Yaha waha hai tu by Vrushy (Chapter 51)

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Hello Everyone.
Chapter 51.
And they lived happily ever after……

Naira’s POV.
5 years later.

I was surrounded by cheering, loud noises, people screaming and music being played on high volume. I was in my own house. I missed this place. Karthik’s house was good but then I was born and brought up in singhania sadan, so this place held a special corner in my heart.

I had spent my entire childhood over here. Me and bhai running and playing all around the house. We were such adorable babies !! Babies ?!! That rings a bell.

Looking at the piece of paper in my hand. How is this possible ?!! How can this happen so soon ?!! Are we even ready for this big change ?!! My mind was flooded with thousands of questions at that time.

But right now, Karthik was my first priority. I quickly folded the paper back, and put it inside my bag safely. I had to talk to him about this.

All of our extended family had gathered at Singhania sadan. It was summer vacations going on and all the younger clads had planned this whole get together. The men in the family were supposed to have a Cricket match today while their ladies sat and cheered them on.

I was sitting with Keerti bhabi and Keeshti.Now you must be wondering who’s Keeshti ?!! She’s little Miss Singhania – Bhai and Bhabi’s daughter.

“Keeshti,see duggu,look over there !!” Bhabi pointed out, pulling the two year old on her lap. Keeshti started clapping as soon as she spotted Bhai, talking to Nanu.

Keeshti called bhai as duggu since she loved it more than dad or papa. Bhai on the other side was happy with watever his daughter calls him. I still remember the first time Keeshti had spelled ‘duggu’ mumma had gasped while me and papa had died laughing.

I played along with Keeshti, making weird faces in front of her, as she continued to laugh. I was completely engrossed in this little cute angel, when I felt a pat on my back. I turned to see someone I wasn’t expecting at all – Karthik !!

“Hi, what are you doing here ?!! ” I asked. He was supposed to be on the field with his team. The match was going to start any moment. But then since I had come late, I didn’t know what the teams were.
He wrapped his arms around me, and pulled me closer.

“I came to see my wife who didn’t even bother to wish me luck before such an important cricket match. She’s really mean.” He said.

I rolled my eyes, hitting his chest playfully.

“I’m sorry !! Something urgent came up. Anyway, good luck.” I said, to which he made a face.

“Is this the way you wish your husband ?!! Instead of this we could just make out, you know. There’s still fifteen minutes left for the match to start.” He said, leaning in.

I laughed and put my hand in between, stopping him midway. “Not now. Beat the opposition and come back to me. There’s something I need to tell you.” I said.

He groaned and rolled his eyes. “Whatever. I’ll see you then. Bye.” He said, planting a quick kiss on my lips and walked away. I shook my head and sat down.

I looked around myself. So much had changed.

Karthik and I – from two teenagers in love, we had been two young and mature people in love. Five years ago, we had got a second chance to prove our love to each other. Just like Karthik had promised, we did make new memories,that too, happy ones.

We got married four years ago. As far as my memory was concerned, I did remember a lot of things. But it wasn’t so clear. I did not regret not getting my whole memory back. I had made a small new world for myself and I was happy in it.

My family and my love had stood upto me at every step and I was really luck to have all of them. I saw dadi and badi dadi making some ladoos. Mumma and nani were swinging there pompoms while papa and nanu blew flying kisses to them. Dadu on the other hand was fixing the wickets into the ground. Rose bhabi was wishing mohit bhai all the best for the match. Nannu, kuhu and mishti were arguing about which team would win.

Eventualy the match had started. The match was between the younger generation and the older generation.Keeshti was cheering for her dad, and I and Keerti bhabi for our respective husbands.

We sat there till the last ball,and with a nail biting moment, the younger generation won the match. Our group roared and cheered in joy. Even Keeshti started jumping on her mother’s lap.

As the celebrations on the pitch got over, the time for me to reveal the news to Karthik too got closer. At that moment, I wanted to run away and hide. I had no clue about how he was going to take it.

Everybody moved inside the house, chatting, congratulating each other, messing around and singing songs whereas I, was nervous and scared to death. I tried looking for Karthik in the mess, but he was nowhere to be seen. I spotted Bhai, Bhabi and Keeshti standing in between.

“Hey, Congrats !!” I wished Bhai. He smiled giving me a small hug.

“Have you seen Karthik anywhere ?!!” I asked. He looked around for a moment, and then his eyes shifted back at me.

“He must be inside.” Bhai said. I nodded and walked in.

To say, that I was a mess, would be an understatement. I was freaking out, right now. As I walked in, something struck my mind -my bag.

Shit !!

Where did I leave it ?!!

I wondered. ‘Must be outside in the garden.’ I thought. I sighed, tired and walked back outside to find my bag.

But before I could go out, a voice stopped me.

“Looking for something ?!! ” Oh no !! Its him !!

I turned around hoping that it wasn’t Karthik standing there. But how wrong was I ?!!

I turned around, not only to see Karthik, but also my bag !!

Oh no !! He didn’t !!

I just hoped that he hadn’t yet found that paper.

“You lied to me.” He said. His jaw clenched as he gave me a stern look.

Damn !! He found out !!

“I did, but it was…” I started giving my long explanation, but he chose to cut me off in between.

“Jaan, why did you lie ?!! You could’ve told me about it before.” He said. Clearly, he was hurt, as his eyes softened with every word he spoke.

I sighed and walked up to him.”I thought you weren’t ready.” I said.

“I love you, Naira. And trust me, I want this as much as you do.” He said, and at that moment, I felt like a huge burden was taken off from my shoulders.

He broke into a huge smile, and tucked a few strands of hair behind my ear. “Are you ready for this ?!!” He asked.

My head snapped up at that. What kind of question is this ?!!

“Ofcourse I am !! I just still can’t believe it. We’re going to have a baby !!” I exclaimed pulling him into a hug.

Yes !! I’m going to be a mom !! There is someone who will call me mumma !!

Karthik pulled back and landed his lips on mine. “Why didn’t you tell me before ?!!” He asked, parting away in between.

“I guess I was just nervous. I found out last week itself. When you asked me about it, I had to lie because I wasn’t sure myself. So I got the tests done, and collected the reports while coming here. I found out today as well.” I said.

“You have no idea how happy you have made me today.” He smiled.

“I love you !!” I said.

“I love you too.” He said. Next he did something, that was undoubtedly the cutest thing he had ever done before.

He went down on his knees, and placed a hand over my not-so-grown belly. I could literally feel it. I could feel something move inside me !!

“And I love you too, baby. I promise that I’ll be the best dad for you. I’ll give you everything that you deserve and will always keep you and your mumma happy !!” He said, and kissed my belly lightly.

“You are the best dad in the world.” I said.

He got up, and scooped me up in his arms. “And you are best mom in the world.” He said.

“We can do this, right ?!!” I asked, running my hand through his soft hair.

He nodded, smiled and kissed me. I kissed him back, enjoying every bit of him. I did not want to let go off him at any cost. I had a family now, and even the thought of raising our kid with Karthik by my side, made me feel happy and contented.

He was all that I have and he was everything that I ever wanted !!
So this beautiful ff ends here.

Was Keeshti too weird ?!! Well I wanted to combine Naksh and Keerti and keeshti was all I could think of.

I would like to apologise to Rishika, Fenil and Komal as you wanted me to write about kaira marraige. But then I had a busy day today with a whole lot of assignments to submit. I didn’t have much energy and mood as well to write about the marraige procedings. Also I wanted to end this FF today and could not push it to tomorrow.Sorry again.

At the end I want to thank all of you as with me you all have also lived this journey of 51 chapters. If it wouldn’t have been for you all, this ff was not possible at all. Thank you for your love, support, appreciation and comfort that you have given me through out this ff. I love you all and I hope that you would keep on showering this love and support in my next FF’s as well.

Also since Ayesha requested for a link that included all the chapters of ‘Yaha waha hai tu’, here it is https://www.tellyupdates.com/?s=Yaha+waha+hai+tu+by+Vrushy
Bubye for now and I will see you all with my next FF !!

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  1. Vinni05

    Simply super just loved it

    1. Vrushy

      Thank you 🙂
      Glad that you liked it.

  2. well done yar..
    u wrote every chapters very well.
    appreciate nd respect.

    1. Vrushy

      Thank you 🙂
      Glad that you liked it.

  3. It was just wooow! Really, the journey from Episode 1 to Episode 51 of Yaha Waha Hai Tu has been awwwsome. Loved every bit of it. Great thanks for this wonderful work. Wish you all the best for your next ff too. Just continue gifting us amazing stories to read.

    1. Vrushy

      Thank you 🙂
      Glad that you liked it.
      Yup, now my full focus will be on my new ff.

  4. it’s ok vrushy….but it was simply amazing end of this ff….u wrote awesome

    1. Vrushy

      Thank you 🙂
      Glad that you liked it.
      I am sorry again as I couldn’t write about their wedding.

  5. Vrushy this is awesome yaar!!!!
    I hope your new FF will be as good as this one!!?

    1. Vrushy

      Thank you 🙂
      Glad that you liked it.
      Yeah, even I hope that my new ff turnsout to be as good as this one.

  6. As writer u must be feeling bad to end it as a reader myself is going to miss this story it was fab ff ..I seriously had looked forward everydayt ur this story amazing yaar..great end ti such a beautiful one ..Thanks a lot…

    1. Vrushy

      Yeah, I had almost cried while writting this last Chapter.
      Thank you 🙂
      Glad that you liked it.

  7. Ayesha Mohammed

    I am little sad that my eyes will not find a new chapter of this FF in telly updates as they have always done since the FF is started
    Yet as all beautiful things will come to an end.. so this one too
    And the end was Lovely…. It wouldn’t have been much more beautiful than thisI loved this part equally as I loved this FF remaining parts.And thank you so much for the link of all chapters I have requested
    Though I will miss this FF but I will surely be reading your new FF as I can’t miss my favourite writer’s any FF

    The last lines were beautiful He was all that I have and he is everything that I ever wanted ??

    1. Vrushy

      Thank you 🙂
      Glad that you liked it.
      Your comment means a lot to me.
      Hope you will like my new ff as well.

  8. Hales

    Omg! This was the best ending i could possibly expect for my fav fav ff!! I will be missing this ff like hell! Thsis ff did a diff kind of magic on me?
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    1. Vrushy

      Thank you 🙂
      Glad that you liked it.
      Your comment means a lot to me.
      Hope you will.like my new ff as well.

  9. Tvfan1

    As everyone said, this is the perfect ending!!!
    Amazing as always!! Just perfect

    I’ll be reading ur other ff now!!

    1. Vrushy

      Thank you 🙂
      Glad that you liked it.
      Hope you will like my new ff as well.

  10. Amazing ending…congo
    BTW I have started reading your new FF…
    But sorry I didn’t get time to comment on it….

    1. Vrushy

      Thank you 🙂
      Glad that you liked it.
      No worries, but do comment once you get time.

  11. Very nice

    1. Vrushy

      Thank you 🙂

  12. It’s ok…… amazing episode…..I hope that u r new ff also Become successful like this….all the best

    1. Vrushy

      Thank you 🙂
      Glad that you liked it.
      I am sorry again as i couldnt write about their marraige.
      i hope you like my new ff as well.

  13. Lasyashree.10

    wow!!vrushy…..you are a true inspiration for all the young writers and also for yrkkh ff writers including meh….

    the way you portray…..the way you express the feeling is really mind blowing…….
    i’m really happy that this ff had a beautiful happy ending……but equally sad…. that yaha wahan hai tu ff is ending….omg!!

    no worries….you came with…a new ff and surely gonna follow that!

    i wish….that ff should become more popular than yahan wahan hai tu…and it will obviously….now this ff completed…51 episodes..right?

    later your new one have to complete minimum of 100 episodes…and promise me for that….
    and also promise that you’ll never stop writing ff’s….. i know this is li’l selfish…..but you have to…..because…….i love the way you write……

    love yuh! love the way yuh….portray…

    will a fan of you foreva…….loved it!

    all the best for your assignments,,,,

    1. Vrushy

      Thank you 🙂
      Glad that you liked it.
      Your comment means a lot to me. Thanks again for all the appreciation and love.
      Yeah, even i was sad while writting this last chapter.
      Hope you like my new ff as well.
      And i promise i wont stop writting ever as its my passion !!

  14. Sethidisha002

    plz continue as season 2

    1. Vrushy

      I will try.

  15. Aadi

    Such a Beautiful and lovely end .
    Your ff was so addictive.
    I was bit sad as this was last chapter of this ff .
    Looking forward to read amazing chapters from ur new ff .

    1. Vrushy

      Thank you 🙂
      Glad that you liked it.
      Hope you will like my new FF as well.

  16. JenniferAndrews

    Loved your ff.

    1. Vrushy

      Thank you 🙂
      Glad that you liked it.

  17. Fenil

    Nice chp….
    Don’t use word sorry.But u manage to give us happy moment.
    Missing this FF.
    Thanks for entertain me.

    1. Vrushy

      Thank you 🙂
      Glad that you liked it.

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