Uttaran 17th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Uttaran 17th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Meethi is really shocked to see Mr. Kadam’s state. She runs out of the hospital and collides with a car. Mukta stops her taxi in time and is shocked to see Meethi. Are you alright? Meethi hugs Mukta. Mukta is concerned about Meethi who tells her everything in mute. Mukta finds it like a riddle. I cannot understand anything but whatever it is, I am with you. Meethi knows it too. Wish I could change time and go back to the time when we were kids. Wish we could make it happen! Mukta knows it is impossible. You have always encouraged and supported me. why are you giving up today? Meethi replies that she is tired of fighting, of giving fitting replies to Nandini. I cannot do this anymore. Or you think what am I (Iccha’s daughter) doing by giving bribe to a lab technician to change the reports? You think I can do it? I know that Akash is Rani’s father but I don’t know what I am after or who I am trying to prove wrong. I don’t know anything. I cannot understand why I met him (Mr. Kadam). How can someone become mad in a day? Wish I had never met him. can you imagine how I have started talking to Nandini in her own language by using swear words? Can you imagine that kind of Meethi? I am not like this. something has happened to me. something is happening with me. I am not like this. Mukta supports Meethi that she is doing the right thing and her way is right too. Agree you made a mistake by bringing Nandini in the house. She has spoiled the atmosphere of your house. Throw her out of your house. Nandini is the reason behind whatever is going wrong in your life. Throw her out of your life. Meethi reasons that they cannot blame Nandini for what happened with Mr. Kadam today. nandini cannot be at fault for everything. Leave all this. I should head home now. I felt a little better by talking it out with you. Mukta offers to drop her home.

At night, Meethi removes her jewellery and keeps it on the dressing table. she picks up her towel but feels something and turns to look at the mirror. She is shocked to see another Meethi in the mirror smiling back at her. meethi looks away for a second comforting herself with the idea that it is in her head. this cannot happen. She looks at the mirror again. this time her other self gives her a push. The glass breaks and Meethi hurts her feet as she falls over it. her other self disappears seeing her writhing in pain. Meethi hears some noise (someone grunting, deep breathing) and is stunned seeing a lady dressed in white saree (face covered with her hair) standing at the other corner of her room. She tells that lady who she is but gets no reply. She holds her ear and tells her to go away but the lady is actually heading near her. meethi moves backwards, calls out for Akash but in vain. She sees dagger in that lady’s hand again. the wind blows and Meethi notices her own face in that lady. Meethi moves away as the lady tries to attack her with the dagger. She calls out for help but in vain. This time she fights back and holds that lady by the neck. Gomti comes in hearing the noise. She switches on the lights and looks at Meethi in shock. She runs towards Meethi to make her leave her sister’s throat. Meethi looks like she has been hypnotized as doesn’t loosen her grip on Maiyya. Akash finally reaches there and tries to free Maiyya from Meethi’s grip. Nandini too stops outside to watch the drama. Akash is finally able to free Maiyya but he has to slap Meethi in order to bring her back to present. Meethi begs him to save her. she wants to kill me. please don’t leave me. everyone is surprised to see her thus. Meethi tries to show him the lady in the mirror who was trying to kill her or the dagger but nothing is there anymore. I swear she wanted to kill me. Akash repeats that there are no outsiders in this room. Who wants to kill you? Meethi tells him that it was her shadow. Maiyya looks at her in shock. Akash sends Maiyya with Gomti. Akash tells Meethi that it is just an illusion. Nothing will happen to you till I am here. She hugs him in fear. I wont sleep here. She even comes to kill me in my dreams. I wont go anywhere. I will stay with you only. He agrees finally but is really worried for her.

Nandini goes out of Bundela House stealthily at night with Khanna. She tells him about Meethi’s condition. I have brought her things that are to be given to Guru Ma. They both leave.

Gomti notices the blue mark around Maiyya’s neck. It looked like some ghost had entered her. she became so strong all of a sudden. Maiyya agrees. That is when you become strong. Gomti suggests calling a tantric but Maiyya says they are modern people. Akash will take her to doctor. I think we should do Sankatmochan Puja. Gomti agrees. Maiyya tells her to make preps for the puja.

Guru Ma gives ashes (some poweder) to Nandini to mix it in Meethi’s food. Meethi is a pure soul. She is very strong. If she was some normal woman then she would have lost her mind on the first night itself like Kadam. God’s idol should not be around her. My power will not work on her in that case. Nandini agrees to follow her words so that she gets rid of Meethi. Guru Ma chants some mantras again.

Khanna drops Nandini outside Bundela House. He asks for pen drive. She agrees to do anything once she gets rid of Meethi. khanna points out to her that its all happening because of him. I can put a stop at it whenever I want to. She goes inside without saying anything. She talks to herself that it is actually her who is playing this game.

Precap: Nandini is happy to see Meethi drinking charnamrit as she had mixed that ash in it only. But she is shocked when Maiyya turns to give some to Rani as well.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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