Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Vansh finds Kairav

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Harsh saying I m not the CEO of Birla hospital, I m not giving you an order, but an advice, you should say yes for the surgery, you know this, so you didn’t refuse, we should take the decision soon. He goes. Akshu thanks him. Abhi recalls everyone’s words. Harsh goes to everyone and says lets see. Neil gives the coffee mug to Akshu and pacifies her. Abhi talks to Dr. Kunal and asks him when are you coming for my surgery, I will prepare the OT. Everyone smiles. Akshu thanks Kanha ji. Manish says Kairav has run away from jail, how can this happen. Everyone worries. Dadi asks him to find Kairav and get him home. She says we will send him somewhere. Akhilesh says it’s a crime. Aarohi says case will get spoiled. Vansh says police will trouble him a lot. Manish asks how shall I save him now. Vansh says we will find him somehow. Harsh says its proved that Kairav is guilty, so he has run away. Mahima and Anand discuss the matter with everyone. Mahima asks Akshu what does she have to say now. Akshu cries. Mahima leaves in anger. Akshu worries for Kairav. Anand says don’t know where she went in anger. Neil says we should go after her. Manish and everyone are worried for Kairav. Aarohi says don’t take tension, your health is getting bad. Manish says what will I do of health when my son is in trouble. He gets up. He feels dizzy. He sits back. She asks him to take care of health. Abhi asks Akshu not to take stress. Manjiri says don’t know where did Mahima go. Mahima and everyone come to Goenka house. Mahima asks them to call Kairav.

Manish says he isn’t here. Mahima says he would be here, he won’t run away without your help. She creates a big scene. She says I will not leave Kairav. Anand says its quite possible that Kairav is at home. Dadi stops Mahima and says stop it. Akshu calls Vansh and Aarohi. She says where did Kairav go. Manjiri says he will be fine. Abhi gets Neil’s call. He asks what, Mahima went to Goenkas, get her back, matter is already spoiled, I don’t want it to spoil totally. He says where are you Kairav. Kairav sees the police and hides. Someone holds him. Dadi says nothing is proved in the court. Mahima says his crime is proved, you think you will fool us, I will find Kairav somehow. Dadi asks her to leave if she has come by a wrong intention. Akhilesh says even police needs search warrant. Manish asks why would we hide Kairav, we would take him to the police station to make him surrender. They all argue. Dadi folds hands and asks them to please leave. Neil says we should trust them. Mahima says I can never trust them. Anand says we can’t search their house, come. They leave. Dadi cries that relations got spoiled. Harsh says you said Kairav can be inside. Anand says yes, we should not give him the chance to run away, call the police, they will find him. Kairav sees Vansh and hugs him. Vansh asks why did you run away from the jail. Kairav says they would have killed me there. Vansh says they troubled you a lot, right. Kairav says I don’t want to go there, save me please, hide me. Vansh says matter will get spoilt. Kairav says I don’t want to go back. He hears the siren and faints. Vansh checks his fever. Mahima and everyone come back home. Abhi says they are also worried like us, Akshu isn’t well, if she knows this, then… He sees Akshu. Harsh says police will handle this. Mahima says else I will handle this.

Abhi comes to Akshu and says I know your family will never support Kairav. She thanks him for supporting her family and being so straightforward and honest. He says you would have done the same. She says Aarohi told that everyone is much worried. Abhi asks her to go and meet everyone. She says no, Kanha ji will handle everything, just focus on surgery. He says you will like it, go and meet him, say sorry that I didn’t come, tell them I will come tomorrow after surgery, I will handle Mahima, don’t worry, go. She says thanks, I promise I will tell you if I know anything about Kairav. They hug. Akshu meets the Goenkas. She asks about Kairav. Vansh comes and says we don’t know that police is beating him and torturing him to sign the confession that he killed Anisha. Akshu says it will be tough to prove him innocent. Dadi worries. Vansh says I will go to my room to charge my phone. Aarohi says painkillers and fever medicines are missing, where did it go suddenly. Vansh says maybe it got over, who will take the medicines. He goes. Akshu sees something in Vansh’s pocket.

Vansh takes care of Kairav. He turns and sees Akshu. She says let me tell Abhi. She goes to tell Abhi. Police checks the house.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. This Mahima is too much !! All l she’s missing is some horns on her head She looked like a raging bull charging in to someone’s house ready to fight some one hold a red piece of cloth Pls 🤣

    1. Naila08

      😂😂 best comment I’ve seen all week

    2. true….Finally someone comment about Mahima!!!
      The Red cloth is much needed!

  2. heard the news that kairav will die due to this emotional pressure and health detoriation. And heard that due to this abhi and akshu will seperate.

    1. NO yaar,That news must be fake!
      Kairav is an integral part of the show and the makers favourite!
      So He won’t die…

  3. What the hell is wrong with Mahima😂 The way she barged into Goenka house, is like she entered wrestling battle ground🤣 This Mahima failed to teach values to Anisha and now is ruining someone else life for her daughter’s stupidity and mistakes. These Birlas are worse than Goenkas 1.0. Where is the Goenka security, during Kartik-Naira time Manish used to take 2 3 guards with him while going for a jog, where are all those now😂
    Mahima should really stop yelling at Akshara. It’s becoming too much now. Just like Birlas are taking their daughter/sister’s side, Akshara is taking her brother’s side which is her right. And it’s high time Akshara gives back strongly to Mahima. She always stands like statue and takes all nonsense thrown at her. I expected some serious and strong reaction from her when Anand slapped Manish but got none except her crying. I mean people generally react so aggressively when their parents are being slapped. Don’t know where this serial is heading. There is nothing left to show and hence making are showing some nonsense without head and tail.

  4. This should’ve not happened with kaurav,he has always been a darling kid,never got any happiness but sacrifices.First he born without a father and spent first 5 years without him then lost his mother,got another mother with a lot difficulties but lost her too,then after getting her again lost both of her parents forever then all he had to just grow elder suddenly more than his age nd take care of his sisters and now this…I really feel bad for him.

  5. I blame him n his sister(characters in series),for keeping things to themselves,if they hv told both families about her did,all these wil not hv happen

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