Itti Si Khushi 17th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Itti Si Khushi 17th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Neha makes up her mind to scare Dadi ji and jayanti Massi now. She is outside the main door of Aman’s house only. She knocks the door. Kamini and Jayanti are surprised to hear Neha’s voice. Gayatri opens the door and Neha touches her feet. Kamini ji and Jayanti too go out to see what’s happening. Neha seeks her blessing too. I am back. It isn’t good to rush into things. Gayatri asks her to come in but Neha points out that she hasn’t come back to stay there. I cannot come inside as that decision is not just mine. I came to take my medicines which I forgot here. Gayatri tells her to take them herself but Kamini ji stops her. she tells Jayanti to bring it for Neha. Gayatri too goes from there.

Neha tells Dadi ji not to be scared of her. I wont do anything to you. She leans closer to her. I wont do anything to you but what if something happens to you on your own? Kamini ji looks at Neha in shock. Neha continues, what if I am an evil spirit for real? Kamini ji gets scared. Neha smiles seeing her thus.

Jayanti comes to look for Neha’s medicines in Aman’s room. He gets to know that Neha has come. Why dint she come in? Jayanti lies that Neha dint even wish to step inside. She simply ordered me to bring her medicines. She even refused to see you. We tried explaining it to her but in vain. Aman gives the packet and Neha’s phone to Jayanti. Jayanti smiles thinking of something.

Jayanti steals the phone as soon as she is out of Aman’s room and takes the envelope for Neha. Jayanti tells Neha to leave now. neha replies how she never leaves from the place she goes once to. Plus this house is mine only. Ask Dadi ji. Kamini gives her confused looks. Neha asks Jayanti if she dint steal anything from the envelope. Jayanti stutters that Aman gave them himself. Neha melts upon hearing Aman’s name. He dint even come out to meet me. Aman looks out of his window and gets sad. Neha could have come to meet me once. Neha too looks towards the window but doesn’t see him. Kamini ji tells Neha to leave now. Hope your intentions have not changed. Neha smiles. This house is mine only. I can go anywhere but I will come back here only, back to you. She turns to go. I saw fear in their eyes. She stops once again and looks towards her room. She recalls how she had thought that she wont have to think of time to meet Aman now that they are married. Aman too comes out on his window. They both look at each other sadly. She is sad thinking that he dint knew she is here yet he dint come out to meet her. he thinks how he had wanted to come out but stopped hearing her words. She wonders why he is not talking to her right now when she is standing in front of him. he cannot think of any words to say to her right now. They both talk of their love for each other. She decides to gain his trust back first. I will return to this house then only. She leaves for her home.

Neha gets ready to go to school. I am worried thinking how I will prove it that I dint cheat. Akku gives her confidence.

Gayatri gets clothes from the washer man. Kamini ji tells her to send Neha’s clothes to her house. She wont return here now. Sunita ji hears this and feels bad. She greets everyone and gives them Prasad. Gayatri takes the clothes inside. Kamini ji takes her cue. Neha came here to show her attitude. What your reason of coming here now? Sunita ji asks her if something happened. Kamini ji lies that they requested Neha to come in but she dint even listen to us. She kept waiting at the threshold only. Sunita ji tells her how neha is continuously crying since yesterday. Kamini ji says we dint force her to leave. It was her own decision. Sunita ji requests her to forgive Neha as she is a kid. Kamini ji rues over what all Neha did in the house since she came here. Gayatri adds that Neha even raised knife at Dadi ji. We don’t know what could have happened. Sunita ji says Neha herself dint knew what happened to her. she said that there are ghosts in the house. Kamini ji asks her if she thinks they did all this intentionally. Sunita ji denies. gayatri is sad that she had hopes that neha will learn the customs of this house but she did everything that we hadn’t even thought of. All this is not Neha’s mistake, childishness but immatureness. You shouldn’t have got her married this soon. sunita ji accepts it all but reasons that they are elders. We shouldn’t let kids do something because of which their life gets ruined. it is not just about Neha but Aman too. Gayatri is ok with Neha returning there whenever she feels like. She left the house on her own so she will have to come back on her own wish only now. Kamini ji says we can call her but what can we do if Aman is against it. he is all broken now. He did so much to marry Neha but that girl turned out to be someone else altogether. Sunita ji agrees to make Neha understand. She loves Aman a lot. What will people say if a daughter returns to her parent’s house two days after her wedding itself? I have another daughter too. Gayatri ji understands her situation. We did everything we could to make this wedding happen even when Ma ji was against it. but they will have to live this relation now that they are married though I don’t think she has something good in her to prove it. We don’t have the patience to bear all this and neither can we let her act like a kid forever. we have borne enough losses already. We have become a joke now. She has started talking insane stuff now. we feel that she should stay in her parent’s house only till she recovers completely. Sunita ji looks at them in shock.

Aman gets to know that the management has made principal sir resign from his post. A senior person tells him how he was all lenient with everyone (pointing at Aman). He should have asked you to resign but he hid all the facts which is wrong. Aman accepts that it is he who is answerable here as it is about his marriage with Neha. The senior person agrees. This is what you have been called here for. you dint inform us about your relation with Neha when she was getting admitted in this school. You got married and hid this from the management too whereas all the students know it already. Aman has nothing to say now. He is asked to give his resignation right away. Aman requests him to allow Neha to complete her education. Don’t snatch this opportunity from her. schools are made to educate people. The senior officer dismisses him.

Neha is pacing anxiously outside when Aman comes out. They cannot talk as she is called inside by the senior officer incharge. Neha goes inside. She starts talking / explaining her stance as soon as she walks inside the cabin. The officer is not ready to listen to her or believe her. Management has decided to cancel your admission considering all the facts and that her husband is a teacher here. Neha is a little relieved thinking that Aman wouldn’t have lost his job. He said that either of them can stay here. Before leaving from the cabin she tells the officer that he can snatch her form but not her will. I will complete my education.

Aman and Neha don’t tell each other the truth. They both feel that it all happened as per her wish. You did wrong by telling everyone but its ok. Whatever happens, happens for good. I am happy for you. He leaves from there. She is sad to realise that he is happy after knowing that she has been rusticated from the school.

Precap: Neha sneaks inside Kamini ji’s room at night along with Akku. She walks closer to her bed angrily and looks at her.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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