Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Rajshri comes back

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kartik and Naira going out. She see Just say no written on a van. They recall their marriage. Yeh rishta…..plays…. Kirti asks Dadi to stop them. Dadi asks what can I do, I have done a lot, we gave them two years to think, I explained them, we tried to unite them, Manish said right, they will just do what they want. Suwarna says calm down, nothing will happen as per our wish. Devyaani says why not, you wanted this. Kartik asks for car keys. The man says the keys are in valet box, its locked.

Lawyers get a taxi and asks them to come fast, they are already late, you will get divorced if we reach on time. Rajshri takes a taxi for Goenka villa. Rukmani says I also regret this, but marriage has to happen on mahurat. Manish says she is right, we must start preparation for rasams. Dadi says one relation is forming and other is breaking, why did Lord show this day. Lawyers discuss about the new law. Kartik and Naira sit sad. The taxi stops. Lawyer says we have to reach there on time. Kartik says Sharma, listen. Sharma says don’t worry, sit. Naira holds to open the door to get down. Rajshri passes by. Taxi starts and goes ahead. Kirti says Nani….. Everyone sees Rajshri coming. Kirti hugs her and cries. Rajshri asks where are Kartik and Naira, call them. She asks Naitik, Naksh about them. Naksh says they have gone to the court. Rajshri says its means whatever I heard is true, they are going to get a divorce, they are doing a big mistake, nobody stopped them. Naksh says we tried to stop them. She scolds them.

Kirti says we didn’t tell you as Nana ji… Rajshri says yes, he is ill and bedridden, but this is also imp, I was hoping to get a good news, we were thinking to come and meet, why did you not stop them. Manish says they are not kids now. Rajshri says yes, but you are a father, its your duty to stop them. Manish says we can’t stop them for long. Naitik says we couldn’t break the limits. Rajshri says I don’t believe this, Naksh get the car fast. Mansi asks Naksh to go fast, maybe Rajshri stops them. Naksh, Kirti and Rajshri leave.

Naira thinks Kartik say something. Kartik thinks I m not able to understand anything, say something. Maine socha bhi na tha…..plays…. They reach the court. Rajshri asks Naksh to drive fast. Naksh says you are scared of high speed. Rajshri says I m not scared to lose my children’s happiness, drive fast, make me reach them fast. Dadi imagines kartik and Naira coming home and saying we understood its wrong. Suwarna imagines Kartik saying he is feeling relieved now. Naitik imagines Kartik and Naira saying divorce will be right for them. Manish imagines Kartik and Naira getting married and coming home. They all look around. Dadi thinks I wish my dream comes true. Naitik thinks what’s right for them should happen. Manish thinks what holds their happiness. Suwarna thinks nothing wrong should happen with Kartik now.

Kartik and Naira go upstairs. Rishton me….plays…. Kartik says our lawyers went there…. Peon says you can’t come here, go there and stand in the queue. Kartik says I was thinking that…. The man asks their names. They say names. The man asks did you get ID and witness, witness will sign to state your marriage. Naira asks marriage. The man asks do you want to get married or not, say fast, many people are waiting, can’t you decide it soon. They see marriage registrar board. Kartik and Naira ask each other if they want the marriage, they don’t want the divorce. Lawyers come. Sharma asks them to come this side for divorce. The couples talk why is this cute couple getting divorced. Naksh gets stuck at checkpost and stops the car.

Rajshri gets down the car and runs. Naira slips. Kartik holds her. Sharma asks them to sign fast, he has to take a photocopy. Naksh and Kirti ask Rajshri to be careful. Rajshri says I have to stop them at any cost, bonds are meant to be nourished, how can they break it. Pandit chants mantras in marriage. Mansi and Anmol’s ghatbandhan happens. Kartik gets a jerk. Naira holds him. Her dupatta gets stuck to his coat. Anmol holds Mansi’s hand. Naira slips again. Kartik holds her. Mansi and Anmol take wedding round. Lawyers ask Kartik and Naira to come fast. Kartik holds her hand and takes her.

Sharma says final paper is ready, sign on it, take it, lets go, come with me. Kartik goes with lawyers. Naira follows.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. I have lost my hope on kaira reunion..serial is going worst day by day irritated watch tis anymore…??

  2. Plz unite them now,just watching 2 see them together..Plz dnt break this sweet relation or all the viewers will stop watching

  3. Sorry but we want to see them together

    Vrna ye SB dikhaana hai toh hum dekhna hi bndh kr dete hau

  4. Soofia bhatti

    Hey I’m soofia the only reason why naira kartik got divorced is coz of kartiks Mam I hate kartiks Mam so much I really what naira kartik to kaira kartiks grandmother should throw kartiks Mam out of the house for good

    Kind regards soofia

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