just kidding please don’t get annoyed ? I’m sorry if you are annoyed….and please excuse me,…I was just kidding and I’m sorry if you felt bad….I’m really sorry?

  2. Akhana

    Guys do read my ff ok ? And if you wanna only then bit please read it once .

    1. Rahul96

      Sure but what is the name of your FF

  3. Rahul96

    big hii my new , big and expanding YRKKH family Aniket, Pat Didi(elder sister ) , Sachu di , Sophie di , Shilpa, Soumya , Aliya Khan, Pawan, Adi , Kajol , Vrushy, Trisha, Riya, Sruthi, Jas , Divi , Aarti , Ponkuri , Ritz, Sanjana , Heshani , Riya , Karishma , Raven, Ishika , trishi , maria , Paakhi , Nikhil , Chanya , Shesha , Amalina , TV fan1 , Lasyashree.10 , Pari , Trusna , Ishu
    (Ishwarya) , Twana
    , Khushu , Claire , riyasmiles , sweetsara , irum and all other YRKKH fans and silent comment readers and new comers

    How are you guys ???

    Coming to the episode. Ooohhhoooohhhh things are getting bitter between Kartik and Manish. Tough situation for Naira. Anyway lovely dancing moment. Aditya needs a very tight slap on his head. But is a slap sufficient ??? Till now all the villains who have been introduced in YRKKH has either have a change of heart in end or are either arrested . But this Aditya has no heart , I think he will be arrested at the end for domestic violence towards Kirti and molesting naira. Love the way how Kartik console naksh . Kartik is soo down to earth !!!!

  4. Rahul96

    Now coming to the family members !! How are you guys ???
    First of all I am sorry guys for not taking stand for you guys as while commenting there was a sudden pain or irritation occurred in my eyes , maybe due to heavy power eyedrops which doctor put on my eye on that day and the next day I was busy in packing bags as there was train from Delhi to Mumbai.
    Hi Pat diiiiiiii
    Glad and happy to see your comments!!!! And no dii I was not appeasing to anyone . It just that we should respect elders even if they have different ideologies and thinkings. Dii you might have noticed that in which ever situation I have fall like misunderstanding between me and Ishika , making new friends here ,etc one comment was always common “Pat dii , Sachu dii , Sophie dii I need your comments as you are much more experienced and matured than me” . I always listen to elders but do what I think is good !!! Btw Pat dii how was your weekend ????
    Hii Sachu diii
    Glad to learn that you and my cute little nephew Hamdan aka adhu/Adi are in good length . And Yess dii whenever I get time I will surely visit Kerala , as I have heard alot of Kerala’s beauty.
    Hii Sophie diiii
    Sooo glad and happy to see your comments!!!!! Despite the virus threat you keep on trying to come to this page for us and this really means alot to us . Thank you so much diii for coming back !!!! Sophie dii how much do or email if you have because diii your DP changes constantly!!!! And dii welcome to India!!!
    Hi twana
    How are you no comment today !!!! Network problem??? Hmmm you must be feeling tired because yesterday you and Ishika were running behind me .???????? And still you two cannot arrest me!!!????

    1. Rahul….I had to come back as this is my cyber family…
      And I only have 2 emails….the person with brown D P uses my name…IDKW
      Thank you for the welcome…

    2. put some spirit in your eyes it will be better…LOL…… !!

      and stop your over action oky!! arresting and all…..uff!!

      others are dying…..!!

      1. Rahul96

        Thanks for your advice about spirit !!! But you didn’t understand it was a past happening and I have already put spirit in my eyes . That’s why I am commenting here!!!!
        And Nithya di no we are not overreacting by telling arresting and all that !!! It just that we are having fun!!!! It depends on how we see the things!!!

      2. Than let them die na…waise bhi tum jase logon ko kya faraq padne wala hai…

    3. I dont feel like telling Hi to u Nithya. If u have some spirit it would be better u pour it in your own eyes so that u r dirty vision gets cleared. Why overacting urself and putting the blame on someone else. I guess u r very lonely n dont have good friends in ur life. So only badmouthing about others to gain attention. But the love u get back when u give love n respect to others is much much more yaar. I dont expect u to stop ur pranks listening to me. U might even turn against me now. But I dont care. Just felt necessary to tell u once. It is upto u to be good or evil. This is the first n last comment Iam writing towards u.

      1. Go SACHUU DI…

      2. Rahul96

        Thank you so much Sachu di !!!! I am with you!!!

  5. Rahul96

    Hi soumya
    Glad to see your comments little sister !! How is your board preparation going on??? Yaa these days I am traveling a lot ???. But not because of fear that you guys will arrest me . With Sachu diii and pawan bro with me no one can arrest me!!??.
    Hi Ishika , the Delhi topper , how are you.?? Tired ??????? . Because yesterday you and twana were running behind me and still you two can’t arrest me !!! Chuchuchuchu!!!
    See Pat diii with Sachu dii and Pawan bro with me your cop members of a Aniket , Twana , Soumya , Ishika. Soo too arrest me you yourself have to come to India!!!
    Hi Pat dii , Aniket , Soumya , Twana , Ishika I do left some funny comments for you guys on the tellyupdates of 19 January.
    Hi Aliya my cute little sister , Pawan bro ,Adi ,Riya , ponkuri ,pari ,trishi ,Trusna how are you guys????
    Hi shesha the youngest member. Where are you??? Not commenting for 2-3 days!! Btw Shesha what is your age???
    Hi chanya where are you??? I mean how are you??
    Hi lasya how are??? Lasya do you also write FF??? If yes then by what name?????

    1. Lasyashree.10

      hey bro!!
      yea…i do write ff….by name Sath mein hi toh kushi hai!! and successfully came to an end…

  6. Vrushy

    Hello Everyone.
    How are you all ?!! Hope Everyone is fine.
    The episode was really sweet.
    Loved the dance sequence of kaira. But I have a confussion. Was it real or just a dream ?!!
    Also loved Naira and Naksh convo, glad to see the bro- sis bond after a long time. Now I really like this new Naksh.
    Also the way Naitik was scolding them, was really sweet.
    Well Karthik Naksh bond has become stronger than ever. They be so cute together. Overall a nice episode.
    Can’t wait for Kaira’s sangeet !!

  7. Iam new to this can I join you guys please

    1. Twana

      Hello Abi welcome n keep commenting

    2. Rahul96

      Welcome abi !!! If you don’t mind and is comfortable can you please introduce yourself????

    3. Vrushy

      Welcome Abi.
      No need to ask for permission.

    4. Welcome Abi…

  8. Hehe Rahul bhai, V didnt misunderstood u. Actually u misunderstood us n u think that v didnt catch u, but the fact is v arrested u n then left u as u r our family member.! But as u had a misunderstanding so v have forgiven u coz the same reason i.e. u r our family member.! And I thot a new name 4 u instead of BACHELOR BHAI. The new name is- GAJNI THE SECOND.! Lol.!

  9. Fenil

    Hello Greetings of the day friends.
    hello vrushy,hales,Lasiii,rahul,aniket,adi and all

    Its 2299 episodes.
    Aesome episode as always. Nice part naira-naksh-naitik and naksh-kartik.

    1. Rahul96

      Yesss bro waiting for 2300 episodes!!!

    2. Vrushy

      Hii Fenil.
      i just want to say that the people bashing you for your FF, just ignore them.
      If you know that you have not copied anything than let the dogs bark as its their work to do so. You concentrate on you writting, which is your passion.
      and yupieee….. Yrkkh will complete 2300 episodes today. Thats a huge achievment .

  10. Hey guyzz!!
    in last episode i was able to see many of you against me….. !
    but idon’t understand why were you are reacting soomuch…. what i saidd is true and you are nott understanding it!!
    Why are you all angry on me? It’s true what i said ….
    lasyashree…. i dont have any enemity with you……what i want is all the people should be in correct track……so what i said you!
    what were you saying…. i need to take some dose?
    oh….do you really think you willbe a good doctor? oh…such type of attitudes will neva be a good doctor……
    oh..yeah!! if i take the dose ….. will you stop all these nonsense on this page? come on….you suggested me for the treatment correct? suggest me even the therapies….
    see…. tameez se baath karna…..
    aniket…did anywant your comment then?why were you saying that nobody want your opinion? and adi….your control..hold your tongue! sophie,twana,pat,vrushy evryone hold your tongue you bl*****

    1. Twana

      U hold ur tongue….. shut the hell up and get lost… whatever u said was correct from only ur side n many of us don’t see it correct! So u shut the hell up n get lost… n who the damn hell r u to tell me to hold my tongue??? I can do whatever I want..
      We do whatever we want here n no one’s here to stop us.. so shut up n get lost!

      1. Twana…don’t even bother getting back to people like her….they are just not worth it…
        She dosn’t have the strength complete her curse…

      2. Lasyashree.10

        twana di!! i’m sorry idont know whether i’m correct or not
        i’m even younger than you, i know ki i shouldn’t suggest elders
        but now i’m not suggesting you but requesting you… Leave her
        let her comment i hope she is thinkng that such type of comments will give her fun..but she is taking all of ours curse…leave her to her hell.

        iknow i’m new here and idont have any right totell you,but…just requesting

      3. Twana

        Hey Lasyashee.10 u hv full rights to tell me sissy…..I just couldn’t stop telling her to shut up!! hehe…bcoz I didn’t reply to any of her comments the other day..Ok Lasya…Let’s leave her to the hell!!!

    2. Rahul96

      Hi Nithya di please calm down !!!
      I agree with you at only one point that children should not watch kissing and hugging scenes. But it should be duty of parents to keep children away from these scenes . A 2-3 year old children doesn’t not know what to eat and what to not eat and often pick some sand yaa and Dirt from ground and put them in their mouth. So will you tell God to stop making grounds????
      And thanks Nithya didi for your concern and for your effort to put us in right track. But di here everyone is matured enough to take care of ourselves and we know what is right and what is wrong !!
      And dii we only do comment here when we are free. Thanks for your concern !!!!!
      And please watch your language dii !!!!!!

      1. Rahul there is no need to resepct such people by calling them di…
        The more you respect such people and talk nicely to the them the more woh sar pe chade gain…

      2. Lasyashree.10

        well said bro!!

      3. Rahul96

        Hii Sophie dii
        I do agree that some people didn’t deserve respect . But it just that , from my birth my parents has taught me to respect elders , always tell your elder brother as Bhaiya and elder sister as didi ( but now a days I call dii , as a short form of didi ) . So because of some bad people I will not forgot my parents teaching!!!

    3. Vrushy

      The people who are right generally remain calm and explain their point of view to others. Right now you are forcing your POV on us. You believe that something is right, while we dont. Its simple as that. Why force your thinking and thoughts on other ??
      Also by writing abuses and being rude with your comments you have only proved how insecure and immature you are.

    4. Lasyashree.10

      tameez tumko abh yaad agayi?

      good!! and i’m not gonna speak politely…what will you do? will you complaint in police station? if yes, all my best wishes will be with you always….

      and you wanna therapies…here you go!
      1. CBT it willsurely work,i just know only one professor taught me only about this.
      and before talking about twana di,sophie,pat,vrushy and adi,check yourself.
      when you point others…all the other three fingers points you,so check out

      if you really have shame you’ll not comment again,

      u were asking if yu take the dose will we stop nonsense on this page,i’m not sure about mine because it’s not nonsense,but you will stop the nonsense.


      1. Lasyashree.10

        Hey, everyne!

        i just wan to request you all ki…. just leave that nithya…

        juzt think!
        if we go on replying her…she will be going on commenting here…so if we leave two days she will continue and after that she’ll get bored..if no one replies..

        i know even i replied her..but today i promise you ki i’ll neva reply to her…

        i sorry i dont now whether it’s right or wrong to say this…but i opened up my view..

        i’m very new to you all and i shouldn’t Suggest you so i’m REQUESTING you!

        i’m sorry if i was wrong…please excuse me if anyone of you got hurt by my comment…

        but still i’m sorry…i’m really sorry!

      2. Twana

        And lasya don’t be sorry!! yaa we shld leave them to the hell

  11. Hi dears. Hope all r fine and doing well. Nice episode. Loved the bonding between Naksh n Naira as well as Naksh n Karthik. Eagerly waiting for the upcoming celebrations. Naira’s inclination towards Karthik’s family is creating rift between the lovers. Hope all goes well.
    It s funny to see how some looseheads are getting itchy seeing our bonding out here. Poor one. God creates all types of people and some are so stupid so that others can learn how not to be like them. Anyways be yourself all my dears and keep doing ur duties n enjoying life.

  12. Hi all
    Very nice episode yesterday loved all the singhanias family moments yesterday especially the scene where naira and naksh were getting told off as it isn’t something we had scene for a while
    Their bonding was also very good and I liked the lantern part even though it was a bit random.
    I like how goenkas and singhanias are polar opposites but the drama in goenkas house is too much when compared to singhanias
    I hope they don’t drag the wedding for too long and no one is swapped at the alter

  13. Aniket…sorry I am bothering you…
    But how do you say “This food is amazing”…I really need help because we are baving a feast tomorrow…

    1. Having*

    2. Rahul96

      Hi Sophie di I don’t know Marwadi
      But in Hindi it is called
      Ye khana bahut acha hai .

  14. Hello all!
    In the past few days we have had a couple of attention seekers who have been trolling and acting like legitimate 2 year olds. It is best now to just ignore them and let them yap on. If people are that bored about their own lives, theres really nothing much we can do
    Live and let live 🙂

  15. Hi Sister, THIS FOOD IS AMAZING is said as- O JIMAN GHANO AACHO H. U can also add a comment saying- I LIKED IT VERY MUCH, as- MANA GHANO AAWDYO.! So Sister, Enjoy ur feast, enjoy Udaipur and also enjoy this Marwadi language, its nice.!

  16. hi gyz….im ashreen a frm uae…..nd a huge fan of yrkkh…..i was jux scrolling thru nd saw all u peoples comments
    …..i jux want to say dat…..i knw i m an unknwn person to u all here soooo….if u guyz keep arguing nd fighting ….any people can see all dis…..sooo i bttr request u all to b calm nd ignore da bullshits comming in front of u……coz today i gt to see all dis….hu knws hw many people around da world might b seeing all dis……sooo all i wanna say is keep ur anger inside u nd show ur bettrness …..dats hw u treat an bad person…..tnku:-)

  17. Jai Ma Jagdamba!

    You people are so mean and rude to poor Nithiya

  18. hallo everyone

    you all know me, actually i thought whole yesterday about all the nonsense going on this page and see, what ever Nithya is saying i think it’s right so we will please make her as our family and we willfollow her?
    she is very nice,i know she badmouthed on all of us,but let’s excuse her,no we will askher to excuse us.

    1. Twana

      Hey Nithya… why did u use my name here?? Everyone knows that itz not me coz I hv a dark grn color dp n I’m registered now so won’t come on that profile… n everyone here rn’t blind not to see that itz ur dp..
      So remember we will never ever accept ur POV… itz completely wrong n will never accept it… never in a million yrs…
      So shut up n get lost n stop using my name…

      1. Lasyashree.10

        sorry i below msg was sent before ur comment got published!

      2. Lasyashree.10

        the below *

    2. Lasyashree.10

      twana di??

      is that you or some one else?
      Is this reallly yuh! supporting Nithya?

      I’m scared

      1. Twana

        Npz n itz ok…May be u didn’t know tht we cn chnge our name whenever we want when we r not registered…n the dp only depends on email..
        So she has just used my name thinking that we don’t know anything at all n r really n very much blind!!
        BTW lasya..I’m sorry I can’t read urs or Vrushy’s ff as I hv to prepare for the board exam….I will read it for sure after the exam!

    3. Rahul96

      ?????????????????lol seriously nithya didi !!!! Didi we are not blind !!! And why are you using Twana name??? Anyway if you want to join us , then didi you are welcome from my side , we two can become friends , can you please introduce yourself?????
      But please dii always use your name only !!! But your comment using Twana has made me full of laughter ??????

    4. Twana

      And Nithya this z not the way to create friends…if u want to create friends then be honest at least…Do not fake ur identity n do not use other ppl’s name..Itz wrong! At least try to be honest!

      1. Lasyashree.10

        and this is toooooo much now!!

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