Swabhimaan 18th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Naina proves Karan’s innocence before the Police

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The Episode starts with Naina telling Inspector that Sawri is lying to trap Karan. She says he helped you and you are doing this. Pushpa asks if he helped her this way, tied her in room. Sawri still wearing googles and pretends to cry. She asks Naina if she will marry Karan and have no sympathy with her. Karan says he was sympathizing with her and says people might be hating your black heart and not with your black complexion. Karan says Naina alerted me and asked me not to befriended her. Sharda asks Sawri how dare she is to blame Karan. Nirmala and Nand kishore say same thing. Sandhya also acts to support Karan and blames Sawri. Inspector calls her victim. Meghna says victim is Karan. Inspector asks her to tell clearly.

Sawri says even she got same eye infection like Karan have. She says I am not lying, Karan molested me and shows the pics. Everyone is shocked. Inspector asks if you are in these pics Karan…Karan is shocked. Nand Kishore gets angry and throws pics on Karan’s face. He asks what you were doing in those pics and is about to slap Karan. Naina stops him safeguarding Karan. Meghna says Karan is innocent. Sawri says everyone got together, who will help me get justice. Naina asks her not to cry and says hearing is still pending. She says you have shown pics and gives statement. She says now I want to tell something, and says everything is lie. Sawri says you will tell this now..

Naina says it is very difficult for a woman after going through molestation, says she pretended to be in shock and came to me before I came to mandap, she threatened me not to marry Karan so that she can marry him. Karan thinks Naina trusts him a lot. Sawri says she has given proofs and told everything, and says Nand kishore believed her. She asks do you have proofs.

Naina says she has proofs and asks Inspector for cooperation. She asks him to take Pushpa from there. She then asks Meghna to bring Sawri. Meghna says we will make you bride, and the shame will stick to your face permanently. Sandhya asks where they have taken Pushpa. Naina says you will know soon. Meghna shows the chunaris, one belongs to Chunari, and other similar chunari of Sawri. She says one chunar came from temple and other chunar from market. She covers her head with market chunar. Sawri asks what do you want to proof. Naina asks why you are worrying, you are worried. Nand kishore asks how you will prove Karan’s innocence. Meghna says just few mins and asks Vishal to call Pushpa.

Pushpa comes back and asks where is my daughter. Meghna says your daughter is among those two girls and asks her to identify her being a mum. Pushpa says it is a conspiracy to dismiss the accusation. Inspector asks them to show proofs. Kunal says if they are saying that they have proof then they have, they will not waste your time Inspector. Meghna asks Pushpa to identify Sawri. Naina and Sawri, both are seated wearing chunari. Pushpa says she can identify her from the crowd. Naina moves like Sawri. Pushpa thinks Sawri couldn’t sit in this situation also. She keeps hand on Naina. Meghna says she is Naina.

Sawri says my mum couldn’t identify me, but that doesn’t prove that Karan didn’t do that thing. Naina says it was dark, a mum couldn’t identify her daughter and says even Karan did same mistake and thought the girl is me, Naina, his would be wife, but she was Sawri, wearing similar chunar like me.

Police is taking Sawri with them. Sawri shouts and says she will tell them a big truth and will not go easily. Everyone looks on shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Jiya09

    This is really good!! Finally we will witnessing nairan marriage..?? The way Naina and Meghna proved Sawri wrong was sooo good. Splendid work by them. Nk somehow supports his son at first. And he stopped from Slapping Karan when Naina told him so really nice and at a time sad as he didn’t trust Karan that much , which he trusts Kunal. Today Karan got angry on Sawri , just loved that part!!! Wanted to see this. So finally the serial is moving back to its track!! Waiting for Meghnal and Nairan scenes

  2. But they will get to know Kunal’s truth during the wedding and again things will be bad….dono if we will get to see some good Nairan scenes atleast now or all sadness again 🙁 🙁 🙁

  3. At last that nautanki music comes to an end ,,,than sawri dat background music was irritating ,,,get lost sawri from nairan life

  4. superb episode..luvd it.naina’s trust on karan..naina nailed it tdy…perfect scenes.its gud this track will end n v get to c nairan mrge..

  5. Jeevi

    Today I juz loved the episode wat a mind blowing idea of the sisters saviri’s bolti tho bandh hogayi aaj main bahuth kush hoon itne din ke bath itna acha episode and power packed performance and dialogues
    I need to say that meghna s a very good sister and the family’s trust on karan s unbeatable
    Cumng to saviri’s drama she has tried her best but she couldn’t separate nairan tat s the power of love
    And I saw a spoiler that kunal’s birth truth will be unveiled after the completion of nairan’s marriage and NK will not accept him and in the segment I saw sahil telling something lyk saviri’s marriage with him wich I couldn’t get
    Anyone plz clarify it for me here s the link

    1. Hi Jeevi! I just watched the video! In the video, Sahil was saying that after Nand Kishore gets to know about Kunal not being his son, he will tell Kunal to prove himself to be a Chauhan. During Meghnal’s wedding, Nand Kishore had kept a condition that Naina should get married to Karan if she wants Meghna to get married to Kunal. Sahil was saying that after Nand Kishore gets to know about him not being a Chauhan, NK tells him to prove himself to be a Chauhan. NK puts forth a condition that Kunal should marry Sawri. However Sahil said that it isn’t confirmed yet.

  6. Lokesh

    Gud episode

  7. Lokesh

    Loved all scenes

  8. Nice episode…wow finally my favourite couple nairan will be together.??

  9. Awesome episode.

  10. Lovely episode! ?
    I just hate NK so much! He didn’t believe Karan! He was going to slap Karan? Seriously! Spoilers indicate Sawri will get angry because her plan failed and will attack Kunal with a knife. NK will get hyper and order the policeman to arrest Sawri and her mother not because she accused Karan of molestation but because Sawri attacked Kunal. Even I saw the spoiler, Jeevi, after Nairan marriage when NK gets to know Kunal is not his son he will refuse to accept Kunal. What kind of a father is he? Naina and Meghna proved Karan innocent today! That was amazing! Naina’s trust on Karan was extremely overwhelming. I was extremely happy to see Karan shouting at Sawri. I just wish he had slapped her as well!

  11. Naina Meghan are management and I I t graduates I have dout such highly educated women lost in emotional drama I’m forgetting they are I I m I I t graduate s

  12. Jeevi

    Tnq Naina0411 I also hate NK he s not a good father either for kunal or karan anyway the upcoming drama will be very interesting I am so excited

  13. Jeevi

    I also hate NK Naina0411 and I got cleared tnq
    NK s not a good father either for kunal or karan anyway the upcoming drama will be very interesting I am so excited

  14. Jeevi

    Sry 4 the repeated comments juz a misunderstanding

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