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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raman and Mihir coming to Jai Kakkad’s shop to buy engagement ring. Jai welcomes them and asks them to choose. Raman says Mihir select it. Mihir says whatever you decide. I don’t know all this. Raman asks him to choose as its his engagement. Raman sees few necklaces and thinks of Ishita’s words. He goes to see some good heavy sets. The man shows him some sets. Raman says no, something heavy, Punjabi style. The man says tell me what you want, I will make it, will send your home till evening. He says tell me Madam’s likes. Raman thinks about Ishita’s bridal look and gives her description. Apni apni rahein hai…………………..plays………………..

Yeh hai mohabbatein………………..plays………….. Raman ssays are you taking my interview, did I come to get a job here. The man says I will take blue and pink set, you will like it. Mihir wears all the rings and asks the man what would you give to your wife. He chooses one taking his opinion. Shagun meets Parmeet and asks does Bhallas talk about me. Parmeet says yes, how could Raman leave such a beautiful wife and sleep peacefully. She says I heard he is lost in his typical wife’s thoughts. Parmeet says that’s maybe what you heard but he does not have any relation with his wife.

He is actually lost in your memories. Shagun says really and thinks about Raman’s words. She says his talk did not show this. Parmeet says the truth is Ishita is eyeing him, but she does have the charm that you have, Raman loves only you, Ishita’s simplicity does not have this. He says Raman is making Mihir engaged to Trisha. She says who is Trisha. He says she is Tandon’s sister. She thinks about Trisha. Ashok comes and says let him do the arrangements, we have a plan. Shagun says even I have a plan. Trisha is Tandon’s sister and Tandon is Raman’s financer. He would have invited you too. Ashok says yes, I m invited.

Shagun says yes, you are Raman’s project partner, and you have to go in engagement. He asks whats wrong, why are you eager to go. Shagun says I m eager to create some drama. Parmeet says yes, we will make them dance on salsa. She says Salsa? He says yes, he is dancing salsa with Ishita. She says I would like to see this. The man brings the blue and pink set. Raman asks do you like it. The man says yes. Raman says make it. The man says it will cost Rs 5 lakh. Raman says make it. Mihir sees him and smiles.

He says this time you bought this with heart. Not by Ruhi’s force. Raman says I did this for me. Mihir says gesture is sweet. Raman says lets go. Jai gives them Mihir’s ring and says I will send the necklace at home in evening. They leave. Vandu comes to meet Ruhi. Ruhi asks did you see my dance practice. Vandu says you are doing good. Vandu asks Ishita about Romi and Trisha. Romi comes and keeps his phone on charging. Ishita checks his phone and signs Vandu to take Ruhi. Vandu leaves with her.

Ishita says I m doing bad work. Raman comes and sees her with Romi’s phone. She says it looks like one message is there from Trisha. He says this Madrasi spy will not change. He asks what are you checking in Romi’s phone. She says I was checking model number. He says don’t lie if you can’t, what were you doing. She says actually I wanted to gift you a new mobile, so was seeing model no. He says you can only give me pain and lectures. She says you deserve a gift, as you are dancing so well. She smiles seeing him. He asks what is it. She says we have to go for rehearsals in evening, be ready. He says it looks like she came to know I don’t know Salsa, but I will show her.

He says you need dance practice, not me. He goes to his room taking Romi’s phone. She says he has ruined my plan. Raman practices salsa in his room. He says she will laugh if I fall, why did she become salsa champion, she could have learnt Bhangra. Ishita opens the door and sees him practicing. She smiles. Dil kahin rukta nahi……………….plays………….. She hides when he turns. She laughs.

Yeh hai mohabbatein…………….plays………… He says yes, I have learnt Salsa, Now I will show that madrasan the pujabi tadka salsa. He gets Jai’s call. Jai asks shall I send the set home. Raman says no, I will come and take. He says if I go to bring it, it will be an issue. He calls his employee Subramanium and asks him to pick the set. He continues practicing again.

Its night, Ishita meets Subramanium. He gives her the parcel. Ishita asks whats in this. He says a set. She says come sit. Mrs. Bhalla sees it and shows it to Simmi. She likes it a lot. Mr. Bhalla says its very costly. She says Raman may have got this for Trisha. Ishita says then why is this here. Mr. Bhalla says lets ask Raman. Raman asks Subramanium about the set. Mrs. Bhalla asks Raman this set is for whom. Raman says its marriage time, so I got this for Ishita. Mrs. Bhalla and Simmi get offended. Ishita is surprised.

Mr. Bhalla asks Raman to express. Ruhi says its very pretty, you will look princess in this. Raman goes back. Romi says Raman did great work. Ishita says yes and goes to Raman. Mr. Bhalla tells Mrs. Bhalla that finally Raman is taking care of Ishita’s happiness. She says yes, I want my son to be happy. Simmi thinks Ishita is trapping everyone, she has ruined my life, I will not let her be happy.

Raman says Ishita’s eyes will fall in bowl seeing the set. Ishita comes to Raman with the set. Raman asks her did she like it. She says does anyone do this, why did you send staff to choose it, give me receipt, I will change it, it might be around 1.5 lakh. He says what, its not madras, its about 5lakhs. She says what, this one. She does not like it. He says fine, throw it on Bala, foolish Madrasan. He leaves. Its morning, Ruhi talks to Mrs. Bhalla. Raman says you have decided everyone’s clothes, who gave this idea. Ruhi says Romi, you will wear theme clothes.

Ishita smiles and says big ideas come from films. Mrs. Bhalla orders clothes. Mihir comes. Raman jokes. Mihir asks Ishita did you like the set. She nods yes. Raman leaves. Mihir talks to Ishita and asks did you not like the set. She says its ok, if he sends office staff, this will happen and the worst part is he did not bring its receipt so I can’t change it. He asks what office staff. She says its so colorful, its total waste of money. Subramanium brought that set. He says what, Raman has specially designed that set for her, giving his three hours. Ishita is shocked.

He says you know Raman does not express. She thinks Raman heard her talking to Bala and Raman’s words. She thinks Ayyo, Raman would have felt bad as I spoke bad about the set. I have to do something. Yeh hai mohabbatein………………plays………..

Ishita asks Raman to come with him to have a coffee. Raman asks are you taking medicines properly?

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