Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 19th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshara and Naitik talking about Naman and Muskaan. Naitik thanks her for taking care of all his problems. He hugs her. She says when we hug, the body responds well, and the heart beats faster. Naitik says love is practical, I want a hug. She hugs him. Naksh comes to them. She asks what are you hiding. He says toy gun. She asks whats all this colors and tape. He leaves. Naitik says don’t let him watch tv, he says many dialogues. Naman packs his bag. Muskaan asks shall we make something for mom. They start making a hand made gift. Naman says mum will be very happy seeing this, but I can’t see her now. He gets sad.

She says even me too, I will send this with someone, from our side. Muskaan talks to Jasmeet. Jasmeet asks her to come and stay at her home. Muskaan says I won’t come, but you have to lie to everyone that I m staying with you. Jasmeet agrees and says call me if you need anything. Naman says I don’t want to leave you alone here. She says we have to go in different directions one day. He says you are really growing. She says don’t tell anything to mum, she will be tensed. I will take Anshu and Jasmeet’s help if I need. He says fine.

Naitik comes to Naksh and sees Happy Mother’s Day gift in his bed. He smiles and looks at Maa’s photo. He says Happy Mothers Day Maa. Its morning, Naitik sits at the stairs. Bhabhimaa asks why did you wake up so early today. Naitik hugs her and wishes her happy mothers day. Akshara comes to them. Naitik gifts her and takes her blessings. Akshara too wishes her and hugs her. Bhabhimaa says Maa used to celebrate this every year. Devyaani comes there.

Naitik says I will get ready and leaves. Akshara wishes her and hugs. She says from all of us. She asks did Naman and Muskaan wish you. Devyaani says no. Akshara says they might give you a surprise. Devyaani says its my first mothers day after so many years. Akshara is happy with Naksh’s result. Nandini says Yash had average result. Ananya comes first. Yash tells Naksh that we will study hard and come first like Ananya.

Naman and Muskaan call Devyaani and wish her happy mothers day. Muskaan says thanks to you that we got to celebrate this day. Devyaani says I was waiting for you. Devyaani says I m busy now, guests are coming. Muskaan asks can’t you come now. Devyaani says I will come in evening. Naman says we will meet tomorrow. Muskaan does not end the call and Devyaani hears Muskaan saying that Naman is going by bus. Devyaani gets tensed and says I should ask them. The kids come with everyone and Bhabhimaa asks the results. Naitik says everyone passed.

Devyaani tells Akshara that I think Naman is going somewhere, he did not tell me, but I heard it, don’t know Muskaan is going with him or not. Akshara says go and meet them. Devyaani says we have guests. Akshara says its mothers day, you go. Bhabhimaa syas go. Devyaani smiles and hugs her. She leaves to meet Naman and Muskaan. Devyaani prays that she can meet her children. Naksh, Yash and Ananya show their gifts and cards. Akshara is very happy with Naksh. Everyone smile. Naksh hugs Akshara.

Naman says I m leaving now, you take care. Muskaan hugs him. Devyaani comes to meet Naman and Muskaan. They get happy seeing her and hug her. He asks how do you know we are here. Naksh apologizes to Akshara for hurting her. Akshara says no, I love you. Naksh says I love you too and hugs her. Devyaani says she is not angry on them. Muskaan lies to Devyaani and says I will stay with Jasmeet, I promised her. Devyaani smiles. Naman and Muskaan give her the gift wishing her happy mothers day.

She likes the gift and laughs. She thanks them. Devyaani asks Naman to take care and not worry about Muskaan. Naman leaves. Muskaan says I will go home, you should go as you have guests at home. Devyaani says its good Jasmeet came, call me if you need anything. She leaves. Devyaani comes home with her gift. Everyone see her. Chikki sends a letter for Bhabhimaa. Muskaan talks to Jasmeet on the road and some goons tease her. They know that Naman left and think to meet Muskaan.Devyaani looks on as Yash says Devyaani did not get a card from Chikki.

Nandini says its good Naman and Muskaan left. Rashmi says yes. Devyaani hears them and is hurt. Akshara sees her and is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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