Kasam 20th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Kasam 20th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

In the other car, Manpreet goes to check why Rishi stopped the car.
Tanuja comes to the room and asks John about Rishi. She calls from landline but no one responds.
In the hospital, Bee ji informs the doctor they were in police custody. The doctor understands and goes to look for Rano. Rishi goes to fulfil all the priorities. The nurse comes to inquire about Rano’s medical file. UV turns to get them with Divia. They all leave to get themselves bandaged. Ahana says she is unaware what Tanuja has done, she only knows this was all because of Bani today.
In the kitchen, Neha switches the lights on and asks her about the bundle of money in her hand. Bani says it’s her earning, Malaika has given these to her for sending Rano to jail. Now Rishi and Tanuja would be separated soon. They cheer.
At home, Tanuja was tensed and calls Rishi when UV and Divia come in. She asks them about the family, and tries to explain the misunderstanding. UV shouts at her that it’s enough, Rishi trusted her. Divia tells Tanuja that it’s because of her Rano is in hospital. She asks Tanuja to stop her drama, but Tanuja thinks Rano must need her in CITI hospital and runs outside. Divia keeps on stopping her.
Manpreet and Raaj comes after bandage. A nurse comes outside and informs them Rano is critical, her right side body is not responding. They are not sure she would be able to recover ever; and taunts if they should have responded when this was all happening with her. Rishi cries watching Rano from the window. Tanuja comes behind him and asks about Rano, and the family. Everyone sat silent. Tanuja inquires Rishi again, and wipes his tears assuring everything would be fine. She will forget everything as a nightmare. Rishi clutches her hand tightly, and shouts at her to shut up. Tanuja was clueless. Rishi asks if she really doesn’t know what he is saying, he had lost his strength but he gathered his strength to take care of his family. Tanuja came and shattered that courage, why she always come as a curse. Tanuja doesn’t understand what Rishi is doing. Rishi says when Tanuja took the blame of Smiley’s pregnancy over herself, he felt her to be really great one; but Rano was right in thinking Tanuja is doing this from her own interest. He had negated Rano, and called Tanuja a nice girl. He points at Rano laying on bed, and says this is how Tanuja has revenged Rano. Tanuja denies doing anything, Rishi says he heard everything she said. Tanuja explains that was her anger but for some minutes only. Tanuja was helpless. She explains Rishi she didn’t do anything. Rishi insists she did everything, he thought she has changed but she revenged Rano. He asks who sent his family to police station. Tanuja says this is her family as well, Rishi says this wouldn’t have happened if it was her family. He read the complaint in police station, it was Tanuja stating his family tortures her. Tanuja keeps on crying, while Rishi asks why she complained against them. Tanuja says she fell off the stairs, when she woke up she was at Bani’s place. She heard then speaking to each other, and felt there was something wrong. She called him. Rishi says that was two hours ago, she had promised to reach the police station. Rishi asks why she didn’t reach there. Tanuja says she went to doctor to get the certificate, but when she stepped outside the hospital she met Malaika and Bani. Divia asks where that certificate is. Tanuja says Malaika has torn that. Bee ji accuses Tanuja that she is taking Malaika’s name only because they won’t to to ask her. Tanuja goes to request Bee ji at least not to distrust her. Rishi says Bee ji and Raaj loved Tanuja dearly, but what she did to them was only breaking their trust. He points at every member, then says Bee ji was right; only those trusted the most breaks your trust.

PRECAP: Rishi demands Tanuja to leave her, as a gift of her love.

Update Credit to: Sona

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    I m sorry to say but team have shown tannu and tanuja character are toooooo much dumb…. tannu never proved anything until her death and now tanuja will not able to do anything till death come near to rishi again..
    She is sooo dumb that she can not take another copy by doctor???

  2. The best part of yesterday’s episode was rano getting a beatingredients of her life but still learning nothing from it. Otherewise this drama is now getting stupid when tanuja finds out that rishi and her can never be together then why hang around to be humiliated plus what kick is God getting out of it if it can’t be rectifed. That Dr is hot so tanuja and Dr should get to get her and to hell with rishi who is a mummy’s boy may be he should marry his mother. Rano is a horrible person and serves her right.

    1. I agree with you be is such a mummy boy he should marry her she is possive and a b*t*h and he is so stupid never willing to grow a back bone and protect his love

  3. Not intresred in serial anymore

  4. ur worst enmities wouldn’t do to u ‘ as d cv’s has done to tanu & tanuja, no one could be more stupid, annoying, & disgusting than the character of tanuja created by ekta, a cow or donkey’s brain functioning better than her, her behavior become wicked ,so that, for d first time I fund her fat & not beautiful, also I was enjoying all those harsh words of rishi towards her, she deserved even more than that. I sincerely pray to d rate of this show comes to zero , d only way of stopping this garbage

  5. I only read written update, don’t like this episode.

  6. MAD-FURIOUS -Satya

    Rishi needs to grow a pair of nuts.

    I don’t get why they never understand Tanuja because she has not done anything and every time they blame her. Rishi also gives people the dumbest promises. When Rishi loves Tanu, Rano didn’t like her, then when Tanu saved Rishi’s life and got shot she blamed Tanu for that and now Tanuja has come back as Tanu (she has saved Rishi many times but every body think wrong of her) (the only people who support her in the family are: Manpreet, Ahana, Smiley, Chintu, Raj and Rishi when he is not acting like an idiot) and now when Tanuja has become Tanu and has revived her memory the still don’t care about her and I bet soon Rishi will kick Tanuja/Tanu out of his life (somebody will ask for her help to take care of his child and Tanuja will agree but she will still be wearing Rishi’s sindoor and mangalsutra) and rushing will start drinking again and then maybe he will find her and find out the actual truth.
    I hope they unite without that idiot Rano interfering.

  8. Bad episode

  9. THIS IS UTTER NONSENSE EVERYTHING HAS LIMIT THIS SERIAL IS FULL OF MISUNDERSTANDINGS & NEGATIVITY FOR NO REASON THEY R BLAMING TANUJA no logic at all rishi will say sorry 2 tanuja after knowing truth nxt tanuja will say sorry phir promise then they both say sorry 2 each other let forget from the nxtday same drama ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. i think tanuja has 2 get out of all these devils & promises u have to be free from all these becoz no one know her value when will they realize her importance at that moment she can come back Tanuja has 2 start her life fresh & she should be bold cvs don’t make her like a cry baby she should move on focus on job & her life forget all these incidents as a bad dream pls put the story in right track add some nice moments

  10. After more than 2 months of tolerating d most nonsense pregnancy drama # we had just 5 to 10 minutes of one episode , happiness of uniting tanshi it didn’t even last until morning # by rishi had go to d office #attending a very important meeting # & tanuja fell down stairs & irrelevant coming back of malaika & boni………………..#& back to normal disgusting negativity# slavery# torture# accusations# & making the accused mute # but unpardonably none stop crying# d favorite type of life for disturbed ekta#
    we become like gamblers # who loose money# then even hates that environment # but coming back #hopping to win the lost money back#over &over# but loosing more #& more
    we invested d most precious and irreplaceable part of our life’s investment# for d show# which is our time# emotions# trust# and love# in return d abnormal Indian cv’s of kasam & thapki# made us bankrupted #therefor even we know how inexcusably these shows are waste of time # or promoting #violence# slavery# & encouraging audiences not having any fears#or hesitation# to commit crimes# as big as even murdering people# like# malaika#Boni#Pawan ……….in kasam#&# shankara#shaddah….in thpki killers# or# attempting to kill …………sadly# they are always d winner, so# in hope of seeing d justice #we come back # but instead # recieving harder #&# more insulting slap in our mouth# it is absurb

  11. I hate you rishi you are very worst person in serial maa ka chamcha…. Can’t tolerate this serial much more…. Rishi you are sooo narrow mind person tum tanu ke layak na toh the na ho… Piche piche ghumne ko pyar nhe khte….. Maaa ka chamcha mind block hai es rishi ka tere liye 10 tanu bhi maar jAygi toh b tu maa ka chamcha rhega I hate your character much more bottom me pahucha diya serial

  12. I hate you rishi …

  13. How narrow minded you are rishi tum tanu ke layak na toh the na ho ….tum maa kr chamche ho tumhe or tumhari maa ko 10 tanu b maar ker khush nhe kr sakti tanuja ki wjh se maa peet gyi toh tanuja ko life se bahar ker dia tumhari maa ke karan tanu mari toh maa ko alag kyu nhe Kia tu unmarried he reh tere bass ka nhe pyar shadi…. Manhoos h tu kitni ladkiyo ki life khrab krega pyar ka matlab piche ghumna nhe tujhse acha manpreet nikla

  14. once again group of vafa rushed to this page they don’t even bothered to have different words shruti or vafa even used to different coloure sign please you were giving false news trying to fool members for a very long time now kasam & thapki rocked d bottom no shows has been as useless nonsense rubbish as them pls let go of creating false comments when stupidity of tanuja created all d problems & rishi is d only one has to handle it dumb tanuja didn’t go 2 police station directly even rishi asked her in a very desperate ton of voice even when brainless tanuja had a very vital evidence that was the d second report of Dr but foolishly & annoyingly hold it loosely in her hand when any normal person keep it in safer place like her bag …… even when faced d two creators of chaos Boni & Malaika not only didn’t try to hide it but even told then what was in envelope !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!stupid disgusting character of tanuja who just detastably could cries & cries &cries & finally after 2 hours & all d harms were done she came to police station empty handed doing something rishi & healthy mind were asking to be done 2 hours back whatever rishi did 2 her didn’t do d justice but she deserved much more
    scolding & bitter words plse don’t assume I am defending rishi not at all I am showing d nastiness of cv’s who made hero & heroin of d show so unreal wicked & annoying

  15. second line is 2 different coloures sign not to different……….

  16. Tenal Roshan.

    This is really crossing the limits.please don’t let people stop seeing this serial which is to be a successful one.

  17. The show must end on good note or get the story on track by forwarding the story

  18. 😐 🙁

  19. Anu you coppied my words… 🙁

  20. MAD-FURIOUS -Satya

    I thought Rishi was a smart guy. Even a door knob knows which way to turn. Rishi does not deserve a woman in his life. Tanuja would be better of without the yoyo man. Why make a judgement without confirming her story. Rishi was over acting a bit.

  21. Is there a point in someones life when they say,To hell with this ?
    How much is Tanu going to put up with ?
    Surely by now she realises,Rishi does not trust her ?
    His Mother will never trust her ?
    The rest of the family are sheep who just follow the Mother ?
    I am sure this show is losing viewers,And there are only the hard core few still watching this ?
    They have been lucky in the past with this show,As the chemistry between Rishi and Tanu has bailed them out,At the moment there is no chemistry just a spoilt little boy and a masochist ?
    At the moment all the soaps on Rishtey seem to be going through the crazy season ?

  22. If you see your mother has been bitten up so that her life is threatening by death then all the evidences indicating daughter in law assembled all the drama then what would be your reaction? are you going to be so nasty & anti humanity by ignore your mother’s life ? then you will be marked as disgusting
    rishi believed tanuja during their very first telephone conversation after d police drama therefor not only he didn’t scold or accused her but in a very desperate & appealing ton of voice for help ton of voice asked dumb tanuja go to police station at police station everybody was asking him about his wife who her signature was on petition but after two hours & everybody being injured & devil roni was fighting for her life there was no sign of stupid tanuja please when you want judge someone out of fairness then put yourself in that person’s place then give the verdict cv’s made a very unrelyable person of rishi BUT THIS TIME HE HAD EVERY RIGHT TO BE MERCILESS ON TANUJA AS NO ONE WITH JUST AN AVERAGE BRAIN HAVING SUCH A LIFE SAFER REPORT THEN HOLD IT LOSLY IN HER HAND & EVEN SAYING WHAT WAS IN THAT ENVELOP TO MALAIKA &BONI TWO CREATOR OF DISASTER INSTEAD OF HIDING IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL COME ON THE CULPRITS ARE INDIAN CV’S IN PARTICULAR KASAM & THPKI’S CV’S

  23. The story is killing

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