Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naitik asking Rashmi about Nikhil. She lies to him and says he is very busy that he does not have time. Naitik says even we work, but we take out time for imp things. Ballu says we will take pics here. They all pose for pics and it looks unique. Music plays…………… Dadda ji says we will remember this wedding forever. The wedding planner says the flight is confirmed and no one will have any problem. They ask Naman and Karishma to go to their rooms. Suresh gifts the honeymoon suite keys to them and says it’s the costly one. Devyaani says they won’t stay together today, they will do puja today. Suresh says if marriage is done in modern way, why puja then. He says he did this for Naman, as they did not think about them. He says why to come back and then go anywhere, let them stay here for few days. Karishma’s dad supports Suresh. Devyaani gets annoyed and leaves. Bau ji asks Naman to take care of Karishma.

Akshara says everything was going good and this…. Naitik says what can we do. Akshara comes to Devyaani and says anger is not good. Devyaani says Suresh did not realize anything and ashamed me. Akshara says it does not affect you, even honeymoon is right, he felt no one planned it and he left them here. Devyaani asks about elder’s right, Naman and Karishma did not refuse as if they were waiting for this. Akshara says but they did not say yes too. Devyaani says sometimes saying no is imp. She asks her to have medicines and rest.

Naitik asks Askhara why is she here, if she very annoyed. We will talk to her. Akshara says she will not forget by heart. He says something happens in marriage that hurts someone. Its morning, the family comes home. Bhabhimaa asks Akshara to have rest. Akshara says you take rest, I will see work with Girja. Naksh wakes up and asks where is Naman and Karishma. Chitti says he will tell him, and takes him. Devyaani says its strange marriage, bride and groom did not come with us, what will we say when neighbors come for mu dikhai rasam. Maheshwaris come home and are happy. Rajshri says so much dust in one day. Varsha says you all rest, we will clean.

Vishwamber asks Anshu to call hotel and get breakfast for everyone. The door bell rings. Bhabhimaa says who came at this time. Devyaani says did the neighbors come. Bhabhimaa says what will we tell them. Akshara says she will manage. She opens the door and smiles seeing Naman and Karishma. Everyone is shocked. Bau ji asks is everything fine. Naman says we were missing you, we could not say no to dad, and we came by next flight. Bhabhimaa asks them to be there and Devyaani asks Girja to bring aarti plate. She does their aarti and does Karishma’s grah pravesh.

Naitik asks Akshara to see Devyaani’s smile as her hope came true. Devyaani sees Karishma wearing tge mangalsutra. She asks why did she wear light jewels. Karishma says she did not get time. Devyaani asks her to get ready well. She asks Akshara to take her to light diya. Karishma asks Akshara did she tell anyone about yesterday. Akshara says no. Karishma says don’t tell anyone, Naman was asking me in flight why did I came late in mandap, I did not know how would he react if he came to know. Akshara says don’t do anything that can hurt family. Karishma lights the diya and gives aarti to everyone.

Naitik says Naman and Karishma’s wedding article came in magazine. Karishma gets glad and sees it. She sees Akshara and Naitik’s big pic and Naman and her small side pic. She gets upset. Akshara sees it and says this….She says its ok, I can understand. Its my marriage and pics are yours. Rashmi defends Akshara and says tell this to the one who did this mistake. Karishma says leave me alone. Rashmi says don’t shout without any reason. Naitik says he will talk to wedding planner and asks her to take Naman aand Karishma to their room. Devyaani asks Karishma to get ready, as everyone will come for mu dikhai.

Rashmi gets angry. Naitik says Karishma was hurt, this can happen with us too. Bua ji asks Devyaani to prepare for rituals. Jasmeet and Varsha talk about the marriage. Ananya says she is missing Yash and Naksh. Dadi says Ananya needs some kid in home. Kaki says we can’t tell Varsha and Shaurya, as they decided, and now Anshu and Jasmeet have to give any good news. They smile. Karishma likes the room and thanks Akshara. She apologizes for always taking her wrong and hurting her. Akshara says I understand, I m not annoyed. Karishma says but everyone is annoyed. Akshara says they will be fine, get ready fast, neighbors will come. Karishma and Naman smile.

Naitik says he did not wish to do arrange marriage and family forced him, tell me something about you. Akshara says I don’t have to say anything. He says he had a GF whom he loved a lot.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Such a irritating serial. Why does akshara have to be the centre of everything. And in every episode the crappy romance it’s so stupid. In every episode akshara and natik’s boring romance and super woman akshara to the rescue 4 everything. Pathetic writers

  2. itz true always focussing only akshara & romatic scene create disgusting

  3. truee…at times akshara,naitik is 5n bt not alwayz n everytime…….kairshma’z angry is acceptableeee…they shld gve space 2 others too

  4. I too feel so,y always concentratng on akshara naitik,karishama naman,jasmeet anshu,der is new coupls to romanc y always concentrtng dis jodi,and also its naman karishamas mariag not akshara naitiks,then y deir foto ?? I thnk u must concentrat on evryone in famly ,den v can njoy more

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