Doli Armaanon Ki 1st October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Doli Armaanon Ki 1st October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: On the road
Urmi finds sushma’s husband arguing with a PCO owner, about not paying for a call that didnt go through, while the shopkeepr frustratedly tells him that meter ran and hence he would have to pay, whether he could talk to his son in London or not. urmi is surrised to hear this. urmi asks how can there be a bill when he didnt talk. He tells urmi that everytime he comes, he dials his son’s number in London and once the meter goes on, he doesnt respond back, and then sushma’s husband refuses to pay the bill. Urmi then pays off the money, while sushma’s husband is still confused and refuses to budge from his stance. urmi takes him away from there.

On the way, urmi is asked by sushma’s husband not to tell this to sushma as she would get upset and disturbed at it. He says that he does this without her knowledge. urmi asks why would she be upset. He then explains that their son was the apple of sushma’s eye, but then he betrayed them so badly, that she was completely shattered. Urmi asks what happened. he tells her that they looked after their son, ravi’s every need, and spent every penny of their savings in sending him to london for his further education, on his whim, but when they needed him in his old age, he changed and completely deserted them. He says that he stopped talking once he started asking for money, when he himself fell sick, and was in need of money. He says that only sushma stood by him, and they have only their house with them. He says that she was so shattered and hence she broke off all ties and relations with everyone, even humanity. He says that sushma wasnt like this, but she became completely rude and indifferent, and turned completely against her son. urmi says that she would help him out and wont even tell anything to sushma. He smiles and then blesses her thanking her. urmi smiles too.

Scene 2:
Location: Amrit’s and samrat’s residemce
amrit starts getting frustrated as aditi tells him on the phone that she is very scared, and wont be able to do this. but he keeps continuing to influence her about thinking for her unborn child, and how he would have everything, and for that she would have to do it now. He asks her to keep talking to him on the phone, and asks her to go to her mother’s room. aditi finally agrees. She opens the door stealthily, and finds that her mother is in the bathroom. amrit asks her to get in the locker and take the jewellery out. aditit asks what if shashi comes out midway. amrit is frustrated with her queires, and asks her to lock the bathroom from outside, and then get the jewellery outside. Aditi complies and then opens the safe, and tells amrit that she did so. She eyes the jewellery boxes and then takes them all, while amrit holds in anticipation over the phone. Aditi locks it back, and tells amrit that she did. He then tells her to place the key back in the bunch of keys and then silently move out, with the boxes. she complies, though being scared. She then cancels the call. amrit thinks that he finally got his way out. aditi guiltily hides the jewellery boxes in the dupatta and leaves.

Scene 3:
Location: Beautiful Flower Primary School
Samrat starts getting impatient, waiting outside for the school to get over. he gets his manager’s call reminding about his meeting with the investors. His manager asks what about his meeting, and samrat says that he is fixed somewhere and asks him to take over, but he says that the investors wont listen to him. samrat says that he would make alternate arrangements. samrat then calls diwaker at home and asks him to finalise and manage an important meeting with the investors, as he is busy. diwaker tries to talk, but samrat hurriedly asks him to go and then cancels the call. Diwaker gets frustrated and tells all of this to rudra. Rudra too expresses his frustration but asks him to let go of it, and go instead and solve whats at hand. diwaker is tensed.

Meanwhile, waiting impatiently, samrat vents out his frustration at the guard for having the school open so late. The guard starts ranting, and samrat shuts him. the guard says that he would have to wait for half an hour, and asks him to have some refreshments till then. Samrat eyes him glaringly.

Scene 4:
Location: Sushma’s residence
Urmi is about to leave to get shaurya back from school, when she finds sushma reprimanding her husband asking her where he went, as he is feeling sick ever since he came back. Sushma asks urmi where she took him and why, as she saw both of them entering together. urmi is speechless. Sushma continues to ask, while her husband asks urmi not to reveal. Just then, urmi notices that her husband has fallen down and they both attend to him, as he collapses on the floor. they both get him to get up, and somehow manage to lay him down on the sofa. He starts relaxing, while urmi rushes to get water, while sushma reprimands him for going like this. She tells sushma that maybe his BP is low. Sushma asks urmi to get his meds from the kitchen. urmi rueshedly complies. She locates the meds, and then rushes out, while sushma keeps trying to calm him down. urmi understands that sugar would calm him down and after sushma administers the meds, she also gives him the choclate, and his BP normalises. He then says that he is okay, while sushma is still tensed.

Scene 5:
Location: Beautiful Flower Primary School
Later, when the school gets over, shaurya comes outside and finds that urmi hasnt come yet. As shaurya waits for urmi, after the schoolgets over, he gets a pat, and turns around excited that its urmi, but he is shocked and tensed, when he finds samrat, smiling at him. samrat lovingly aaddresses him and then taking him in his lap, asks excitedly about his first day and then says that today he shall go with him. Shaurya refuses to go with samrat. samrat maintains his cool, and asks why wont he go with him. He says that he would go with urmi. Samrat says that he would take him to urmi, but first they have to buy him something on the occassion of his first day. Shaurya is lured by the mentions of the gift. samrat takes shaurya away and gets him in the car,while urmi oblivious to all this, arrives rushedly in the auto. When urmi comes, and finds the security guards locking the gate, she asks whats he doing, and wondering why didnt shaurya come when all the other school kids did. he says that he is locking the gate, as the school is over and all the kids have left the school, and he himself personally checked it. urmi is shocked and horrified. Urmi wonders where shaurya is. The screen freezes on her shocked face.

Precap: Urmi calls him and vents out her frustration at samrat, while he is in the office, asking how dare he try and take away shaurya from her, when he very well knows how tensed she gets when she doesnt see him, and he had the audacity to take him away without intimating her. samrat asks her to get in the habit of this now, as this would hapoen on an everyday basis. He asks her to learn to stay without shaurya, as he would stay with his father now, Samrat Singh Rathore. urmi is distraught and speechless.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  2. So dumb that samrat always gets his way

  3. I think Samrat is always getting his way now because he is digging a hole for himself: He is spending so much time chasing Urmi that his business is already suffering; He defamed his brother, who I think must find out at some point in time, therefore he would lose his brother; His sister became a thief due to her alienation when he forced her to have an abortion allowing for Amrit to be the only person that supports her with her decision to keep the child, so essentially he lost his sister; And Urmi is NEVER going back to him!!!! He IS going to lose….it is just a matter of time! I just wish it happens sooner than later though.

    1. Does anyone knows who is the the new character ( sushma son)

      1. Maybe he will end up being he one who puts sam-rat n his place..

    2. So true. But knowing the writers they will drag this for other year or 2. They have a long list to complete:
      1. Urmi, to be independent – have a job, place to stay (not a jail like room) – to become a leader to all woman in india and to help them in their struggles and be very rich and happy with Shaurya.
      2. Shaurya, to completely HATE Samrat, to grow up and always love his mother and support her
      3. Samrat, to lose everything, everyone and most of all lose all his money so he beg on the streets
      4. Shashi, to be divorced and poor (I just want this to happen so badly)
      5. Diwkar, also to be independent
      6. Urmi’s family, to support her in her every move and be happy with each other
      7. Anu, to get married/be happy with a man
      8. Sushma’s family to be happy

      Anything I missed?
      And how long do you think it will take for this to happen?

      1. In total agreement….just wished sooner than later

  4. We cann only hope guys.

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