Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 17th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 17th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with LD greeting Dadi Bua. She gets glad seeing him and does his aarti. He eats the Prasad. Dada ji laughs and says he will never change, he is like this since childhood. He hugs Jayshree and Murali. She asks for many days did he come. LD says this time its long leave. Dadi says she will take bad sight off. LD sits and she does the bad sight off by water. LD tells Shamli Bhabhi that she should come to Mumbai. She asks why did principal call Maa and Papa there, what did you do, any girl affair. LD says no and leaves. He washes his feet and goes inside. Dada ji smiles. LD feels he missed everyone and its great to be back. He prays to Kanha to the family’s unity and Radha should love him too. Dada ji smiles seeing him. LD prays that I have to tell Dada ji about marriage, he should hug me, atleast say yes.

He comes to his room and relaxes. He calls Radha and she says you. He says you identified me, thanks. He says we reached Mathura. She says don’t call me, I m not interested. He says I wanted to tell you so I called. Radha gets annoyed. He says I m sorry, I m taught to inform loved ones upon reaching destination. She says then inform loved ones. He says I m doing it. He asks his email id. She says then connect to me. He says we are linked. She ends the call. He smiles and says not Radha, her name should be Life. He saves her number as Life. She names him as Chipku.

LD says why do I miss her so much. He sees her on facebook and her profile is locked. He says no one can see it, I like it. He sends friend’s request. She says its too much, how can he send friend request, he is after me. She does not accept it. He changes status to in a relation. Jayshree looks for Jahnvi. Shamli says Jahnvi went to college. She says I have to go and cook now, I don’t know what to do, I have to make Dadi Bua ready. Jayshree says yes, you go, I will come. Sadhna comes and tells Shamli that she did all arrangements well. She gives all credit to Jayshree. Jayshree asks why did they call you Mumbai. Sadhna says it was just teacher and parents meeting, we can talk later. She asks where did your bangles go. Sadhna recalls she gave it to Radha.

Sadhna says its safe. Jayshree says fine, I will come in 5 mins. Radha meets Isha and tells about LD. Radha asks Isha why is she interested in LD. Isha says I mean we can get any pic with drinking or girls, then Suhasini will refuse LD. They see LD’s pics and Radha says see him, he thinks he is hero. A guy takes Radha’s pics.

Isha says he looks good, see this pics. She asks are you coming to see football match. Radha says no, I don’t know what to do. Isha promotes star sports football league. Isha sees a guy and he hides. Radha asks who. Isha says no one. He takes her pics again. Radha says I have a plan, and Renuka will help me, I will end this matter today. Radha sees the guy taking pics and beats him. He says listen to me once. He says I m Leela…. Radha and Isha beat him. He says I m casting director for Leela films, we are making new film and shows the card. He says I was sending your pics to director. Radha sees card and says Leela films.

Jahnvi talks to her friend and says Ritu, I will lie to Dada ji and come, take movie tickets and I will come on time. LD calls her in Dada ji’s voice and scares her. She says don’t tell this to Dada ji. He asks why does she hate Dada ji’s rules. He says why, its not so bad. She says you don’t stay here, else you would know whats jail’s life, I have to lie to meet friends, we are in stone age. He says I know Dada ji is strict and I realized there is logic behind it, I know he is right. He says this is not right to go out in evening. She says yes, I forgot I m girl and all rules are for girls. He says its about safety, we want girls to roam freely but it does not happen, so we put limits on girls. He explains her.

He asks whats imp, Dadi Bua’s birthday or movie with friends. She thinks. He says he has a special gift, if she agrees to him, then he will take her to movie tomorrow. He gifts her a mobile and she thanks him. She promises she won’t go in evening and will enjoy birthday with her heart. LD says that’s like a good girl. The man talks to Radha and says he wanted her natural pose. Isha says she should get villain role and laughs. He says Radha, it was nice meeting you, I have pics and your number, I will share wit director, if you are chosen, you have to come for audition. She says thanks and says next time when you take any gilr’s pic…. He says first permission then pics. He leaves. Radha prays LD’s matter ends.

Jayshree wants someone to read letter. She sees muneem ji. Dada ji welcomes him. He asks her to bring Dadi bua. LD comes and greets him by touching his feet. He gets praised for his values. Dada ji praises him. Jayshree asks Jahnvi to read the letter. Dada ji says there is no complaint about LD from Mumbai. Jahnvi reads the letter and tells Jayshree that a girl complained about LD. Dada ji says he will shine our name one day. Jhanvi says LD is rusticated.Jayshree is shocked. She asks her not to tell anyone about this. She says everyone is happy, if you tell this, everyone will get upset. She smiles by the breaking news and thinks how she run out Sadhna by this.

Suhasini tells Renuka that its her duty to show right way to Radha. She asks Renuka to leave.

Update Credit to: Amena

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