Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th October 2014 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the ladies breaking their fasts by their husband’s hand. Reet ye dilon ki……………….plays……………Akshara and Naitik have few romantic moments. He brings her to a candle light dinner. Pyaar hai tujhpe aaraha………………….plays…………….They make each other have the food and smile. They dance and hug. Akshara comes out of her imagination as Naitik kisses her. She smiles. Akshara prays for Naitik’s long life, even when she did not keep the fast. Mohit asks Nandini to sign on the FD. Rukmani asks him to keep it on Nandini’s name, and remove Yash’s name, as he is a kid. Mohit says when Yash grows up, he would like to study abroad, so I m saving for him.

Rukmani asks him to think about the coming baby and save for him. She leaves. Nandini gets upset and says why did Maa say this,. Mohit says Maa is not thinking about Yash these days, but you don’t worry, Yash will be as before for us. Akshara gets a ring in her room and wears it smiling. Naitik comes to her and hugs her. She says why this gift when I did not keep the fast. He says its not a deal to take gift when you keep the fast. They smile. Naman plays with Naksh. Everyone has a talk. Chitti says Bhabhimaa is not in her room. Everyone try to find her.

Anshu tells Jasmeet did good arrangements. Everyone agree. Rajshri says we celebrated this because of her. Varsha says Ananya’s exams are coming, so I m tensed. Akshara brings Bhabhimaa and says we got her, she was hiding in guest room. Dadda ji asks her to go for operation. Everyone give her strength. Naitik asks Naksh to come. Naksh asks why is he taking him. Naitik says he can support Bhabhimaa. Akshara says let him be at home, Muskaan and Devyaani will take care. Naitik asks Muskaan to look after Naksh.

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They take Bhabhimaa and leave. Dadda ji worries for Bhabhimaa, and Naksh teases him. Shaurya tells about sales and exhibition. Varsha says we all will come. Vishwamber is glad and asks them to come. The ladies say they get tired as there is no helper. Shaurya says tell us, we will get someone. Rajshri says yes, send someone, our bahus help us, but they have responsibilities too. Anshu says fine, we will keep someone. Shaurya says I will talk to some people today. Ananya talks to Nakdh and Yash on phone.

Naksh says Papa is stopping me for everything these days. Naitik asks Bhabhimaa to go in OT. She gets worried and goes with nurse. Akshara says she is so scared. Naitik says fear does not need any big reason. He worries for Naksh. He says Vipul called and said he got many order. She says congrats. He says you too, as you made the designs. She says yes, but final touch was yours. The FB shows them drawing together. He says yes, we don’t have mine and yours, its ours. She says yes. He says he is hers. She holds his hand and smiles.

Rajshri says there are so many petty works, our family will expand more. A lady comes and greets them. She says I m Chanda, Shaurya called me. Rajshri asks her to come. Varsha tells the works. The lady says she won’t do everything. She says don’t you know the trend these days, leave it, I will tell what I can do. She tells her packages. They are stunned. Jasmeet asks what will she charge for everything. The lady says she will give her discount. Jasmeet says we should hire her. Muskaan asks Devyaani is the cleaning not over. Devyaani says no, we started late and asks Girja to work faster.

Muskaan asks Devyaani to throw the things which they don’t need, it stops positive energy, Lord comes in clean place. Bau ji says Muskaan is right and asks Devyaano to give to someone needy. Devyaani says we can need it any day. Muskaan and Bau ji laugh. He says I heard this many times from Bhabhimaa, Gayatri ji, and every woman says same. Devyaani says fine, I m alone, so you both father and daughter won’t listen to me. Bau ji says yes, father will support daughter. Muskaan smiles. Naksh says he has to play outside and asks Devyaani can he go. Devyaani permits him to go.

Bhabhimaa comes home having done the operation. Bau ji says Naksh went out to play. Naitik is worried and goes to get Naksh. Akshara notices this. Bhabhimaa says the other eye operation is after 15 days. Naman comes to meet Karishma and gifts a rose for her Karwachauth. He asks is uncle aunty at home. She says they went out. He says I came on right time and gets closer to her. Bhabhimaa says I m valuing my eye when its in this state. Muskaan takes her pic.

Naitik scolds Naksh for getting hurt. Naksh says he took permission. Naitik scolds Muskaan and asks who gave him permission. Devyaani says sorry, I permitted him. Naksh says I m nor hurt. Everyone ask Naitik not to worry. Naksh says scold Papa now. Akshara says Naksh will be fine. Naitik says will everyone wait till something big happens, don’t know what happened to everyone. Akshara looks on as he leaves.

Naksh puts the plug in switch board. Naitik sees him and is worried. He calls out Naksh.

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