Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 20th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Anu and Gungun unite after two years

Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 20th August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with everyone saying Anu is ready to come with you. Gungun says I won’t go with Anu. Charu says you want to go with a stranger than your husband. She says yes, its my decision. Charu says you have to divorce Anu before you go. Gungun says I knew it, this would happen, I had prepared the divorce papers, I have signed, Anu can sign it. She gives the papers and leaves. Anu cries.

After two years, Anu’s dean calls home. Sunanda answers the call. She smiles hearing the good news. She asks them to call Anu first. Everyone asks what happened. Anu gets a call. The man informs him about the letter of appointment sent. Anu says I have received it. The man says I can offer you 2 crores package or double the amount. Anu says thanks, but I would like to work for my country. Chavi says 2 crores. He says yes, so what. She says everyone called you downstairs. Sunanda says dean wants to talk to you. Dean says your hardwork has paid off, you got an international award for the microrobotics surgery. He thanks her. She asks him to come to the institute. He tells about his award to everyone. They all get happy and clap for him. Anu imagines Gungun. Gungun imagines Anu. The senior welcomes her back. Anu

Anu gives his interview to the reporters. He says I got inspired from my wife, who had to go to US for her treatment, we should make this available in our country by appealing to the govt, so that nobody leaves their country, I dedicate this to my wife. They ask where is your wife. Gungun also talks to the media. They ask why did you leave the good opportunity and come back. Gungun says my family is here. Anu says I have to go to an orphanage today and teach the kids. Dean says it’s a big day for you, you should party. Anu says I want to celebrate this award with the kids. Dean says you will be honoured by the national dignities. He says I will come back soon. She asks about Gungun. He says no news. She says she will call you when she learns about your award. Gungun tells the future plans of Jeet network. She says I have to go. Senior says yes, you said you have to go and see the new house you bought. She says I have to go to orphanage, they asked me to come today. He asks her to adopt a kid. She says why to adopt one when all the kids can be mine. She leaves. She goes to the orphanage. The lady thanks her for adopting the orphanage and saving them from a big crisis. Gungun says don’t worry, I will manage their education expenses also. The lady says thanks, someone else is managing it. Gungun meets the kids. They praise Anu uncle. Gungun spends times with them. They say uncle always comes on weekend, even if he is busy. Anu comes and meets them. Gungun sees Anu and gets emotional. Anu also sees her. The lady says Gungun has adopted our NGO, she has come today from the orphanage. She introduces Anu. Gungun greets Anu. The kids call them darling uncle and darling aunty. Anu gives the flower for Gungun. The kids gives it to her.

Gungun says you got a big award, this flower is for you. Anu accepts it. The kids smile seeing them. Anu says it’s a special day for us today. He sings tujhse naraaz…plays… They both sing and cry, recalling their moments. They both hug. The kids clap.

The show ends on a happy note with Anu and Gungun’s union.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. First charu,chandru,golu and yug were jobless inspite of being in job(as they used to always sit at home only,only Anu and goli used to go to their job),then Ankit married khushi and became jobless,now pradyush married goli nd they both became jobless.Tht’s the reason K family couldn’t digest gungun’s job as they aren’t used to it being family of nallas.
    Anyways worst ending,I have no pity for makers for not getting enough time to give the show a good closure bcoz they actually deserved it for playing with our emotions and ruining our fav. Show completely.

    1. For sure their to much playing with our mindset but so soon it goes to an end

  2. Why did gungun buy new home as she has bhatnagar mansion only??even she has also farmhouse,bungalow and villa too..its little bit incomplete ending as it could have shown anugun romance and gc gang fun banners for 15mins. It would have been better

    1. I also agree ending is not as expected

  3. Lol ye kaisa ending tha 😝😝

  4. Sorry to tell, you guys the show completely. Last 1 week should be memorable for the viewers but u kept on with fights in the show, and now in a single day u ended like this. Which is baseless… I am sorry…

  5. I don’t even feel like watching the last episode.
    What episode is this ?
    Isse accha Anugun ki shaadi par hi serial ko end karte..like they are happy married for some two years along with a small sa cute sa baby (u know the classic ending of serials most of the time with pregnancy, god bharai, or baby 😂).
    But this ending ending with hug is 🤦🙆‍♂️. I felt like killing myself after reading this episode.
    Yeh bakwaas sa ending ko humne 14 din diye be it watching the show or reading the written update… is what irritates me now. Ki maine dekha hi kyun ? 🤦
    Ek thi accha kiya inhone and that is not showing ‘The Mahaan Kulshrestha pari-war’ at the end. Unke presence se ending aur hi barbaad ho jaata 😂.

  6. The makers don’t even know how to make a good use of extension😂 This should have ended with Anubhav-Gungun’s marriage only. That time it was still little better but after the first leap, the scenes have no sequence or head and tail🤣
    1. Armaan was so important till yesterday and they didn’t even show him or mention about him today.
    2. Maya and Garima don’t know that their daughter/niece is having brain tumour and underwent a surgery where she could have died even though Maya stays in US where Gungun had her surgery😂
    3. After Shankar revealed his truth to Akriti, I expected a emotional moment between Akriti and Garima but I realized it my foolishness to expect anything from these makers🤦‍♀️
    4. “The show ends on a happy note with Anu and Gungun’s union”
    This line cracked me up so badly🤣 what happiness is left in this show😂
    This was the worst ending I ever saw. Though the show became nonsense, I learnt one thing from this. That not just person’s thoughts but families thoughts and lifestyles should also match for marriage.

  7. In bengali khorkuto original gungun’s own family like mother dr.shilpi devi(Dr.maya of kkis) and jui bua(garima bua of kkis) were not there to see gungun mukherjee(gungun bhatnagar) for the last time as she has passed away due to brain tumor…Dr.shilpi devi is in usa just like Dr.maya is also in usa where jui bua also stays in india like garima bua also stays in india..but garima bua and jui bua didn’t meet gungun again….in real life real family always come to their loved ones…but this two shows gave wrong message to the society by not letting own family know about their gungun’s serious illness like brain tumor…both directors have gone mad for these two shows..

  8. What an abrupt ending.. Sadly end of our association also no more posts here… There didn’t explain did Anubhav leave gun gun? What happened for 2 years? Why Gun gun bought a new villa? What happened to Maya? What happened to Bua? akriti? Anyways nice to see the show ending as it was too unbearable.

  9. What a piece of shit 🤣🤣

  10. govt job waalon ke paas koi kaam nh hota…this serial prooved

    1. Nautanki Serial se kya hi prove hota h??ek hi chiz hafto tak dikhai jati h aur 5_15 sal bhi 1 hi episode m pure ho jate h!!

  11. This show takes cake in how to take a good concept, inviting viewers that they are offering something Hatke, and then completely ruin it.

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