Kundali Bhagya 17th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Preeta caught Malisha red handed

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Preeta was furious after she watch Malisha and Karan together in the room. She turns away and thinks she knew Karan was a complete flirt. She turns to leave the room but hears Karan push Malisha away and asks what she is doing, resisting her. Malisha tries to enforce Karan look at her, she loves him dearly and wants to express her love for him. Karan pushes her away. Preeta decides to help Karan and comes to push Malisha away from Karan. Malisha regrets forgetting to lock the door. Preeta screams and questions what Malisha wants?
Sherlin and Prithvi enjoyed a drink together. Sherlin names their drinks to their victory.
Malisha was speechless and says Karan dragged her into the room. Preeta claims her a liar, Karan was unconscious and couldn’t hold himself; how could she bring her here. Malisha says she is a fan. Preeta questions if fans are like her? A fan never takes a selfie without their idol’s consent. Karan is unwell, and she doesn’t know her intentions right now but whatever her plans, they can’t be accomplished. She will protect Karan anyway. She blames Malisha to be shameless, and holds Malisha responsible for making Karan drunk. She had full concentrations over Karan even when she wasn’t there. She orders Malisha to get lost before she calls the security, then locks the door from inside. Preeta wakes Karan up in the room.
Prithvi was annoyed with Sherlin that he had forbidden her to come to the party that may prove dangerous but she only wants to keep an eye over him. Sherlin strictly warns Prithvi that he has started to ignore her and misbehave with her, he behaves as if she is his slave. This can’t continue this way. Malisha was repeatedly calling Prithvi. Sherlin tells him to take the call. Prithvi takes the call. Malisha blames Prithvi for not being able to take care of Preeta only, she caught them red handed and came to the room. Prithvi gives Sherlin blaming looks. He tells Malisha he had even called the police that there is some illicit act in the room of this hotel. Malisha tells Prithvi to come here soon, she is standing outside the room while Preeta is trying to wake Karan up.
In the room, Preeta’s voice trembled as she shouted at Karan for not taking care of himself, why he drank so much and that too in hands of another girl. Karan laid unconscious. Preeta was tensed and sprinkles water over Karan’s face. He opens his eyes. She continued shouting that if he would now wake up? She is really tensed for him. He never drinks as much even at home, then why today? She asks if he wants black coffee, or can’t he see anything other than wine right now? Karan drags Preeta closer to himself, he says he could only see her everywhere today with or without wine. He miss her so much and wants her closer to himself.
Sherlin tries to stop Prithvi but Prithvi was tensed and not in a mood of romance. He was tensed as his mind was frozen and he didn’t understand what he must do now. Sherlin convinces Prithvi that he will be trapped if he goes into this troubled matter now. Prithvi thinks that he can’t lose his respect in eyes of Preeta, he always longed for the respect that Preeta gives him and she will soon develop love for him as well. He agrees to Sherlin.
There Malisha hides in a corner of a corridor. She decides to wait here until Prithvi returns. Then she will go to the room and undress Karan, waiting till police arrives.
In the room, Karan goes unconscious again. Preeta was worried and hurries outside the room the call the hotel’s doctor.
Prithvi calls Malisha that he can’t come there because Preeta would recognize and question him. Malisha watch Preeta hurry outside the room. She tells Prithvi that she no more needs him as Preeta has already left the room and they can accomplish their plan now. He should now keep Preeta away from coming back to the room.
Prithvi tells Sherlin that he got a golden opportunity, he must go and stop Preeta. Sherlin convince Prithvi to drop the plan, Preeta is already suspicious of Malisha. Prithvi was determined to spoil Karan today.
There, Rishab called Sameer’s number and was angry at him for not attending the call. Sameer didn’t reply to Rishab. Rishab was angry at Karan for not even attending his calls. Sameer says Karan isn’t with him. Rishab asks where is Prithvi. Sameer says he doesn’t know about Prithvi as well, and he looked around for Karan everywhere around but couldn’t find Karan. Rishab scolds Sameer for crying over the matter, he must go to help desk. Rishab says he is coming there as well, he can cover any distance if its about Karan.

PRECAP: Preeta was in the washroom when Prithvi locks her inside. There, police finds Malisha and Karan together in a room. Malisha was in a molested get up screaming against Karan. Karan was badly drunk and accused of molestation. Media and police rushed around him.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Mujhe hasi aathi hai ye serial dekh kar. Aisa lagtha hai ki hum 1950 ke serial dekhrahe hai jaha pe technology nahi hai. We are in 20th century. Mobile phone hai CCTV cameras hai. Writer ji kabi kabi technology ka bi use kiya karro aur katam karro prithvi aur sherlyn ka drama.
    Jab karan behosh tha tho preeta prithvi ya rishab ko call karke waha bhula nahi sakthi thi kya. Precap me itna hungama. Hopefully preeta should be able to prove karan innocent using CCTV footage. Unlike last time giving hint to prithvi to spoil the footage.

  2. worst serial. Pritivi doing evil to karan Pritivi wins .

  3. Ooshi

    Thanks for the update Sona
    No words for serial turning worst day by day

  4. Always its a shit and i have left watching this serial. The dip in trp ratings tells the story that now many viewers are losing their patience watching bulshit serial like this.Prithvi, Sherlin n stupid prolonging drama should be stopped now…why not makers come up with new interesting twist…n is that the story that is showing in national tv….that every one can predict what will happen next as always evil wins and good ones lose…n i think when good ones wins the serial will end….f**kkkkkk

  5. Linthoi Thongam


  6. When will Prithvi and Sherlyn get caught for their evil actions. Hope that Preeta gets out of the washroom and saves Karan’s name and reputation

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