Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Sudha kidnaps Rohan and Karan

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 14th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aaliya looking for her bag. Rohan asks her not to leave. She asks him to give her bags, don’t be kiddish. He says I won’t come to pick you. She says don’t be so mean, give me my bag. He says its in the bathroom. She goes to get the bag. Karan says I m coming along. Ruhi says very funny, don’t say this, you will get me embarrassed. He says listen, I won’t stay here alone. She says this ritual is for girls, you promised me that you would do as I say, just obey your wife. He says that’s not fair. She says I will be back soon, come to pick me. He says okay.

Ishita asks shall we leave. Aaliya and Ruhi hug Kaushalya. Kaushalya asks them to come by evening, she will miss them. Ishita, Raman, Ruhi and Aaliya come home. Amma and Mrs. Bhalla give gifts to

Ruhi and Aaliya. Amma says girls are given gifts whenever she visits her Maayka. Simmi says this time you will leave with two bags. Ruhi says then we will come often. Raman says feed them some food. Ruhi and Aaliya get calls from Karan and Rohan. They come to everyone to have lunch. Mihika asks them to sit and have food. Ruhi says I will click a pic with you all, he is asking for it, he might come here too. She clicks selfie with family. Ruhi says I have made halwa today. She shows the gift she got. Ishita asks shall I make halwa for you.

Mrs. Bhalla says its fine, I will give you a gift any way. Ruhi gets Karan’s call again. She says why is your house’s wi fi slow. Mihika teases her. Aaliya goes to attend Rohan’s call. Ishita talks to someone about sending Sudha’s sons’ photos. Aaliya asks Rohan to focus on work and go to office, don’t call again. Ishita smiles seeing her. She hugs Aaliya. She says so sorry, I was actually enjoying your conversation, you are happy right. Aaliya says yes, Rohan is really good. Ishita says I was worried for this relation, I felt good seeing Kaushalya. Aaliya says don’t worry for me and Ruhi. Ruhi asks for phone network. Ishita says you have no time for me. Ruhi hugs her. Ishita teases her about Karan. Ruhi says Karan got my fav cake, we danced all night, and had the cake, we kept laughing, what did Aaliya do, she didn’t tell me anything. Ishita says I don’t want to know, I m out of here, I will go and get sweets. She goes.

Raman reaches the building. He gets a call. Simmi also comes. He gets shocked and drops the bag. He says listen to me, no…. Simmi asks who was that, what happened. Ishita thanks Chopra and says pic didn’t download yet, thanks for this help. Simmi comes to her and says Sudha has kidnapped Rohan and Karan. Ishita gets shocked. Simmi says I don’t know, Sudha called Raman and said this, she asked Raman to meet her at outskirts, and he left. Ishita asks did he go alone. Simmi says she threatened that she can do anything to Rohan and Karan. Ishita asks did Raman go there alone, I m going, sorry. She leaves. Simmi hopes Karan and Rohan are fine. Raman reaches some construction site and shouts Rohan, Karan.

Rohan shouts help. Raman gets shocked seeing them hanging down the crane end. Raman says don’t worry, nothing will happen. He goes to operate the crane. Sudha says no use, crane will be operated from here by this remote, if you act smart, just wait and watch, you will find your sons in law under the cliff. Raman asks why are you doing this, you are my enemy, let them go. She says I warned them, but they didn’t listen to me, they have to pay for their actions, I always knew that you hold your daughters close to your heart, you will blindly follow my instructions, am I right. He says I m here, let them go. She says everything has a price, don’t you want to save them, you have to pay a big price, follow me. She asks him to drink the bottle of whiskey. She says trust me, this will make everything easy. He asks what’s this joke. She asks will you drink it or not. He says okay, wait. He drinks it. Ishita reaches there and shouts Raman…..

She calls Raman. She gets shocked seeing Karan and Rohan hanging down. She runs to them. Rohan shouts Ishimaa…. She asks who did this to you. She gets shocked seeing Sudha. Sudha welcomes her. Ishita asks what do you want, what’s this madness, where is Raman. Sudha says Raman is here. Ishita gets shocked seeing him drinking.

Sudha says my brother shot himself, you will shoot Raman, what will you choose, your husband or your daughters’ husband. Raman says shoot me. Ishita gets shocked and shoots at…..

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Sadly. Yhm is going thru the worst twist with the entry of Sudhaji … why did the cvs had Rossini’s twist .. to exit Adi … ? Can’t understand what’s these story writers are up to ? Totally wrong message to the audience . Always made Raman the dumbest character … and how can they be trapped for Ruhi Nd Alias marriage … no background checking ? I had been a regular viewer but from Rossini’s track. I have left it ! But it’s really praiseworthy both KP’s and Dts dedication and commitment! In between just for knowing I did watch Kausati..Zindaghi…and initially Ishqbaz also …. both will never come to Yhms standard and the leads can never be like Ishra…
    Initial yhm till surrogacy was a unique story with Ishras sizzling chemistry … Ishras chemistry now is not that up to the mark … gradually though Ishra wants to perform .. the storyline weakens them …that’s my understanding …

  2. Hi Vp

    Me too after long writing up. Sadly YHM has lost the story long ago ,think at the start of the surrogacy track. It was better having Shagun and Ashok as the villians. There is absolutely no connection with what is happening now. I feel real bad for DT and KP ,yet I praise their acting skills in the dumbest of scripts. In reality will people marry their daughters off in less than a month, not doing any checks on the boy and his family. And I agree that the chemistry between DT and KP was lost long ago ,their nok jok was the best even if they did not have any romantic scenes. Now it is just plain boring. CVs for Gods sake this is the 21 century ..don’t insult your audiences intelligence. Pull the show off before the TRP drops any further.

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