Nadaan Parindey 19th May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Nadaan Parindey 19th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bebe talking to Dargah Baba. She says I m not crying for Sameer, but for Meher’s life. Baba says it’s the Lord who is doing this. She says Lord has to stop this game and do a miracle. He has to stop Meher from going. She prays for Meher. Baba blesses her and leaves. Its night, Meher comes to talk to Bebe and says I can’t change my decision, have food, I will come to meet you. Purab brings a girl to meet Ranveer.

He says she is Lovely singh, Ranveer’s first wife. She came to meet Ranveer, he was already married, so Sameer has stopped this marriage. He says Ranveer did not take divorce and was marrying Meher. Bebe and Meher are shocked knowing Ranveer has a child too. Lovely Singh says Ranveer was a taxi driver and cheated her too by saying he has taxi company. She says Sameer saved you, its good, else Meher’s life would have ruined. Bebe and Meher cry thinking about Sameer. Lovely says call Sameer.

Lovely says I have to thank him and I will not leave Ranveer. Meher thinks about Sameer’s words. Bebe thinks how she has slapped Sameer. Bebe says Sameer was saying the truth and I did not support him. Meher says what did we do, he has saved my life. Channi looks on. Meher says I did not trust him. He shouted that he is saying the truth and I have cursed him. Purab says he is my brother and I trusted him, I found out this woman who was searching Ranveer, you would have given a chance to Sameer to explain.

Bebe cries and says how could I make a mistake to understand my son. Purab asks Cahnni does she not know. Channi says how would I know, everyone were in Dimple’s talk. Channi says Bebe, its nor your mistake, don’t be sad. Bebe says I m a bad mum, where to find my Sameer now. She leaves. Purab talks to Meher and says will you leave Bebe in this state, look at her, she will die, you thought Sameer and I are wrong, you failed in friendship. Meher says I m so sorry Purab, I did a big mistake. She says Sameer and Bebe got separated because of me. She says don’t know where is he. Purab says don’t worry, we will make everything fine, will you support me. Meher holds his hand and says yes. Channi gets angry seeing this. Purab smiles.

Sameer eats dinner and does not like it. Ashish comes to talk to him. He says I can’t eat this, does people make so bad food. Ashish says you won’t get mum’s food outside. Sameer says he is missing Bebe. Sameer says I can’t eat this, I did not forget Bebe. Purab makes Bebe have food and holds Meher’s hand. Channi looks at them. Mama asks Bebe to eat, as it won’t solve the problem, they will find Sameer. Purab says yes. Meher says come eat. Purab says she made the food very tasty. Purab says you have to eat for my sake. Bebe eats it.

Purab asks Channi and Mama to go. Mama says yes, I m tired. He says Channi, come, Purab will take care of Bebe. Bebe cries thinking about Sameer, did he eat anything or not. She says Sameer does not eat cool roti, I always gave him hot rotis. Sameer tells the same to Ashish. Bebe misses Sameer a lot. She says he used to make reasons to eat by my hand. Purab says fine, think I m your Sameer and make me eat and Meher will make you eat. Bebe looks at him and makes him eat. Purab smiles.

Sameer eats the mess food. Sameer tells Ashish about Bebe’s Dhaba. Meher cries. Purab asks her to make Bebe eat. Bebe looks at her and eats the food. Rabba………………..plays…………………… Bebe sees Sameer in Purab. Meher cries and says I m sorry Bebe, this happened because of me. Channi imagines his and Meher’s marriage. She wakes up from her sleep and says I won’t let this happen. Mama asks what. She lies. Its morning, Nimmi talks to Mangal about Minty. Mangal talks about Meher. Nimmi gets annoyed.

Mama and Channi come to meet them. Meher tells Bebe that she will not go till Sameer comes back, now no one will cry in this house, smile. Purab looks on. Bebe says I will smile when Sameer comes back. Bebe says don’t know where he is. Bebe says don’t know how he is. Meher says lets find him, I also have a burden on my heart, I m restless, I want him to come back. Purab gets shocked and says I will bring the happiness back. Meher asks how. Purab says I know where is Sameer.

Avtar says you can’t be in army. Get lost. Sameer says I will do everything, make me an army man and responsible.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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