Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st October 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1st October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naitik and Akshara taking Naman and Karishma to talk. Muskaan asks Devyaani not to worry. Naitik asks Naman to think again. Akshara says elders did not scold you, why do you talk like this in anger, Naman says you all planned to punish us. Naman says we love each other. Naitik says whats problem to make it official. Karishma says its too early. Naman asks whose problem is this by oir relation, whose idea was it. Akshara says we want to help you. Naman says then they will decide kids name too. Naitik says everything will happen with time. Karishma says whats the need. Akshara says you will need this more. Naitik asks whats the problem, get engaged and take time for marriage. Naman says we will discuss. Karishma says you too.

Naitik says you decide and tell elders in a good way. Naman says fine, we will talk. Rajshri worries about this matter. Kaki says Karishma came in Jasmeet’s marriage and met Naman. Jasmeet says you are saying as its my mistake. Kaki says Akshara’s inlaws and your Maayka got into this. Jasmeet says they would have met somewhere else. Kaki says we don’t blame ours. Jasmeet says don’t make me feel bad. Dadi asks them to be calm. Dadi tells Jasmeet that Kaki is not blaming you and asks Kaki not to regret on past. Varsha says lets think how will this problem end.

Naman and Karishma come to everyone and say we are ready. Everyone smile. Akshara says we knew you will understand us. Naitik thanks them. Bau ji says we will keep engagement soon. Bhabhimaa says we will do in Navratri. Poonam says we are going London and will come after 15 days. Bhabhimaa says so lets do it tomorrow. Bau ji says yes, fine, it’s a small ritual. Duggal agrees. Bau ji says you all know marriage is not just of two people, but of two families, so you can ask anything about Naman and our family. Duggal says if Karishma is happy, then its fine, and Pammi and Sethi has told us about you. Bau ji says we will talk to pandit ji and let you know. Naman and Karishma look at each other.

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Anshu comes to Jasmeet. He asks did you talk to your parents. She says no, they will make them engaged and they will not agree, we know them. She says Karishma will never marry. Jasmeet says they will make some issues, I know them. Devyaani talks to Karishma and asks is she happy. Karishma says yes, but nervous. Devyaani smiles and says even I felt this, as I did not know this will happen soon. She says I came in this house few time ago, I got love and respect here, they accepted Naman and Muskaan and will accept you also. But you have accept this family with Naman too.

She says I don’t want my family to hurt everyone. Karishma says they will not be in problem. I know your family is good, but everyone’s nature can’t be same. She says maybe I will change with time, if you expect me to change overnight, then that is not possible, so I can’t make fake promises. She leaves. Devyaani is stunned. Bhabhimaa says it will be a family function. Bau ji asks Devyaani does she have to call anyone. Devyaani says no. Bhabhimaa asks Devyaani to be happy. Bau ji says we are with you, don’t worry. Akshara asks what happened. Devyaani says nothing. Akshara says are you thinking about Naman’s dad. Bau ji asks Devyaani what does she want. Devyaani says she is unable to know. Bau ji says we will talk to him.

Devyaani apologizes to them. Bhabhimaa says she will invite everyone. Varsha says she spoke to Akshara. Vishwamber asks Anshu how was his day. Anshu says hectic. Rajshri ends the call and says everything is fine, its Karishma and Naman’s engagement tomorrow. Omi says its good. Shaurya says why so soon. Jasmeet asks how did they agree. Rajshri says yes, they agreed. Everyone is happy. Rajshri says we have to go tomorrow. Akshara and everyone select ring for Karishma. Namans ays take anything, I think she will like simple. Naitik says its special, girls like it. Akshara says yes, such chances comes once.

Naman says she does not like heavy look. Muskaan says ring will show your love. Akshara says its first official gift. Naman asks them to see. Naksh asks can I see. He says for Karishma, then I will get for Riya too. They smile. Anshu asks Jasmeet to call them and ask. Anshu calls Naman and says congrats. Jasmeet also talks and says congrats. Naman thanks them. Anshu asks how did you agree. Naman changes topic and ends the call. Jasmeet says over now, see what he said. Anshu says you call Karishma.

Karishma talks to her parents and says he won’t wear heavy clothes, jewelry and makeup. Pammi tells Sethi that she is refusing for everything. She asks Karishma to get ready well. Karishma refuses. Poonam asks her to do for Naman. Karishma says she does not like this. Pammi gets worried. Karishma goes to talk to Jasmeet. Jasmeet says congrats, we are happy for you. Karishma says she is trapped, she can cancel the engagement, I will never lose my freedom, Naman and I are not interested in commitment, we are just dating, we don’t want to discontinue, so we are agreeing, ring does not matter. Jasmeet tells Anshu that they are fooling the elders, when everyone know they are acting then……….

Naitik and Akshara hug and talk. She says you are going tomorrow. He says yes, I came for one day and stayed for two days. She says she misses him a lot. She shows the calendar. Anshu and Jasmeet talk. Jasmeet says what will everyone do when they refuse for marriage. Anshu says we should talk to them again, maybe they will realize. Akshara talks to Naksh. Naksh asks for DJ and Bhabhimaa to dance with him. Naman is not happy. Karishma comes to them in morning. Everyone is shocked seeing her. Karishma says its urgent thing to talk. Bhabhimaa asks her to come. Bau ji asks is everything fine. Karishma says what if we don’t do engagement today. They are shocked.

The pandit says the mahurat is passing. Jasmeet tells Anshu will she not come. Everyone is tensed.

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