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The Episode starts with Ranvi being angry. Veera and Baldev come to him.Veera asks what happened. Ranvi asks Baldev did he threaten the man for the land. Veera is shocked. Baldev says yes, did he complain, I will not leave him. Ranvi says he did not complain, is this the way. Baldev says he was not agreeing, she was so worried, did I go to kidnap his daughter, he took money to give the land. Ranvi says he gave permission being helpless. Baldev says then we would have been helpless. Baldev says he did this as he was not listening. Ranvi asks is this right. Baldev says yes, world works like this. Veera calms him.

Baldev says I don’t request anyone for work, so everyone take my name with respect. Ranvi asks him to return the papers. Baldev says no way, Veera’s work will stop. Ranvi says she is my sister, its my dad’s dream. Baldev says you don’t care for her. Ranvi and Baldev argue a lot. Ratan and Chai ji come and ask what happened, why are you fighting. Veera says Biji please explain them. Ranvi says Veera you chose such a guy for you, who does not value good things, he thinks he will win the world by threatening, you want to become wife of a goon?

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Gunjan comes there. Ranvi says you wanted to know what I think about this marriage, my answer is No. Veera and Baldev are shocked. Everyone look on shocked. Gunjan cries. He says he will not let Veera marry this man. Veera cries. Ranvi leaves. Baldev leaves angrily. Veera sits down crying. Ratan hugs her and asks why did this happen. Gunjan comes to Ranvi and asks why did he say no to Baldev. Ranvi says he threatens the pind, he has a way to win the world, he roams with a knife, he is not right for Veera. She says he loves Veera a lot, he feels her happiness and sadness. He says no, he is not mature, he is not good. She says they are happy together.

She says Veera also loves Baldev. He says he can see it, he is not happy hurting Veera, he is in pain, it does not mean he sees her crying forever. He says Baldev can’t be with her always, they are not made for each other. Gunjan says even Veera has flaws, they fulfill each other’s flaws. He says no more arguments. Bansuri talks to ladies and says why did Baldev get Veera. The ladies praise Veera. Baldev comes and is angry. He asks them not to gossip and leave. He ruins his room in anger. He says who is Ranvi to say I m not suitable for Veera.m

Bansuri comes and asks what happened. Baldev tells her that Ranvi rejected him. She gets glad and says really? He says he is mad. She says how dare he say this, I told you before Ranvi does not value you. He says he will marry Veera whether Ranvi says yes or no. Balwant comes and asks what happened. Bansuri says Ranvi said no. Balwant says I was happy that Veera will come in our house, but I knew Ranvi will not say yes, but its not Ranvi’s mistake, if I was in his place, even I would have not said yes. Baldev says if my family does not value me, will Ranvi value me. He gets angry and leaves. Bansuri says she will get better girl than Veera. Balwant says fine, start finding now, you will get when Baldev is 70 years old.

Veera tells Ranvi that Baldev was helping me. Ranvi says you mean his way was right. She says don’t take this decision on one thing. Ranvi says he always does this. He says you don’t see flaws in him today, but I m thinking about tomorrow, if he does any big crime, what will we do, will you say his motive was good. I don’t want you to be hurt, so I said no. Ratan comes and says then you won’t like any guy, as this fear will always be there. Ranvi says you know Baldev. Ratan defends Baldev and says he is good by heart, Veera’s love changed him. She says Baldev helped Veera as she was worried.

Ranvi says such things will make their relation bad, you are not understanding. He says its my last decision. He says if you say my decision does not matter, then make them married. Ratan says no, your decision will be final. Ranvi says I said no for this marriage. Veera cries. Gunjan pacifies Veera and asks her not to cry. Veera says Baldev and Ranvi want to see me happy and they got hurt because of me. She sees their childhood pic. Ranvi thinks in his room and sees the same pic. Baldev throws a stone and asks Veera to come down. Veera sees the time. Gunjan asks her to go, she will manage. She says Ranvi will not know, go.

Ranvi comes out of the room. They see Ranvi and are shocked. Gunjan and Veera hide. Chaiji calls Ranvi and he leaves. Gunjan asks Veera to go and come back soon, till then she will stop Ranvi. Veera asks Baldev why did he come. He says I don’t care about Ranvi, he loved Gunjan and married her, did I say anything, if I love you and want to marry, why is he coming in between, I won’t let him do this. She asks what will you do. He says I will take you, we will marry by eloping. She says what, are you mad. He lifts her and takes her. She says let me down.

He says Ranvi did not accept me, it will happen what we want. She says not we, you. He puts her down. She says he wants to run and marry, not her. She explains him that if he kidnaps her and they marry. Ranvi goes to knock Veera’s room door. Gunjan stops him and asks him to come with her. He says he has to talk to Veera. She says I think she slept. He says yes, light is off. She says lets go, I will talk to you. She thinks Veera come back soon. Veera tells Baldev to go home, we will talk tomorrow, if anyone see us, it will be an issue. He holds her hand and looks at her.

Baldev tells Veera that he wants to take her. She says Ranvi will not agree. He gets annoyed and says I feel you don’t love me, you can do anything for me or not?

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