Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 19th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 19th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Pihu coming to Khush’s room and tells him that Priya got consciousness. Khush gets happy. She says, I too got consciousness. She asks him to handle the business as it is not her cup of tea. She reminiscence their childhood days. Khush says, you are right. We shouldn’t spoil our relation. Pihu hugs Khush. She asks him to apologize to Suhani on her behalf. Khush asks, why me. Pihu says, please do it. Khush says ok. He asks, how you will make Priya angel agree? Pihu says, I will make everything fine. They reminiscence their old days.

Pihu tells Priya, how we will bring Papa out. Khush says, we have to do that somehow. Priya asks Pihu, do you trust Papa. Pihu says, yes. He won’t take Sammy’s life who was my life. Khush says, from where we will get the proofs. Priya says, we have to get everything normal like before. She says, everybody should think we don’t talk to each other. She says, second thing is……which is muted for the viewers. She says, I hope I am doing the right thing. Khush says, you are right.

Pihu comes to Juhi. Juhi asks, how is Priya? Pihu says, she creates problems for us. Juhi is shocked. She asks her not to say like that for Priya. Pihu badmouths about Priya. Juhi tells her not to worry as she is there for her. Pihu says, I wish I would have been your daughter. Juhi thinks, I thought Pihu is going back to Priya after the accident, but I am glad it didn’t happen. She tells Pihu that she is always there with her. Pihu thinks, she hurts Priya with her words infront of Juhi maa. She feels sorry. Dadi asks Priya to eat something. Priya says, after sometime.

Khush comes and asks Priya, how are you? Priya says, I don’t believe this. Khush Kapoor is asking me about me. Khush says, you insulted me and expects me to fold my hands and stands infront of you. Mayra gets angry. Priya says, Power is attorney is speaking and not him. Khush calls for Pihu. Pihu comes and asks, what happened. Khush says, I had really enough. Everyone blamed me. Pihu asks, what do you want? Partition……Khush says, I have decided to transfer POA on your name as I don’t want anyone to blame me. I don’t need anything. Pihu says, smart decision.

Pihu checks the papers. Mayra says, I wish I don’t become like them. Mamaji asks, Pihu to drink juice. Pihu says thank you. I don’t need. Pihu says, sensible. Priya says, it is sure that someone taught something to my sensible kids. I don’t believe that they can fight for POA. She leaves. Pihu asks Juhi not to spoil her mood and says she is jealous of you. Mamaji tells Pihu to give him misscall when she needs his help.

Juhi comes to her room. Sid asks her to sign on some papers. Juhi asks, why are you in such a hurry? Everything can be ruined. Ram didn’t get punished yet. Sid says, I don’t have trust on my destiny and asks her to sign. Mamaji says, you don’t give me anything. Sid asks her to sign on those papers. Juhi says, please wait for sometime, so that everything will be perfect. Sid says, ok, but if anything happen then I won’t forgive you. Juhi thinks, she is thinking big and he is crying for small deal.

Natasha tells Priya that did you see what happened outside. She says, Bhai couldn’t see her kids fighting. Priya says, you are missing your bhai and that’s why spending time with us. Natasha says, I miss him very him. I feel close to him whenever I am here. She says, I feel weird that bhai is not here. I am glad that you are here. She asks, what happened to this kids. You said Pihu patched up with you. Priya looks around….and says listen. She says, I have to tell you something. She says, it is a plan.

Pihu searches something and gets CD and gloves in Sid’s room. She recalls Priya’s words. She brings CD and glove to Priya and says I got it from Sid uncle’s room. Priya asks her to keep it there itself. She says, he will be alert if he sees these things missing. She asks her not to come in her room often and be careful. Pihu says careful.

Priya tells Pihu that she needs some money to give to the lawyers. Pihu asks, do I look like a fool or something that I will believe you. She says, I won’t give a single penny. I know you are asking money for yourself. She says, we have suffered a lot because of you. I won’t empty my company’s accounts. Juhi smiles. Priya says, I am not asking this for personal expenses. Juhi says, I will give money to you. Sid says, let it be. Pihu says, You won’t get any money and that’s final. She goes inside. Priya looks sad. Juhi feels happiness. Priya goes.

Juhi asks Sid to be patient. Sid says, I need signatures on those papers. Juhi says, okay. I will get it, but if anything bad happens then I am not responsible. Mamaji thinks, both husband and wife are same cheaters. Juhi looks on.

Priya tells Pihu that she won’t allow her to risk further. Pihu says, I am fighting for the right. We are fighting for Papa, who has never done anything wrong with anyone.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

  1. Come on reveal the culprit soon

  2. sunitaPrajapati

    come on the culprit soon.

  3. its really tiresome, it was a very nice family story but now the story is just being kechow……….not so very interesting either , why dont u stop the serial with a good ending, that too ………………………horrible

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