Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 17th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhant’s life is in danger

Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 17th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anushka tells Siddhant that this shall not repeat again. Siddhant says we are married now and love each other. Sweety meets Radha and asks if she has any connection with Andhra. She talks in Telugu and tells about her father Krishnamurti. Girl says she wants to know about her parents and pleads infront of father. Rao sees and calls KK. Purva talks to Karthik and tells about Siddhant’s perception about KK. Karthik says it is his misunderstanding. Purva says I will call later. Anushka comes to Purva and says when you asked me, I didn’t have an answer, but I have it today. She says I believe that whoever loves each other, shall be together. Purva hugs her. Anushka says you both will unite. KK thinks they have reached Radha and thinks to give a big threat.

Anushka comes to Gayatri and says shall I help. Gayatri asks her to stay away from her room and says she reminds him that her husband is murdered. Anushka asks until when she will be angry.. Gayatri says until Siddhant makes KK punished for Prabhakar’s murder. Anushka goes. KK calls Gayatri and says I have warned you, but you think I can just make sound. He asks her to see what he does to Siddhant and asks her to save him if she can. Gayatri asks Anushka where is Siddhant and says I told not to marry him, but you didn’t listen. She calls Purva and asks her to call Siddhant. Purva asks what happened? Gayatri says KK will not leave Siddhant. Anushka hears them. Rao ji calls KK and says Sweety, father and Radha are going in two directions to fool us. KK asks him to go behind Siddhant and says he is danger to us now. Siddhant is on the way. Purva calls Siddhant and asks if he is fine. Siddhant asks what happened? Gayatri asks him to come home. Siddhant says ok, I will come home.

Sweety calls Siddhant and tells that he has called Radha and father to their office. Siddhant says he will reach there. Anushka searches files and gets Prabhakar’s call list. She calls Sweety and asks him to tell their findings. She asks when can you meet me? Sweety says so you believes Siddhant. Anushka says even now she believes KK. Sweety asks are you ready to hear the truth. She says yes. Sweety says I am bringing proofs which will make you believe. Just then father and Radha come. Gayatri calls Siddhant again. Siddhant says I will come and thinks to call Sweety home. Sweety calls Siddhant and tells Father De Mello saw Rao today outside the NGO. Siddhant asks him to be careful and asks where are they? Sweety says they are in the parking lot. Siddhant says I will come.

Siddhant rides on his bike. Rao follows him. Gayatri does puja and sits down tensed. Anushka calls Siddhant and asks him to reach home soon. Rao tells KK that Sidddhant is on his gun point and everything is in control.

Gayatri tells KK that she will forget that he has killed Prabhakar and asks him to leave Siddhant. She begs infront of him for his life.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Today episode is really had twists .. interesting .and I noticed that our hero siddhant ithni acchaisai following all trafic rules yar ..
    Not only siddhant but anushka also wears helmet while going ride on bike
    Today when he got call on phone
    He had stopped the bike and answers the call
    It was good

  2. Previously Riddhi- Anushka now
    Anushka-Purva , another cute nanad-bhabhi jodi

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