Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Naira and Kartik stop Shuddikaran puja

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naira calling pandit to talk to him. Naira says Baisa is amazing, sometimes you do anger on Kirti and then worry for her. Kirti greets them and says Dadi gave these things. Baisa says yes, I told her to send this from Maayka. Kirti thanks her. Baisa says I just want my Naksh to be happy, come. She asks pandit to start puja. Pandit asks them to sit. Kirti and Naksh sit and pray. Naira worries. Suwarna asks what happened, since Kirti left, I m seeing you, you look worried. Naira says yes, I have a strange feeling. Kartik pulls her cheeks and makes her smile. He leaves. Naira says I feel like something is not right. Baisa says your work is done, you go now Naksh. Naksh says I don’t have any imp work, I can stay. Rukmani asks why. Baisa says it will take time, I will take care of Kirti. Rukmani says yes, Kirti’s attention will get diverted if you stay here, go. Naksh says fine and signs Kirti. He goes. Kirti smiles.

Baisa shows the badam beads string and makes Kirti wear it in neck. Naira connects to her pandit and says I m Tina talking from Udaipur, I had to ask something. She asks what, fine. She ends call and says for Shuddikaran….

Kirti sees the pandit getting pots. Naira says I can’t let this happen. Dadi stops Naira. Naira says you know what puja Baisa is doing with Kirti, I m going to stop this puja. Dadi says you won’t do this. Naira asks do you know. Dadi says yes. Naira says even then you are… Dadi nods. They cry.

Pandit asks Baisa to make Kirti take Sankalp. Baisa says Kirti, forgetting your past, my Naksh and family decided to make you bahu, you have duty to do something, just recite what pandit tells now, its your Shuddikaran puja. Kirti gets shocked. Baisa says you will get pure and suitable for Naksh, this has your life’s happiness too, your Dadi also knows this. Kirti looks on. Naira says Dadi, how did you let Kirti go. Kirti recalls Dadi’s words and cries. Kirti messages Naksh and keeps phone aside. Naksh stops the car and reads message…..Shuddikaran…. if you want this, I m ready for your happiness.

Naira and Kartik ask Dadi why she agreed. Dadi says just for Kirti, else she would have heard taunts all life. Naira says none can decide who is pure and who is impure, we won’t let this puja happen. Dadi says don’t stop this puja. Naira and Kartik leave. Naksh takes uturn and goes to temple. Suwarna takes phone from Dadi. She says don’t do this, you can punish me, I won’t let this happen with my daughter, just think as a woman once, is this true. Dadi cries.

Baisa asks Kirti to sit on the stool. Baisa holds her hand. Kirti doesn’t sit. Pandit says you said you took permission from girl, she is refusing now. Baisa says you promised to do anything for Naksh’s happiness, your first marriage did not stay, save this marriage. Kirti gets sad and sits. Naira asks Kartik to drive faster. Kartik holds her hand. Naira cries. Pandit starts rituals. He asks Baisa to pour Shuddikaran water over Kirti. Baisa takes the pot. Kirti thinks of Aditya’s words. Baisa pours water. Kartik keeps his hand over Kirti’s head. Naira pushes the pot. Naksh also comes and gets shocked. Kirti cries and says Kartik…..

Kartik and Naksh make her get up. Kartik tears the badam string. Naira asks Baisa how can she think to do Kirti’s shuddikaran puja, who said she is impure, who gave her right to insult Kirti, who can decide who is pure and who is impure, chanting four mantra and making one bath from pot water, how can anyone get pure if his heart is bad, if this is way to wash impurity, the world would have been pure, purity is of thoughts and feelings, Kirti’s heart is pure. She throws the pots. She says I m very upset that you did this being a woman, you didn’t understand her pain, you have made her past a stain, you acted to wash the stain. Kartik says you always had problem with Kirti, you refuse to your family, you have no right to insult my sister this way. Naksh says we all have no way to hurt Kirti, you did much bad, you have given proof of your impure thinking and insulted entire family. He apologizes to Kirti, Naira and Kartik. They cry. Kartik says control yourself Naksh. Naksh says please take Kirti home. Kartik and Naira take Kirti home. Naksh says we shall go home, one decision will happen even there.

Devyaani tells Naitik and everyone that Baisa has taken Kirti for Shuddikaran puja. They all get shocked. Rajshri says it means all that worry and love was a drama. Naitik says we shall go there and stop Baisa. Devyaani says no need, Kartik and Naira took Kirti home, Naksh is getting Baisa home. Bhabhimaa says if Dadi knows this… Devyaani says Dadi knew this and gave her approval too.

Manish and Akhilesh ask Dadi how did she let this happen, they did not worry for Kirti as Dadi worries for Kirti, was this puja needed, does she think Kirti is impure. Naira and Kartik get Kirti home. Manish hugs Kirti. Dadi cries. She goes to Kirti and apologizes. Dadi says I know you got much hurt. Kirti says you have hurt me, when a dear person does such, heart gets hurt more than body.

Dadi asks Kirti to forgive her. Kirti, Manish and Kartik go. Naira sees Dadi crying.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. As usual fir se naira Ko great prove kr hi diya CVS diya..hats off to CVS.. just irritating day by day .. how can she talk to her elders like this.. who talks like this or rather shout on elders..

    1. Kaina1

      dude they are kaira the grt dadi goenka kuch galat kare toh voh badi hai baisa kush galat kare toh she is wrong she so orthodox

    2. Kaina1

      double faced ppl

    3. Tum kya tape recorder ho? Agar tumhe pas and NHi hai to apni muh band karke chale Jao. Yeh serial mein Akshara ke bad Naira heroin hai aur usi ko dikathey. Tumhe problem hain tho cmmnt mat Karo.. hum kaira ka fans hain …

    4. Even we were kaira’s fans.! But now bcoz of her over acting in everything we dislike Naira.! Ua great Naira has started to shout on this the way to treat with elders? She can say patiently also na..But Noo she shouted n u r supporting her?? I know she is a lead actress but it doesn’t mean that others should get sidelined… Even in Naksh’s marriage function he is getting sidelined..only Kaira mahan r shown each n Everytime..that’s what we don’t want…Naksh should also get equal screen space.. Atleast they should show some scenes of Naksh..But they r showing only kaira lots of d time.. I really didn’t liked the way she shouted at bua dadi…Don’t know where her manners went away..Just to make Dadi n keerti happy she can’t shout like that at bua dadi..After becoming Goenka’s bahu she too has become like Goenka’s…Don’t she remember akshara’s upbringing now?? I’m against her for this….Baisa’s intention is not wrong! Atleast ek bar pooch toh leti unse..par nahii…..It’s irritating nowadays!! Sorry if I behaved rudely but my intention was not to hurt u!

      About kaina,She is a loyal viewer of this show from the beginning so pls don’t talk to her like this..She knows everything n she is right…

    5. You are absolutely right RAF.

    6. Kaina1

      oh dear raf you dont know how happy i am to see u dear and guess what my happiness has increased by i guess infinte folds after seeing your reply believe me dude i am so happy to have a friend like you you are a true gem dear . SHINE BRIGHTEST
      and dear elsa listen when it was kayu v/s kaira we all supported kaira but know makers have crossed all the limits of kaira the great mythe an btw your mannerless way of reply to my comment which wasnt even directed at you shows that you are a naira fan
      an raf dear i am so so happy i think i need not to even worry abt such ppl when i have frnds like you

    7. Kaina1


  2. Its hell irritating now.. Bhyi kartik aur naira aa rhe h to wo khade ho k tamasha kaise dekh skte h.. Bhle hi naksh khade ho k tamasha dekh le. It truly said overdose of anything is not good.. I used to like kaira so much. It was like a fairytale.. But now i’m totally pissed off.. I thought it would be naksh who’ll stop thd puja bt no it has to be the great kaira.. What the f*ck.. When dadi was doing some sort of puja then it was kartik who stopped her not naksh so why it couldn’t be naksh when it comes to kirti.. It’s just matter of 2-3 days.. If they’re not gonna change storyline if focus is not shifted to keesh i’m not gonna watch this shit.

    1. Kaina1

      bahi abhi toh shuruat hai aagaye aagaye dekho they will irritate you so much that ur blood will boil

  3. Sachu

    What the hell ? Again Kaira became great!!!! How nice it d have been to watch if Naksh stopped the shudhikaran and gave respect to Keerthi but no then how ll Kaira be potrayed mahan. Iam just fed up….
    Now everyone ll attack baisa. I agree her thinking is small. But Goenkas have no right to speak against her when they themselves believe in all such things.
    Now everyone ll be angry with dadi bt no worries our Naira the super women ll swing her magic wand n everything ll be fine soon.
    Iam really upset so not able to comment much byee for now guys tc all

    1. Kaina1

      sachu just read my rant first my blood is boiling out after todays episode partiality ki had par kar di cvs
      baisa thinking isnt as small as goenkas who search for subh mahurat every now and then

  4. Kaina1

    Worst episode
    Hello guys I hope everyone is going great
    Guys I really don’t know about you but really after watching todays episode my only wish is to SLAP NAIRA LEFT RIGHT CENTER I mean IS IT REALLY NECCESARY FOR KAIRA TO POKE THEIR NOSE IN EVERYTHING???? I MEAN SERIOUSLY NOT ONCE IN WHOLE EPISODE DID BAISA FOR ONCE CALLED KEERTI ASUDH ALL SHE TOLD HER WAS THAT THIS PUJA IS SO THAT HER PAST LIFE DOSENT INTERFER WITH PRESENT AND GUESS WHAT SHE WAS LETS SAY FOR SHOW OFF ONLY BUT WAS EXTREMLY SWEET AND KIND TO HER dadi goenka even for show off is never like what baisa was today. baisa just did sudhikaran puja and keerti,naksh,naitik,goenkas,naira,karthik,shinghaniyas every1 themselves started considering keerti asudh it means their thinking is bad not baisa becoz for once she didn’t told anyone that keerti is impure she just did that sudhikaran becoz of keesh happy married life she herself was not happy but she did it keeping everything aside so that keesh has happy married life not for once did she taunted keerti on her past life even in sawan millni she didn’t taunted her it was dadi goenka who took wrong meaning of her words then when naira took the relation talks of keesh to shinghaniyas house that time firstly dadi goenka was wrong was that the way you send you relation to someone ?? and the karthik misbehaved with , then after naksh got alright at that time to karthik rudely told her not to talk about his sister like that then when every one was wishing naksh happy engagement then too she said those word mistakenly but at that time also karthik showed his mahan side and this time to she is not wishing any1 ill she is just wishing every1 good keesh good and this time to she is mistaken
    And dear naira give me the phone number of that who just by listening to you description of mala gave you the correct answer here in my city not a single pandit looking at kundali can tell you your problem and here we have our naira’s pandit who just by a phone call description told her about pooja
    And karthik who the hell you think you are you in today episode claim that you didnt told anything to baisa when she told things against keerti you didn’t told anything to her oh dear karthik are you suffering from partial memory loss becoz you forgot how rudely you talked to baisa and left shinghaniya sadan when naira and baisa were talking and then after naksh got alright you misbehaved with her then on engagement day you again created a scene and here you are saying you didn’t told her anything oh really now do me a favour you along with naira GTH

    Keerthi for god sake tell me how was ur flashback even concerned with todays situation instead she was accepting you I really don’t concern about you your today behavior showed that baisa is correct naksh deserve better then you I mean you are so weak something happen and you start crying aditya ki itni yaad aati hai tumhe how will you manage shinghaniya saadan ?? shinghniyas need some1 like akshara who can become their spine like akshara was

    1. Don’t Kaira have any career or job? All the time they are either romancing or are wandering around poking their nose here and there. Office ? Dance academy?

    2. Kaina1

      yaar i have been fed up mat pucho all the time manish akhilesh are at home kaira romancing ab dance acadmy or office who take of these things i mean seriously cvs show anything to so kaira great

    3. Ponkuri

      Sis Kaina pls calm dwn… Its no good for ur health to be boiling?

      You said everything so into my heart☺ wat Naira said may be right no one can purify others BUT Naira dun hve to shout n throw the pot!!! And it so True that watever Baisa is doing is for the Good of Naksh n Keerti why can’t Naira understand?! She is ur Elder no matter wat!!! Like wat Kaina said she is bias towards her Karthik family now! Why? Is Naksh not ur family? Did u spare a thought for Naksh? Naira might be younger generation but if u followed family culture n followed pujas rituals all tisi time
      show that u do believe in pujas rituals.. so if Baisa as older generation believed this puja is for the Good of Keesh… why r u so angry.. can’t u stand in Baisa POV? she doesn’t deserve to be treated this way when wat she is doing is for the good of ur bro n sis in law!!! Naira u hve become like Goenkas aftr ur married to Karthik u becomes one of them even character wise!!! ? Sis Kaina n Anjana ur always right to the point! Hope Singhanias dun give Baisa a hard time when she is back home!! I really feel for her?

    4. Kaina1

      dont worry di i am taking full care of myself yes after seeing episode my mood get worst but then i write everything what ever comes to mind and make my mind unfilled itself from thought it got while watching the episode and then post these long long rant which i am sure are at times to much
      like some people detox themshelves by dancing some by singing
      i detox my self by writing so if i am writing its actually helping me to get over that worst mood swing which i got after watching the episode and di u are the sweetest i mean u are so worried for my health it show that you are definatly one of the kindest soul

  5. I totally agree with you all.
    Why they didn’t allow naksh to stop the Pooja. again they were unnecessarily giving importance to kaira.the way naira was going to stop Pooja was like they are going to save keerthi from some alien.

    The way naksh looks at bhaisa was far better than naira bhashn and over acting.

    Nobody said keerthi is ashud,they said it’s just for goodness.naira is the one who is saying stupidity.moreover she became goneka bahu who has no respect for others and thinking they are super heroes.

    Manish and suvarna acted well,they have shown concern with respect.

    Daadi and bhaisa feeling guilty but they never meant any of this ashudh concept.they were doing for better future.i have never seen akshara talking to anyone if she disagree then also.everytime made them understand what is right.she convinced everyone for nandini’s marriage with lots of difficulty but in a good way, not through shouting.kaira is just shouting at anyone they want.

    Karthik is right in one matter that if they don’t want this marriage they can break.bhaisa is angry only because she felt they forced the relation on naksh.

    I don’t want singanias to give bhashn to bhaisa like naira.

    1. Right. Firstly Keerti’s dadi had approved of the Pooja. Why Naira has to poke her noose? Secondly Naira’s mission is to keep dadi happy in every possible way then why is she stopping the Pooja. Esp Kirti’s wedding preparations.

      Also I think here they are trying to show nayi Soch by not encouraging the age old superstitions etc. I think. Of course there are better ways to disapprove of it.

    2. Kaina1

      Kya ghanta nayi soch inke serial me hi dadi goenka har baat pe mahurat nikal vati Hai yeh Hai nayi soch ???

  6. I don’t like the way keerthi said daadi hurts her more than Aditya.anyway Naira is there to console daadi. no one from goenka don’t have eyes to see daadi, only naira can see everything.

    1. Ponkuri

      Ur right Sis?

    2. Ponkuri

      Yes… How she can said that to her Dadi??? Did u forget wat Aditya had done to u??? Wat Dadi did is worst than Aditya??? In ur sub conscious u believed wat Aditya said to u… Or else u wouldn’t keep thinking of wat Aditya said… and why Dadi agreed to this puja is also becoz she somehow also believed Keerti is not pure…

  7. Shivaya khanna

    Guys I don’t get one think Bua Daadi whatever she did is not right not calling Keerti Ashudh but doing her shuddikaran means the same thing being girls how can we support such a thing and say that it’s for nakshs and Keertis happiness it ridiculous and when dadi said to change Nairas name naksh clearly opposed it then why can’t Karthik take a stand for his sister and the Singhania were miffed with dadi Goenka I agree on this point that Goenka have no right to say anything cause they didn’t oppose when all this happens with Naira except Swarna I feel Goenkas and dadi deserve all this the amount they troubled Naira and family and coming to focus on kaira I mean they are the lead they have led the show in the past few months and when nautilus and Akshara were there they never focussed even half on their siblings wedding how much they showing keesh as girls we should be proud of what she is doing I agree she is talking aggressively but what to do in that situation any girl would get angry it cruel what they are showing with keeri and I don’t understand yrkkh is known for strong female characters then why are they showing Keerti so weak she doesn’t need kaira and naksh to stand for her pathetic

    1. Kaina1

      dear i think you arent watching yrkkh from start
      first let me clear you other doubts
      for ex lets take a situtaion
      two boys were siting quietly in a class but class monitor right thier name on black-board as talktive student student boy A shouts on monitor and tell him to do whatever he can ,where as boy B also angry from monitor show his anger but in calm and composed way he explain him that this is wrong
      know being with all honesty people will be attract to boy B its human nature we love peace although both the boys were correct but the way both took stand for themshelves made all difference people in future will choose boy B over A becoz they will think that he lose his temperament
      know here to both naksh and karthik are correct both took the stand for thier sister againt moniter which in case with naksh-naira its dadi goenka and in case oh karthik and keerti its baisa but like boy B naksh made sure to show his oppostion but without showing any disrespect to dadi goenka but with karthik like boy A he shouted on baisa and ruely told her to cancel marriage just like boyA
      now like people every1 is with naksh becoz as they say calmness is measured by the way you react in tense situation

    2. Kaina1

      Coming to ur another point yes the mess CVS are serving us now you can consider Kaira as the lead but y naksh is not the parallel lead I mean both are akharas children and mind you ppl are way more connected to naksh than naira myr sister I would like to differ with you CVS have shown many love stories in yrkkh expect naitik and akshra for ex Yash rose ,sameer Rashmi, shaurya varsha etc etc and every story got it’s due and with keesh they are going downhill I mean two days without a scene of groom to be or the couple of moment SERIOUSLY ???? I think u forgot nandinis marriage
      Coming to ur another point

    3. Kaina1

      Coming to ur another point in which you say that naira is correct but aggressive well dear u know dhoni and virat both of them are fantastic captain and player but if u still ask abt whom I or majority of people will prefer to work under than dhoni has upper hand why because both these ppl are correct and grt but only difference is dhoni is calm where as virat is aggressive grtness lies how in tense situation u control ur anger and get something productive just like dhoni and who said strong character need to be aggressive even take example of akshara after dadaji death bhabhima even when akshara was not wrong send her to Capetown but still after she return every1 tried to explain bhabhima that she is wrong no one shouted at her they tried to explain her and see she understood whereas with baisa every1 is scolding her shouting at her and see she won’t understand

    4. Hi
      I clearly told I don’t know about this pooja so not commenting about that in previous day’s messages. I was just talking about bhaisa’s intention .in naira’ case daadi really hated her even now also, wanted to break the marriage.
      I even support Manish and suvarna today about the way of talking also.but from the start kaira is shouting at bhaisa.v liked the way naksh behaved.he got angry on daadi on many times,but not a single time shouted to daadi like this.

      Every time Naira is advising Karthik for not shouting at any one.but what she is doing.
      Not a single one here considering keerthi as ashud.even I don’t want to use that word.v will see tomorrow if she is going to console daadi what was the need of shouting at bhisa both are equally responsible.

    5. Thank u Anjana for agreeing to my comment!!

    6. True.. Shudhikaran is not a good idea.. I am not in favour of it.. I’m against kaira stopping it.. And the way they were shouting on baisa.. Isn’t she elder then them.. I have never seen naira shouting on dadi goenka like this.. So whi the hell is she shouting on baisa.. And nayi soch ka matlab yeh nahi hota ke aap apne se bado ki respect na karo.. Unhe nicha dikhao unii soch ko ashudh kaho.. Dadi goenka is not less unki soch sabse zyada ashudh h.. Bt no kaira don’t shout at her afterall she’s goenka and they both are goenka’s.. Naira should handle all the situations patiently and she should behave same with everyone.. If dadi is at fault why can’t she shout at her

    7. hey pls stop it. A person gains respect only by his/her actions and not by his/her age

    8. Tinu don’t you think it is pure hypocrisy when a show called “yeh rishta ky kehekata hai” which from day one of its launch promoted the importance of relation and shown the leads moving in their life by keeping these relation and giving them all respect suddenly show the kids shouting on elders for X reasons. That’s true respect is earned and baisa had earned it, she is old fashioned, superstitious, loud mouthed but her heart has not bad feeling for anyone and she loves her family above everything. When naksh marriage matter come up her first thought was naira’s happy married life will be touched. The naira who on multiple occasions shouted on her was still her priority. Even in keerti’s case her doings was wrong but her intention was not and it is not like kaira never did anything wrong that they can give lecture about right and wrong ( naira’s academy form was added by gayu and karthik by cheating the peon, naira misunderstanding her mother and causing her pain, guilt, grief for years, karthik misbehaving with his father and suwarna) baisa’s action is wrong from our point of view but from hers it was only for keesh happiness, even mansi and goenka’s were not insulted and forgiven for akshara’s death bcz it was not their intention so why bias has to hear so much when it was not her intention to hurt keerti. Can’t the so called samajdar nayi soch wali kids explain her calmly instead of blaming her thinking and belittling her.

    9. Kaina1

      and dear who told you that we want this sudhikaran puja or we are happy seeing it only two thing we wanted
      1) naksh stopping the puja
      2)bua dadi being treated nicely

  8. Kaina1
    you deserve it guys or dekhao kaira kaira and kaira
    i will also see how you guys manage when ur loyal viewers bid adieue to ur show like me
    you showed kaira romance in keesh engagement with all those silliest of things and now to you guys are showing kaira you forget how much audience loved naksh character now see the result

    1. Ponkuri

      Sis Kaina ?? ya they forget we hve been watching Naksh since young…. and we expect to see his wedding grand n lavish?
      At least to see him truly Happy n not sacrifices for Naira??? Coz its his life!!!

  9. i think naksh should have saved keerthi and took her back . it would have been a cute scene between them but again they wanted to show kaira mahan and brought brother and sister in law in the scene rather than her own fiance . this is quite irritating , i have stopped watching the show. if this goes on iwill stop reading updates also

    1. V all were wishing naksh in that situation,then again kaira.

    2. Kaina1

      we are all truly wishing that scenario

  10. I want baisa to ask 1 simple question from naira and her [email protected] if naira was a divorcee, will our beloved goenka’s allow their kittu to marry her…

    1. Ponkuri

      Rishnee ur right! I can bet 1000% NO WAY!!!

    2. Kaina1

      this one deserve to be a million dollor question

  11. Fenil

    Episode:- Disappointed.
    Kaira’s behaviour disappointing.
    Again Naksh sideline.
    Dadi fake tears so that Baisa became bad in everyone eyes see how she is behaving like she threaten and majboori mein usne permission diya Baisa ko.

    @Raf,I posted Twinj OS…go and more to come.

    1. Kaina1

      i was waiting for ur comment do check PM

    2. Fenil

      I missed you just now see.

  12. Fenil
    RAF,here is the link for Twinkle OS…one more to come in some days.

    1. Thank U so much bhaiya…what a coincidence na..I commented Aftr few days n at tha same time u posted an OS..Wow.. I’ll definitely read when I’ll get time..Bhaiya once again thank u so much for sending the links too…How r u now bhaiya? Sorry bro at that time I was busy..I was not even reading the updates so couldn’t ask u to take care..Hope u r fine now! Take rest bhaiya!! Thanks a lot!

    2. Sorry’s me only..Raf.,..

  13. Fenil

    Totally agree with your all comments .
    Anjana…Kaina ignores negative comments.

  14. Fenil

    I will not lie….after leap all of sudden Naitik’s dream of Dance Academy becomes Akshara’s dream just because they wanted to saw Naira’s love towards Akshara’s…’s still hurting me. I started feeling when they introduce the Goenka Family Singhanias will get sidelined.

    Then I started feeling when they gave important to Varsha in Mama bhaat rasam…that was Marvelous moment in Yrkkh….that time also Fadi was too rude for Shaurya instead of asking for his well being.

    In Aditya case she didn’t utters any words and she didn’t even thinks when she slapped NAKSH . What was his fault surf Woh Naira ki and Keerthi ki Khushi Chahta tha..

    Truly I m saying…Manish and Fadi is showering fake love so that Keerthi didn’t felt bad….which parents will think to make their daughter so soon after divorce even if boy is very sanskari like NAKSH….they r rushes like they want to get multi from Keerthi exact word Bhai dimmag mein Nahi aa raha….like jaldi see jaldi Keerthi as picha chute.

    Baisa is only concerned person towards NAKSH even Naitik’s toh disappeared somewhere…..when Baisa is doing something good Singhanias is not supporting or even not listening they are giving more important to that old lady Goenka.

    What happened to KAIRA ….I m fan of them but seeing their behaviour towards their elders I m just hating them especially towards BAISA if you forget Bua Dadi is elder than Goenka Dadi….

    In Keesh wedding ,Keesh are sideline Bhai wah kya Gazab ki wedding Hain…no phone convo scenes of Keesh….Episode start HOTA Hain KAIRA se End Bhai HOTA Hain KAIRA se.

    Akshara’s also had lead but her important never ache anyone where as Naira and KAIRA imp is aching everyone even if they r younger or elder …my mummy even said now she don’t like Naira she like Keerti. But they saw only Naira in each matters.

    No Naitik’s and his Son NaKsh scene seriously in wedding they can saw this more in every minute if they want ….Rajshree scenes with everyone except with NaKsh her beloved Chiku.

    Still I love my Yrkkh NaKsh Keesh KAIRA.

    Sorry if anyone hurts by my words.

    I m truly missing Akshara’s in her Duggu’s marriage…she has so many dreams for him.

    Now a days Writer are not able balanced two single family….there is no any particular track for Singhanias family.

  15. Fenil

    It’s Dadi not Fadi.
    Auto correction will kill me one day.

  16. KAINA…No need to thank me sissy!! Itna toh kar hi Sakti Hun na mai apni sister k liye?? Yess U need not worry as we all r here for U!! I hope u r fine..Pls ignore such things which affects ua health n take care Kaina… I’ll b with u always Kaina…Stay happy Like this always!!

  17. RAHUL BHAIYA…. Where r youuu??
    Just now heard some Bihar’s flood news…your home town is Patna na bhaiya…How is ua family members?? Hope they r very safe bro…Pls intimate us bhaiya.. I’m really worried for them…Hope everyone r fine…Pls reply me bhaiya..!!

  18. Hi everyone
    Hope all is well
    I am yet to read all the comments but this episode is the worst yet
    I have been unwell for the past few days but much better now – nothing serious, just lethargy so my mum thinks it is exhaustion as I have been doing a lot lately. Just need more test, good food, plenty liquid and more rest.
    Naira the great strike again
    I know Naira will always do things to please her in laws. From the time she exchanged the engagement rings – I knew she is a sellout. You don’t do that to your family.
    Baisa was not wrong the only thing is she hid it but considering the way she is being treated in the family then I understand her. She never said Keerti is impure she said so that she forgets all her past. In all the holy books including Islam and Christianity they have prayers for impure thoughts and to help forget bad situations that happened in life.
    They should have let Naksh stopped it because he has manners and Akshara’s true upbringing.
    I never knew that prayers can be wrong when it is not to do harm.
    And why is Keerti so weak – she herself could have stood up to Baisa in a polite way.
    Now Manish is a great father – who could not see the pain in her daughter’s eyes
    Now Kartik is a wonderful brother one who shouted at his new wife on their wedding day that she should stay out of her sisters marriage when she was trying to make him see the evilness of their in law. Hahahaha ???????????
    I will say more but I am waiting for Monday/today’s episode
    Kaina sis I haven’t read your comments yet but will do so now but I know you will be fair in your analysis and you would have said all I wanted to say but could not find the words to do so.

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