Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Akhilesh vents out anger

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Samarth leaving with the police. Akhilesh says don’t worry, I m coming after you. Manish tries to get help. Naira says its our fault. Katik says we underestimated him. Naira says he played a game and built good image in front of Samarth, don’t know, what will he tell Akhilesh. Samarth asks inspector did he get money, did he find a way to release him, let Mr. Goenka beg first. Akhilesh and Surekha are on the way. He says he didn’t do this right, I won’t leave him. Kartik says its Akhilesh’s mistake as well, he isn’t trying to understand, we can’t ask anything to Dadi, Dadi is unwell and dad is in tension. Akhilesh and Surekha come home with Samarth. Samarth smiles. Manish asks what happened, Akhilesh are you fine. Kartik says come with us, we need

to talk. Akhilesh shouts I have to talk to all of you. Naira says fine, talk to us first. Akhilesh says its your turn to listen to me. He gets garland and puts on Manish’s neck. Kartik asks what are you doing, please listen to me. Akhilesh puts a garland on his neck too. Naira asks what are you doing. He says sorry I forgot you. He puts garland on her neck too. Dadi worries.

Akhilesh claps. Dadi asks what are you doing. Akhilesh says their plan was successful again, they have won, they deceived me, I got trapped and insulted, they are great for their rubbish thoughts. Kartik throws garland and asks what’s wrong with you. Akhilesh shouts keep your voice low. Manish cries. Akhilesh says don’t you dare raise your voice again. Samarth recalls…. FB shows Samarth seeing his dad and Dadi’s argument. His dad says you want to snatch the entire property, even I have share in it. Naira asks what’s your problem, share it with us. Akhilesh says I have realized Maa, you just needed a servant, who would be better than me, I was just a slave for my brother, right, when I asked you for my share, he framed in a fraud case. FB shows Samarth’s dad says you want this house, business and money for your sons, Manish and Akhilesh, you want to throw out my son Samarth.

Akhilesh says how couldn’t I realize your real intentions, you have done a disgusting thing, the donation made in the name of my sons, you used it as bribe and framed me. Lav and Kush say Manish can’t do this, you have some confusion. Akhilesh says you don’t get into this. Naira says listen to us once. Akhilesh says I don’t want to listen. He gives the papers. He says its the legal papers of the house, its Dhanteras tomorrow, sign the papers and vacate the house until Diwali. Manish and everyone get shocked.

FB shows Dadi asking Samarth’s dad to leave and take Samarth along. Little Samarth looks on crying. His dad says you are asking me to leave, I m the son of this family, you are an outsider, you should have left from here after my brother’s death. Dadi says I should have ousted you before. His dad says you will suffer by my curse, you are ousting me for your sons, one of them will throw you out of the house, its my curse. FB ends. Samarth wipes his tears. Akhilesh says lets perform the last puja together, then we will go separate ways. He takes Lav and Kush along. Kartik and Naira see Samarth. He goes smiling.

Kirti says I m trying to call Akhilesh. Naksh says I can understand you are worried, have sweets, it will uplift your mood, its sugarfree, I have made this for you. She refuses. He says sorry. She says you want everything according to you, you will be angry when you want, you will express love when you want, I don’t want any sorry, please leave me alone. He nods and goes. Naira says we have to save our house. Kartik says I have no interest in this house. She says I didn’t mean Goenka villa. He says Akhilesh can take any property by his wish. She says we have to find some way to deal with Samarth. Kartik says we can sign on other papers and give it.

Naira says Akhilesh will be angry knowing about fake papers, his trust will break, Manish won’t agree, he just wants his brother, not anything else. He says yes, I m saying we shouldn’t give rights to Akhilesh as of now. Samarth comes to them. He says sorry to disturb you at this hour, here are the fake papers of this house, I thought I should give the solution, this was your plan as well, right? The same old ideas again, you are of the modern era, think of something else, bring some twist in your thinking, like I got the twist, you can’t deny that I impressed you, Akhilesh has put a sign on the real papers on my saying, so that he can identify it, don’t make this mistake, this time he might raise a hand on you Kartik, good night, sweet dreams. Naira says you can’t lessen your pain by seeing others in sorrow, you have to find opportunities to get happy, I have seen in your eyes, you are worried by the past, you want to take revenge, his won’t accomplish anything, this is my guarantee. Samarth goes.

Kartik says I have seen that pain and sorrow in his eyes, we have to find out. Its morning, Naira gets ready. She says we will go and ask Manish about the past. Kartik asks her to wait. He checks some jewellery. He says we promised that our relation will never… He makes her wear the necklace. He says its Dhanteras today, Dadi asked you to get ready, its out first diwali after remarriage, everyone wants you to deck up. She nods. He tries some necklaces on her. Yahan wahan…plays…. He makes her wear the bangles and earrings. She smiles.

Akhilesh asks for papers. Kartik gives it. Akhilesh says give me all the jewellery of Surekha’s share. Naira, Suwarna and Dadi remove their jewellery and give him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I hatw dis keerthi nw y she s behaving so rude wid naksh
    Evn her character s spoiled
    Naksh should give it back to her r he should ignore her completely den she wl knw her worth widout naaksh
    Today im happy somewat cz akilesh give naira nd karthik an earful which they deserves frm a long tym
    Such a spoilt nd mindless retards trying to act like mahaan bt failed nd fell on their own
    Nd dis dadi swarna r nly blaming akilesh as if manish s some god
    Evn he hurts evry1 n past nd insulted many of them nw he deseeves this treatment
    Nd dis daadi bcz of her ego so called society conscious made evry1 s life niserable still society ki parwai hai idiotic buddi
    Lasr bt nt least kaira s d worst mahaan couple n d world who knws nthn than cheap romance evn n difficulties

  2. All this could have been easily avoided if kartik naira let the older talk by themselves at the beginning insted of giving lecture to Akhilesh and belittle him further. If him, manish, dadi taking couldn’t solve the difference then they could just give him his shares and stay out of his business. You can suggest, give you options to someone but the end decision belongs to them. Akhilesh is not a child who needed to be guided by his young nephew or brother all the time. Neither he is asking for things he has no rights on. He worked hard, managed the business for years, handled work alone while his nephew was busy misunderstanding the family, non stop romancing his wife or staying heartbroken by their separation. He never got any appreciation or recognition, always has been theated like a slave getting only orders by his mother, brother then nephew and DIL.
    Goenkas needs to stop antagonising akhilesh, he is not the only “evil” in this story. Forcing their decision on him and disrespecting his choices has only make him feel caged and incresesd his anger. Better they respected his wish and gave him his part of property, with time he would surly realised by himself how much he loves his family and how lonely he feels without.

    1. A hundred percent true.

      I thought these two people would stop behaving like kids once they got married again. Because they’ve done so many mistakes, I thought they’d have learnt not to unnecessarily poke their noses. But no. Now the twist is they don’t hid things from each other, but they together hid things from the families. It’s so annoying. I laughed so hard when Akhilesh was telling naira mahaan. This is exactly how most of us have been feeling for two years. These two never participate in the business, Karthik has no idea what’s happening because he’s either bsuy being angry with the family or busy with naira or busy drinking in her memories. But suddenly he has all the knowledge about business and property and stuff.
      Very well said, although I don’t like the tone of Akhilesh, and Manish crying is giving a feel that Akhilesh is heartless, I think it’s high time he spoke up what he felt and wanted.
      These two think they’re so smart and they feel family is the best and it’s love that binds people and all, why didn’t they sit and discuss with the family about what’s happening? Why didn’t they tell Manish and dadi that samarth is the mean one and try and find out why he turned out to be like that? Instead they try to do things on their own and mess up everything.

      And the last scene, just wow. He’s finding which jewelry for naira to wear. Last night they could have gone to Manish and sorted things out. But no. Who’ll romance if they go. Who’ll get credit if Manish finds a solution.

      1. Exactly, Goenkas people behave like they never did anything wrong dadi has been an hypocrite, obsessed over her only heir and created many problems she was never confronted for. Suwarna has behaved like a witch for 2 entire years, even willing to break mansi’s weeding to cut relation from singhanias. Kartik never took into account anyone’s feelings or concerted anyone before making huge decision. Manish only cared about kartik and used his brother as a handyman. He never thought even akilesh has dreams, ambition and kids he wants to leave legacy for . Suddenly after akhilesh outburst they all behave like he has gone crazy or he turned negative creating unnecessary bitterness.
        Money is not more important to manish and dadi than their brother and son, what cost them to give him his part and let him fail or succed or realise by himself family’s importance. They gave kartik this freedom and once he understood he came back. No wonder akilesh is so angry he has less liberty and rights than a kid

  3. Wow this serial is running hates off to the viewers for watching only one thing I said waste of 30mts in ur life

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