Beyhadh 18th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Judge Pronounces Maya To Be Hanged Till Death

Beyhadh 18th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jahnvi comes into witness box. Saanjh asks her to tell what she wants to. Jahnvi says Maya was mad and cruel since childhood and she thought she would change over time, but she did not. Maya killed her father Ashwin on her wedding day and tried to prove her mad after that. She reminisces hearing Ashwin’s voice in bathroom and finds tape recorder in drain pipe with Maya’s nail in it. She realizes that Maya wants to prove her mad and blame Ashwin’s murder on her. She tried to inform Arjun, but Maya pushed her from window and tried to kill her and proved her guilty in Ashwin’s murder. Court did not punish her as she could not speak or walk. She continues that Maya used to torture herself and blame Arjun instead. She then trapped Ayan in rape case when he tried to save Arjun, then she used Samay and got Prem killed, she then tried to kill Ayan, killed Vandana, she even tried to kill me many times by drowning her in water, etc. She continues that Maya has murdered many people and thought she will not be exposed by her mother, but now I am fine and does not want to risk other’s lives because of Maya, Maya is a threat for others, she wants court to give rigorous punishment to Maya and prove that any mother in the world should not feel guilty for giving birth to a girl like Maya. Saanjh thanks her and says she can go now.

Saanjh addresses judge it is proved that Maya is a big threat to the society and can go to any extent to prove her words. She will expose Maya’s biggest crime by planning her own murder and blaming it on Arjun as Arjun wanted to get rid of his mentally unstable wife. She planned everything in mental asylum and used Mansi. She goes into FB where Maya befriends Mansi and used her. She got Mansi out of mental asylum before her treatment tenure, when their thinking ends, Maya’s thinking starts. Maya bribed asylum staffed and got Mansi released. She gives Mansi’s release papers to judge and says after Mansi’s release, nobody saw her except Maya and asks Maya to tell truth now as she cannot escape. She asks Maya to tell in detail how she planned her own murder to trap Arjun, else she will tell. Maya says whatever she did was for her love. She goes into flashback where she brainwashes Mansi that they both were betrayed by their husbands, she is tired of fame and money and wants to free herself if someone takes her place, so Mansi can take her place. Mansi agrees to help her. Out of flashback, Maya says she got Mansi released from mental asylum and gave her face to Mansi via plastic surgery. She again brainwashes Mansi to wait for her phone call, until then don’t show her face to anyone. Maya continues that after killing Vandana, she called Mansi home and killed her and kept Mansi in her place to prove Arjun killed Maya.

After Maya’s confession, Saanjh requests judge to give rigorous punishment to Maya and prove that law is above all criminals and no matter how much intelligent criminal is, she/he will be punished by law. Judge says after hearing all evidences, this court proves Maya Mehrotra is a criminal and killed many people for her benefit. He counts all murders done by Maya and other crimes. He says this kind of criminal is harmful to society, so Maya Mehrotra To Be Hanged till death.

Maya announces shows new timing from next week at 8:30 p.m.

Precap: Arjun thanks Maya for releasing her. She says he cannot get out of her trap. He shows divorce papers and says thank you so much for signing these divorce papers.

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  1. Sakshi Sharma

    Kuch tho aacha hua finally

  2. Finally somethinng good maya ka game katam

  3. Nice episode.

  4. Finally…the truth came out…n Maya will be hanged to death! But…the pain in her eyes, wen c stared at Arjun in the last scene…..I felt bit of pain myself! Really feel potty on her…but unfortunately, can’t support her!

  5. Maya ka game khatm hone k bad hi suru hota hai….Maya maregi to arjun ya sanjh ko sath lekr akele nhi..

  6. Woooow look at the number of crimes worst of all is Mansi jisko kisi ke saath koi relation nahi hai!!! That’s so shocking that Maya has killed an innocent jut for a selfish motive and she says she has done that for her LOVE????? Now this is something that cannot be accepted. Let’s just agree that all she did to Arjun and Saanjh family is to fight for her love but what about Mansi????? I feel so sad for Mansi ki she trusted such a crappy b*t*h!!! And worst of all Maya doesn’t even feel guilty about anything…she still stands bold in front of the law!!!!! Well Maya’s fans will have something to defend her again!!!

  7. Will miss the serial a lot
    May’s love is sooo true

  8. Selfish husband selfish friend selfish husband family,selfish mother everyone selfish in their way to prove Maya selfish ? Lamo y jhavi didn’t protected Maya from her husband Ashwin?selfish …finally plz end the show with Maya hangs herself she needs it she trusted her husband Arjun but immature behaviour shows he s not gud enough for Maya…plz end d serial don’t want to see Arjun sannjh these two useless romance anymore..gud bye Maya

  9. wow…beyhadh finally extended..very happy for this show..if this show come 8:30..what about that show pheredar piya ki?

    1. It is shifted to 10:00 pm due to the controversies

  10. I don’t like extension plz end it soon… start season 2 wanna see old Maya..btw Arjun without Maya is nothing such a selfish guy enjoying rich life of Maya..only thing Maya wanted was Arjun but tat useless guy chosen another useless Saanjh irk to see both..plz someone bomb d court at least every one deserved to die with Maya..

  11. Lakshmi Suma Devarasetty

    Maya will win this time too

  12. hey guys
    I m new here
    actually is it true dt behayd will b ovr soon??
    nd ek deewanatha will replace it??
    plz do reply guys

    1. Ek Deewana tha????
      Not heard of it???
      Heard abt haasil

  13. nice episode

  14. read somewhere Arjun gets kidnapped????????????????
    Will maya ever pay for the wrongs shes done…..

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