Sinhasan Battisi 17th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sinhasan Battisi 17th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,into old fort padmavati says tat she agrees with wat he said that paropkar will lead him to right way padmavati then asks tat wat does he thinks will rageshwari come out of hypnotism raja bhoj then says tat she is a women and will do wat is right when she comes out of the hypnotism then raja vikramaditya reaches the place where marriage is taking place and sees tat maharani rageshwaari is seen hypnotised and so she is doing as takshak is saying then into old fort padmavati asks how will samrat remove the hypnotism raja bhoj then says tat he must definitely know the way out of this and then samrat with his powers throw water on maharani rageshwari and she comes to reality and start yelling and asking of wat is happening and tells the truth tat she is already married and is not ready to marry takshak nagraj then thanx samrat for revealing the truth and starts scolding takshak while takshak leaves
Into old fort padmavati then asks raja bhoj tat wat must be the reason of takshak doing this adharma raja bhoj then tells tat an incident in ones life make an individual behave like this he then further tells wen mahabharat happened the pandvas hut caught fire and in that fire the entire jungle burned and also burned the animals in the jungle too and in this fire takshak lost his mother and so he is against human kind
Then nagraj is seen going behind takshak and scolds him while samrat asks him tat he should be punished hard while nagraj agrees and asks samrat to punish him as he is the most eligible one to do justice takshak then challenges samrat to fight with him and then begins fight between takshak and samrat
Takshak at one point releases poison into samrats body while samrat comes out of it and then they again start fighting takshak then turns into snake and starts fighting again and ata that point of time samrat hits him and takshak gets injured takshak again turns into human body and then samrat with his strong powers attack takshak and say tat the pot of his sins is filled and its his time to die and gets hold of takshak
Maharani rageshwari then enters the palace and raja rudrapratap is haapy to see her maharani rageshwari then tells wat happen and raja rudrapratap feels sorry samrat then tells tat crime was done by takshak and nagraj brings takshak inn while raja rudrapratap requests samrat to go and find namdev and at the same time namdev enters and raja rudrapratap says tat he is very sorry for his behaviour he then scolds takshak for his behaviour while takshak says tat he is sorry for wat he did while raja rudrapratap asks him to go back to snake land and thanx nagraj for supporting them and nagraj and takshak leaves
Then raja rudrapratap asks namdev to stay with his mother with them and he also thanx samrat for helping him do justice and save his maharani also and then samrat sees tat maharani rageshwari is crying he then asks tat wat has made her sad during such happy moment she then tells tat she doesnot has a child and so she has to live the village and go
Into old fort padmavati is telling raja bhoj tat life is so complicated one difficulty is not yet over and second arrives while raja bhoj replies tat no life is enthusiastic and these problems only give us a way to live life raja bhoj then shows concern for maharani rageshwari and then padmavati tells tat y is it required to leave the town as the ancestors say that the raja who will not have a child his maharani has to leave the village and go raja bhoj feels sorry for her but padmavati reminds him tat raja vikramaditya is still there and he has assured maharani rageshwari that he will help him
Samrat then goes to release kaal and after releasing he says sorry to him for his behaviour but then kaal tells him tat he will not leave until he takes an soul upwards.

Samrat then tells chitralekha about maharani rageshwari ‘s problem and chitralekha tells tat its fate but then raja vikramaditya says tat this can happen if we give our unborn child as a charity to maharani rageshwari chitralekha is then seen confused of wat to do

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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