Laut Aao Trisha 17th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Laut Aao Trisha 17th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kabeer’s officer tracks Trisha’s call and informs her location as Nerul. Kabeer says he heard a temple bell sound and asks Abhi to call Nerul police station and check howmany temples are there around that location.

Sonali sees Amrita getting happy and asks the reason. Amrita says she got a call from Trisha who informed that kidnapper will release her if he gets 20 crores ransom. Sonali thinks if Trisha comes back, even Pratik will come back and will start dominating Gaurav. Amrita calls Pratik, but Neha picks call and says he does not want to talk to her and asked to handle herself if she has any problem and get out of his life. Sonali asks what did Pratik tell. Amrita says we have to arrange money ourselves and asks if she will help her. Sonali says she will do whatever she can.

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Lavanya calls someone and asks to find out Pratik as company will suffer without him. She sees Bobby and Meghan coming home back home and gets happy. She hugs Bobby and thanks him for coming. She tries to hug Meghan, but she stops her and says she came back for her dad. Bobby asks her to give her some time to get back to normal and not force either him or Meghan. He gets Amrita’s call and tells he reached home and continues talking to her. Lavanya thinks Amrita snatched her children and she will not let her be happy now.

Kidnapper’s associate asks Trsiha why did she overact. Trisha says she was speaking to her mom and asks what would he have done if he would have spoken to his mom after 1 month. Kidnapper stops car and says police must have traced our location, so they will change car. He takes her into a school bus and asks her not to shout, else he will kill her. Kabeer calls inspector and asks him to check each vehicle. Inspector says he will and says he has not seen any activity yet. Kabeer asks him to keep him updated and cuts call. Abhay says he feels Trisha will be found today. Kabeer asks him to keep quiet as he was thinking Prem as kidnapper. Abhay apologizes and continues driving car.

Amrita calls her financial advisor and asks howmuch savings she has. He says 2.30 crores. She asks him to start withdrawal procedure ASAP. She thinks she can arrange only 2.5 crores. Vivan comes and asks her not to believe his parents and says he knows money lenders who can help her. Amrita thinks after some time, she will get back Trisha home.

Inspector stops school bus in which Trisha is hidden. Trisha reminisces kidnapper’s warning not to shout, else he will kill her. Inspector checks papers. Goon senses danger and is about to take his gun when Kabeer reaches there and diverts his attention to him. Kabeer asks howmany vehicles he checked. He says around 60. Kabeer sees school bus passing and asks howmany schools are around the area. He says not even 1. Kabeer starts following school bus.

Lavanya sees Meghan and Bobby preparing coffee for Kushan and says she will prepare it. Meghan says they want to become independent. Kushan comes there and they happily hug him. Lavanya says she asked Amrita to send them back. Kushan takes them out for ice cream. Amrita calls her and informs her about ransom call, asks if she will arrange 20 crores. Lavanya says she cannot and asks her to take Pratik’s help. Amrita insists and she says she will try. Amrita thinks everyone is backing off, but she will get back Trisha at any cost.

Kabeer sees school bus at a secluded place and checks it, but it is empty. He gets angry on inspector and asks Abhay to check fingerprints in bus.

Kidnapper takes Trisha in a car. He calls his boss and tells that he passed through police security with Trisha. Trisha speaks to him and says she did what he told and asks him to release her after getting ransom money. Boss agrees and she thanks him. She gets happy that she will get back to her mamma.

Jeweller checks Amrita’s jewlery and says he can give her 2 crores max.

Amrita thinks she needs 20 crores and how will she arrange them and get back her Trisha.

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Precap: Sonali asks Gaurav not to help Amrita. Bank manager says Trisha he cannot arrange huge cash.

Update Credit to: MA

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