Imlie 20th August 2022 Written Episode Update: Imlie and Aryan Fail Malini’s Plan

Imlie 20th August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Malini calls the independence day celebration venue where Imlie is going to cover her story and informs that a reporter from a reputed media house is carrying a bomb in her mic. Event organizer asks who is she. She says a well wishes and disconnects call. Imlie looks at the mic and thinks Bhaskar means sun and she will raise her news paper back to its glory. Aryan with family heads towards the same venue to celebrate independence day. Imlie reaches venue and is stopped at the metal defector. Officers stop her and ask what is she carrying in her bag. Imlie says she is a Bhaskar Times reporter and came to cover the story. Officers find a toy in her bag. Imlie says its her daughter’s toy. Officers apologize and spare her. Imlie interacts with a guard who asks why she is missing from reporting since long. She promises to be regular from hereon.

Malini calls her aide Rohith and asks if Imlie is caught. Aide informs her that Imlie was caught, but guards found a toy in her bag and spared her. Malini asks if the mic is still in Imlie’s bag. Aide says yes. Malini calls her maid and asks her to prepare a feast for her and Anu as its a big day for her. Maid informs her that Anu has gone to Pakrutri maidan to participate in independence day celebration. Malini panics thinking Imlie has gone to the same event and rushes towards the venue to get Anu out from there.

Aryan reaches the venue with family. Family gets happy seeing Imlie there. Aryan asks what is Imlie doing here. Arpita says obviously to cover the event today. Cheeni tries to meet Imlie, but Aryan stops her. She says she is feeling thirsty. Jaggu offers her water bottle and asks her not to touch it by mouth. Cheeni purposefully touches her mouth and finishes whole water bottle. Imlie’s supporters smile seeing her uncultured nature. Cheeni demands more water. Arpita offers her water bottle. Cheeni finishes even that and asks more water. Narmada offers her water bottle next. Cheeni drops water on her dress purposefully and asks Aryan to bring her more water. Aryan goes to bring water for her. Cheeni gets happy seeing Imlie at the water koisk and takes everyone to seat in a first row.

Cheeni takes everyone to the front row and makes them sit. Anu reaches late and frowns seeing Rathore’s already sitting in a first row. Aryan and Imlie bump on each other. Aryan apologizes her. She notices his hurt face during street fight and shows concern. He asks her not to bother. Imlie argues with her that audience are expecting they will unite, but its not true. Aryan says he has moved far away and will not return. Imlie says he gave everything his words, Bhaskar Times, his business, and time on credit. Their argument ensues. They part ways.

Cheeni and Jaggu feel excited seeing minsiter’s entry. They interact with minister who offers them to hoist the flag with him. Arpita thanks minister. Rajjo from Udti Ka Naam Rajjo serial reaches the venue to promote her seri9al. She runs stepping on a dirt. Dirt splashes on Anu’s sari. Anu gets angry on her. Imlie noticing it from a distance thinks Anu is unnecessarily venting out her frustration on some poor girl. Rajjo also gives moral gyaan to Anu how to wash her sari. Anu warns her to dare not touch her 1.5 lakhs rs sari. Rajjo says someone fooled her as they get similar sari with blouse and petticoat free for 200 rs. Anu says uncultured and illiterate villagers don’t know class. Imlie interferes that she is uncultured but not illiterate. She records Anu’s video and threatens to upload it. Anu leaves. Rajjo interacts with Imlie and promotes her serial.

Precap: Aryan and Imlie run and pick a mic and throw it in air. It bursts in air.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Metin

    -İf we sanitize the tears , we can use tears as alternative water source.
    -malini is lost case. She seems she has burn last brain cells from hatred.
    -aryan is showing same signs of malini,aditya fans. He mixes everything. He thinks only he has problems in the world. İn one perspective he can be blamed for risking the child and causing imlie’s reaction to the stairs. But its wrong too in my opinion. İf you are family, in love connection, you give effort BeFORe bad things happening. After them you have only two necessarry things. Supporting eachother and healing the wounds at body or at heart, “i love you” means this for me. With different words you can seperate everything OR you two can be one , which is needed most in troubled times.
    -ousting malini from house
    Actually “why are They there?” is the first question.
    -happy independence day to all. Sorry for late post . After that They every day is independence day. Remember this.
    -landing Like a Superhero both of them
    Only 🤣🤣🤣👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
    -i dont Like writers choosing easy way. They show Like all people are ready to take a bribe.
    -producers invented time freeze machine. They needed to invent No nokjhok machine .

    1. True 😂! Every day is an independence day. But because we take this independence too lightly and are very engrossed in our lives… I guess they made sure independence day is kept and celebrated so that people atleast remeber one day in a year that yeah…we got independence and that our lives now are much easier as compared to those people who struggled on a national front for just basic rights.
      Agreed independence was a part of freedom struggle.
      But now it’s soldiers who are protecting our independence!
      So huge respect for them…that they are taking risk to protect us.
      But what about politicians who are making the country polluted from inside 😂 ?
      The whole idea about independence sometimes seems trivial when suddenly the modern politicians come into the mind !

  2. Malini finds it so easy to find a bomb and place it in imlies mic. Is she a terrorist? Where does she get all this stuff? Maybe it’s online.

    1. Lol Razor 🤣🤣🤣 I was literally thinking the same!! Malini always has easy access to bombs, guns and goons. Must be a villain thing. Remember how Purandas’s men planted a bomb on the beauty pageant trophy? I kept wondering whether they walk around carrying bombs in their pockets 🤣🤣

  3. @Razor..imlie too does extraordinary things, unbelievable.
    It’s the writers, anything goes.
    I wish Malini had died in her suicide attempt, she would have been at peace.
    Wish the writers would just kill off Malini before she actually kills someone, and be dine with it.

  4. Honestly I’m done with these none sense scenarios. I mean from BD that is waiting for Aryan to Anti blue that I still don’t understand if she married or not or if she have a house or not. Anyway it seem that in India everyone can live where he want when it come to be family matter.

    Then these bombs? Kidnapping…. 😀😐🤨🤔, seriously? These are only serial scene or it happens in India? Poison in the meal of a family member or to spoil a function……

    This is why for me Anupama is the best Indian serial, at least for the last two year; I mean the things seems to be quite normal, the Shahs family..Kapadia ‘s have normal problems😀

  5. Anamika_Megh_

    India main koyi peaceful independence day hoti nahi hain kya?? Har independence day par har serial main kuch to garbar jarur hota hain.
    And bomb is so common things in india, r8? Matlab koyi bhi yeh bomb kharid ke kisi ki jaan legi?? Har jaga main yeh bomb mojud hain. Independence day par Indian citizen ko yeh Writer terrorists dikhaye.
    Yeh writers India ko itna nicha kyu dikhati hain??

    1. Itna hi kyu ? Serial ke hisaab se India mein koi bhi kisi ko bhi kahi par bhi murder kar sakta hai and escape even jail.
      Par sachmein aisa hota kaha hai ?
      Murder = punishable offense.
      But in serials, few apologies in the end of the serial by criminal to female protagonist…can make him/her escape punishment 😂.
      And surprising fact is FL can never be a criminal but majority of the side characters are all criminals. Sangati ka asar FLs ko kyun nahi hota jabki side characters bure logon ke influence mein aa jaate hain ?
      Anyways I am done with Indian serials 😂. I just read updates since 4-5 months maybe.
      I only love movies and I heading back to it now !

  6. Hi you beautiful people. How are you all? Did anybody miss me🤪? Ah, I don’t mind if not😄… But I missed you guys 🙂 How is it going here? Anything new? Did Star and Shri had their entrance exams? Are they college students now :)🤞?
    @Ru, Kalli, Shri, Metin, Razor, Anamika… Hi! So glad to see some familiar names again:) And MI, a new name:). I hope you are all in good health🙏
    As for the show…
    Every time I am about to get back to Indian serials, I very carefully🥹🫣😅 click in here to see if “Imlie” has gone off air by chance… But see, it has survived again🥳. Actually, I’m more happy because of this forum, which I’m very fond off. No show, no forum…
    This time I took the longest break… almost 3 months, real record for me😄😁😂…

    Unfortunately, I had completely lost interest in this show. Even that minimum, which is actually a must for me, to make at least sure I come here to read or write… But now imma give it a try again😜… maybe I’ll find smth interesting🤞… Actually I doubt it😅, but who knows🤷‍♀️?
    So… I think I stopped after the episode with Arilie’s declaration of love… after the tree house accident…
    Somewhere in my head I had a vague hope that before Imlie confesses her love to Aryan, he would stop her. In such a “dramatic”: “Stop, I have to tell you something first”-way;) …You know, just in Indian serial-style ✋😅😂… Nah, not really🤣😂😂… But isn’t that the charme of it😃? …
    Anyway, my point is, I kinda hoped till that moment that Aryan would want to confess his not so minor role in her final separation from Aditya. I mean, was that asking too much? Would it really hurt to extend the story a lil bit? In fact, these people are just masters at dragging things out indefinitely… And all they needed to do was, to add a little more guilty conscience for Aryan and a little more hesitation from Imlie. That’s it. Wouldn’t that have made the story more believable? Was it really necessary to fast-track everything in record time🥴?
    Well, what is certain is, they did neither the characters nor the series any favours with that, IMAO!
    And on top of it, that express pregnancy, oh my God… That really freaked me out.
    I think I only read updates for a week or so after that. And stopped doing that too, after Aryan started to suspect that PGD-guy, Madav, to be the baby’s father… Was that his name?
    Anyway I think I have a lot to catch up now 🥳😅… I’m going to read some updates and I’ll see you guys later 🙂

    1. *@Kally:) And sorry for any other typos…

    2. @Lin..great to see you on the forum again.
      I don’t watch the serial but like reading the updates and comments from people, even though I’ve been attacked a few times!
      It seems that if you don’t love and support Imlie for everything she does, good or bad, you’re jealous of Sumbul, I just don’t understand the logic of that.
      That one made me laugh, as I have no connection to any if the actors who are just doing their jobs!

    3. Kally, dear hi :)! You’ve been attacked? I won’t allow that 😠🤺😄😂…
      I know you just couldn’t stand Imlie. Never. And we could never agree on that. But so what? That didn’t stop us from enjoying each other’s comments, did it? Well, sometimes not that much😅🤣😂, but still…
      I guess we both love a good debate😅😂. And of course the main aim of it is to possibly convince the other side or at least influence it a bit. But at the end of the day all have to agree to disagree… Sometimes there are misunderstandings and I can’t talk about the last few months, but I always had the feeling that you’re one of the few exceptions who don’t confuse the hate for Imlie with the actress, also you distanced yourself from it as far as I can remember… Anyway, the show ends soon… Maybe that could soften the “fronts” a lil bit (or maybe not😅). But I’m glad to be here again😀. SYS:)

    4. Hi Lin 😁 hope you are doing well! We yeah i had my entrance exams 😂 but no, I’m not yet a college student. I have been allotted a seat for the course (ba.llb hons) I wanted but they are delaying the counseling process 😐, so admission process is on the way… I will be a law student in some days 😎

    5. Congratulations star 🌟🎉🌟🎉!
      I’m very happy for you 🤗
      I hope you achieve everything you set out to do, everything you are wishing for your future🤞❤️!

      …But you’ll continue show up here sometimes, despite your growing pressure, right😉😁?

    6. Hi @Lin.
      I have survived in this forum 😂 only for writing comments.
      If I have to be very Frank, I left watching the show since the Imlie and Aryan tree house waala date scene. Maybe 2-3 months already.
      But I am attached to this forum so I check it out 4-5 times a day.
      And about entrance exams.. I gave NEET. But I performed a bit worse this time..stress you know ! I shouldn’t but I messed with formulas. Bio went the best as is the case of every medical aspirant. Surprisingly chemistry was bad for me 😂.
      I thought one try will get me the best seat next time provided I was somewhere in the edge of cracking a good seat. So I went ahead with drop and I am doing well.
      I will be the college student next year 😄

    7. Shri, sweetie🤗, thanks for your warm welcome:)

      About NEET, I think you made the right decision
      …well… not that you need my confirmation 😆😁😄…

      Sometimes it’s better to wait a bit, than beginning smth half-heartedly.
      Unless you don’t have a choice, but thank God you seem to have one. Thanks also to the support of your dear parents🙏
      Important is not to lose sight of your goal.
      But don’t forget to consider this year as a gift.

      Many make this decision because they don’t know exactly what they want. But you know it. This is your advantage.
      This year could be very eventful, maybe the best so far. So enjoy it because it goes by very quickly…
      Just don’t get too used to it haha😂…
      I’m quite sure, with your energy and thirst for knowledge you will achieve anything you set your mind to😊
      My fingers are tightly crossed🤞❤️

    8. And yeah we didn’t forget you. Some best old friends can never be forgotten and it’s you and few other people whose names I would never forget. This forum is my only online world 😂.
      And as for me.. I am doing quite well, healthy, got specs recently 😂.
      Hope you are all good too !
      I am feeling nostalgic remembering about you as if I had met an old friend of mine with whom I had lost contact for years. This may appear like exaggeration but frankly I was feeling lonely in this forum with none of my old companions existing in this forum anymore. So I am damn nostalgic today. Pls comment ya ! Don’t read updates if you want but pls do comment here na !

    9. About commenting… You know, being frequently in this forum, also comes with risks 😳😂. Has high addiction potential 😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫😆😆😆

      Thoughts of the forum or the show tend to pop up in the most inopportune moments🤣😂… Meeting, creative process, family time😃😄😁…

      So I think my break was very much needed;)

      But now I’m back. To get my dose of madness🤩😎. What about that😜?
      Anyway, yesterday I was a bit shocked that the series is coming to an end…

      Well, maybe not a schok 🥹, but let’s say I wasn’t happy about that🫣😉
      It kinda caused a brief dilemma… Should I say bye to this forum right now🤷‍♀️? I just said hi 😅😂…
      But I’ve decided to honor it. It’s been a part of my life for a year, it taught me so many things, including a little bit Hindi 😉😄.
      So yes, I’m gonna comment my dear, every time I’ll find a quiet moment. I’ll write long and short essays😁… maybe I’m going to annoy a few people along the way🫣🤭😅. But what can I say? This is my way of saying goodbye. Properly. I guess you’ll also be here:)…
      So… 👀 you😁

    10. @Lin
      Hiiiiii ❤ missed you sis…
      Don’t get me started on the faults I find in this serial. Just because Imlie and BALH 2 are the only Indian dramas I watch I try so hard to keep my temper in control, rationality in the dustbin and tolerate all the crap they give while trying to find a teeny tiny silver lining on the process. So far I’m at a point where I will do free brain surgeries to all the stupid writers and the production team members who approve their crap.
      Enough about that! How have you been? Your 3 month detox treated you good? 😆. I for one have been very busy with many assignments and tests these days. Finished a series of tests and assignments while having to submit another assignment on a deadly deadline soon and got the news of another incoming series of tests 🤮. Now I actually feel like a final year college student. Terrible…. 😭

    11. Ru, my darling🤗, hi 🙋‍♀️! And yes, I had enough detox time hahah😁, but also enough toxic elements on the way😅… Too bad, we cannot click all stress and negativity away… like tv shows😜😄… But it’s OK… We can then cherish the beautiful moments all the more 😊… I hope your tests went well. And I wish the best of luck for those yet to come🤞, so that at least your hard work pays off one day😊🙏
      So.. what else… I’ve had a bit more free time in the past few weeks, luckily. Been traveling a bit. Finally there was a similar feeling as before the pandemic, despite a few restrictions…
      And about “Imlie” again🥴… I was planning to spend more time on this forum starting next week and also doing some binge-reading🤣😂 … But I got a bit disheartened since I found out that the show is about to end… Forget about binge reading 😵‍💫… in fact I tried not to think about it at all
      for the rest of the evening😌… Didn’t quite work😂… It’s true, we all saw that coming, but still I kinda have mixed feeling about it 🙂🙃…

    12. @Ru…your description indeed shows you are a lot frustrated.
      I mean this can be called the levels of frustration a dedicated viewer can have. Maybe this serial did interfere a lot with my rational thinking like you do..but trust me I think I may have ranted about the show in my comments but I never brought it to my mind or house it 😂. May I am not same inside out. It happens most of the time with people. Now, it just appears like I was an all time timepass viewer all along 😂. And you and some others were dedicated viewers perhaps.
      Technically, now I realise I have no right to be agitated about the show as I was never a true fan except that I praised few actors for their acting skills.
      Yeah as you let’s just forget about it.
      This show is really not deserving enough except for the cast maybe !
      Actually what are you studing indicating your final year in college. Just curious

    13. @Shri
      Lol 🤣🤣🤣
      I don’t know whether I’m a dedicated viewer or not. But what I do know is they ruined this with many times where there could be remarkable turning points. This had so much potential. I am an Arylie fan but when they got married, I honestly didn’t want them to be married. I wanted newly single Imlie to solve Arvind’s case and focus on her studies and career. Then little by little she and Aryan could have fallen in love… get married to each other so happily with all the functions… inside all that BD can create so drama… after they are married they could show some issues that young wives who are studying and working face and how they solve them… some cute office romance… a beautiful track where the both visit Meethi in PGD and Aryan and Imlie enjoy a bit of village life without any drama like Atank and all… Aryan facing crisis in business and his lovely wife support him… my list of possibilities are endless. But what did we actually got? These production people hates to leave the female lead unmarried for at least couple of months. Their hurry to make the girl a “married woman” and add saas bahu drama and “khush kabri/happy news” in order to “spice up” everything got us here.
      Honestly I love all these actors acting. Even loud Blue Kaki. I hope they will find a good project in the future that won’t turn bad.
      Sooo…. about college, I’m a Law student. It’s been crazy for the past 3 years. But this year tops it. I’m even losing my weight and hair when I think about the amount of work I have to finish 🤣🤣🤣.
      What do you plan to study in college?

    14. What can a NEET Aspirant aspire ? 😂
      To get into MBBS so that we live to remain busy 😂😆.
      Kehte jaun tho I want to do MBBS + MS + MCh. That is 5.5 (roughly 6) + 3 + 2 years = 10.5 years. Iska bharosa bhi nahi hai ki saare ek attempt mein crack ho jaye. Iss baar hi edge mein miss ho gayi that’s one year wasted.
      If my aim was running after money maybe I will really regret the loss of this one year.
      But my aim is solely to be busy all life.. like doing something adventurous and consistent at the same time. Money is not really my aim kyunki kamaane ke abh hazaaron tareeke hain.. jee chaha karne ka is the main aim. Because I know one thing I can’t possibly sit idle..and many times I can’t even figure what to do if I am given 1 day full chutti jis din padhayi aur future ke alawa kuch bhi kar sakhein…maybe 1 or 2 hours I will binge watch something. And for 2-3 hours maybe write a story or work upon my writing skills. But uske baad I will be clueless. I will beg my challenger to give back the books to me getting terribly bored and clueless what else to do 😂. This may seem exaggeration but only I know how I struggle when I go to my natives. If I take out my books and read…my relatives will give me a nasty look as I go to natives maybe once in a year or two. Usmein bhi mein padne lagi tho I will be the aim of their taunts 😂. Chote mote kaam tho mujhe karne nahi denge woh logh because at my relatives I am like some VIP kid getting pampered. And phone pakarkar baith bhi nahi sakte…because my inner self won’t agree to watch phone after visiting them like after a decade. And pehli baat maa papa ko phone mein calls uthane se fursat mill Jaye. Din bhar baatein bhi kar nahi sakte kyunki maa papa ko bhi unse baatein karni hoti hai 😂. And I am like – plucking my hair out from the head in frustration and boredom ki karu kya 😅😂. Mere age ke ya chote bacche bhi nahi hai fam mein kyunki main hi hu un sabh mein se ikloti choti bacchi 😂. Chote bacche koi aaye bhi tho I will be like how much messy they are with things like touching every thing and hanging on to my lehanga. That annoys me really 😂. And karun bhi tho kya ? My choti niece is like – I will show you my love towards you. And I am like – Arre yaar koi tho aao. Koi tho iss bacchi ke saath chipak jao ki mujhe chutkaara mile 😂.
      Then I realise I am best made for my sweet home and with my beautiful books over my hands 😂.
      That suits me more 😂!

    15. Lol I didn’t know the meaning of NEET. You see I’m not an indian so I’m not very familiar with your education system and some acronyms. Even hindi is not one of my languages and no one in the family knows it. Everything I learned was from watching dramas while reading subtitles. I understood all the hindi in your comment without a problem. Now just because I said I learned from watching dramas doesn’t mean I waste my time on them 🤣. I’m just a curious learner how likes to know many things. So now I can proudly say I can even have a small conversation in hindi 😊. I can’t read and write though. One day I’ll learn that too.
      And you my dear enjoy your freedom while drowning in boredom while you can. It’s not gonna last very long. Have fun live your life but not too much. Try to finish your exams in one go. Not because of money but to gain that satisfaction of finishing one more year of studying something you love. Even some of my friends aren’t in the same batch with me because they didn’t crack the exam in one go. So don’t even think about wasting years. Carry on your with your positive attitude. You can do this just fine. I know you can!! 🤗😘 Cheers to the wonderful future ahead.

    16. @Ru, are you an NRI ? As you said none of your family members know Hindi much, by that I guess either you are maybe a South Indian or maybe you are born and brought up abroad and not an Indian.
      Either way…what does it matter ? 😂
      It’s like unity in diversity.
      Following ours and respecting others diversity! – as Abdul Kalam believed.
      But yeah if you aren’t an Indian that would surprise me more because you yearn to learn Hindi. Because nowadays Indians pose like people in abroad while others all around respect our future and language and renounce their life style to visit India once 😂.

      I guess I must learn Marathi the same way you hope to learn Hindi someday. My case is bit different because I live among Maharashtrians yet all of them speak in Hindi that I never got any chance to learn Marathi.

      And about Indian Education System.
      Same way as you said – “Don’t get me started about Imlie show” 😂.. I am the same about Indian Education system. You know it’s just a sham. Reserved ones get big posts or opportunities here rather than deserved ones. Anything else I may say about.. will only remove my patriotism for the country 😂.a

    17. No Srhi I’m not any form of Indian. No NRI, no south Indian. I’m Sri Lankan ❤ through and through. So is my whole family. That’s why no one knows the hindi. I love my country but I like to learn different languages and cultures too. Nowadays whenever I watch something in hindi without subtitles my mom stare at me like “How on earth do you understand what they say??” 🤣. It’s quite funny to see her with that expression. It’s so interesting how all of us are humans yet so different with cultural values and all. My favourite parts about different countries are the FOOD 😉 and languages. I wanna learn Korean like I have learned hindi 😜. Next would be Italian and French. Those are gonna be more than hard. I wanna learn Tamil too. I used to learn Tamil a bit back in the school so I can read and write Tamil wonderfully but I don’t understand anything 😅. Must work on that. But I don’t know to what extent watching drama would help with this since I don’t enjoy watching entertainment in Tamil much. Must figure out a way.
      And about education systems… oh what can I say? Just like you said. It must be a problem in many countries to treat deserved ones undeservingly. Pretty much same here.

  7. The show has become so boring. The character Aryan is now spoilt to the core. All male leads in star plus have become a laughing stock. When will the track of malini plotting will come to an end. So Boring.

  8. Oh dear 😅 I just watched the yesterday’s episode😶… I had dropped the idea of ​​reading previous updates… I thought it wouldn’t be worth it as the series ends soon… Maybe I’d get an idea about the recent events🤔, if I just watch the current episode, it can’t be that difficult😅🤣🤣😂… Well I guess, reading past updates won’t be avoidable… But before I do that, I need a bit of orientation🧭😅:
    The two kids… The boy seems to be Arpita’s son.
    I’m a bit confused about the girl, though🤔…
    And why is Imlie back in this attire again? In fact both mother and daughter same… Though the little girl looks cute but still🤷‍♀️…??? What happened? Did Jyotti manage to separate the two? Does he still think the child is from Madav?
    And what the hell is Malini doing at BT?
    Is this a parallel universe or smth🥹😅🤣 ?
    …Somebody give me a quick update, plz🙏?

  9. The little girl is Malini‘s daughter???!!!
    Are you kidding me😳🤦‍♀️??? So, she was pregnant indeed?

    OK, now I’m even more confused 😶😶😶…
    Good night 😴

    1. @Lin..yes, the little girl is Malini’s daughter.
      Imlie left Aditya after all that but ensured he didn’t go back to Malini. He went abroad.
      Malini was pregnant but didn’t want the baby after being abandoned by Aditya so left baby on temple steps.
      Imlie married Aryan 5mins after leaving Aditya, forced by Meethi by emotional blackmail.
      Imlie too got pregnant but didn’t take care as too busy rushing around doing exposes and not listening to Aryan.
      After miscarriage, Imlie left Aryan and went to pray at temple, heard baby crying and took her to her village and has brought her up as her duplicate, complete with tribal tattoo.
      Cheeni faced abuse in village same as Imlie as no father around, stupid Imlie.
      Cheeni hid in Aryan’s car and ended up in city.
      Imlie followed and has started her drama of exposing etc.
      Aryan fell apart after Imlie left and let BT times go to pot, Malini bought 50% share.
      Imlie been in village 5 years, never apologised to anyone. Made Cheeni her world.
      Now Imlie back in City and going to save BT, 5 years she didn’t give a hoot about Aryan, now she’s taking over! Where’s the logic?

    2. Logic? What is that? 🤣🤣🤣
      @Kally, thanks dear🤗! Have a good night🌝!

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