Bigg Boss 12 14th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Shiv and Romil becomes captaincy contender

Bigg Boss 12 14th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Day 59
Romil says to Sree that dont be miffed with me, he hugs him and says I feel bad when you get miffed because of game. Sree says its okay if you become captain. Romil says I will do good as captain.
KV says to Sristy that they will come to me in end, she asks how? KV says nobody can beat me in task.
Rohit says to Deepak that lets eliminate KV now.
KV says to Sree that we will not change anything from our side, my plan is to get 12lac coin in morning.
Deepak says to Shiv that if there are 9 buzzers then you will try to eliminate Surbhi then all will play against you. Romil says it will be Surbhi and me in end. Deepak says I wont take your name off. Shiv says nobody else from our side will come.
KV says to Sree what if you change your mind for me

next week? Sree says I am done.
Shiv says to Romil that if there are 9 buzzers then lets play.

Deepak says to Shiv that if you dont have any option only then eliminate my group, first eliminate KV and Sristy, incase there are less buzzers then our group should be safe as we are supporting you. Shiv says KV and Sristy will support me too. Shiv says lets eliminate Somi later. Deepak says okay, great, he leaves. Shiv says Deepak is playing with words so am I, they can eliminate KV and Sristy.

Surbhi says to Shiv that Rohit’s name was coming up. Shiv says I talked to Romil and he was ready to give your name and my name in end but then Romil said that he wants to support Rohit too, I asked him how he came in the game so Romil said that he wants to make Deepak captain first then he wanted to give your name too. Surbhi says Romil took Deepak’s name? Shiv says yes first he took Deepak’s name, I took his name and Romil agreed. Surbhi says if we are supporting you then you will support Sree later so where will we go? Rohit was in picture from start. Shiv says then why they didnt tell me in start? Surbhi says if they are playing game then they are doing wrong, Romil called me sister like his family, relations matter for me, I could have gotten support from others without Romil, I would have convinced Dipika and Megha, I can take him on but I respect him but not anymore.

Day 59
Inmates wake up to song ‘Akhiyon Se Goli Maare’. They all dance and enjoy.

Romil says to Surbhi that you made a deal with Sree and Shiv to support them so they will support you later then why didnt you tell us? Romil says I just told him that I will support him, I didnt promise him anything, I am watching you and you are moving on different track, this can be our last game. Surbhi says yes, we had a fight, I am talking to you respectfully. Romil says but you are wrong. Surbhi says you are wrong. Romil says I didnt say anything to Shiv. He asks Shiv that did I tell you to make you contender? Shiv says yes you said you would support me. Romil says I told you that I will give you coins too. Romil says I didnt promise you anything. Shiv leaves. Surbhi says you said that you noticed I am on different track but you didnt talk to me. Romil says you flip. Surbhi says you flip too, you can talk to me. Romil says you keep saying sorry, you have destroyed value of sorry in this show. Surbhi says you dont see when you hurt others self-respect. Romil says sorry. Surbhi says say it when you mean it. He leaves. Surbhi says I am not part of this happy club.

Surbhi says to Sree that you are not only an emotional fool, I am an idiot too.
Deepak says to Romil that Somi was alone so we two are now alone. Romil says she is crying in garden.
KV and Sree sits with Surbhi. Surbhi says Romil made a deal with you? Sree says I just told him that I would support him, he didnt say he would support me later.
Megha asks Romil why you keep fighting with Surbhi? Romil says its our love, how else we will be shown?
Surbhi says to Sree that if you dont remember that you made a deal with him then Romil is right. Sree says Romil is always right for you. Surbhi says you said you would support Romil then what you got in return? Sree says Romil was playing for his club, he made Shiv against me too. Surbhi says Romil gave us impression that Sree wont play and Romil will become contender. Sree says I ended that deal last night, I wont care now, I will eliminate people now. I am an emotional ******. Surbhi says bro people play with emotions here, I will show what this game is all about.

Shiv asks Deepak if its me and Surbhi in end? Deepak says I dont know anything. Shiv says I will not take your name and you will not take my name. Deepak says yes. Surbhi says I wont eliminate Deepak, Somi and Shiv.

Surbhi says to Deepak that I dont have a problem with you and Somi, he is making me a villian. Deepak says you should give him time.

KV says to Megha that I want Shiv and Somi to get the chance.

Shiv says to Romil that Sree can eliminate anyone.
Rohit asks Deepak to become contender with Surbhi. Deepak says I dont have any deal now.
Deepak says to Shiv that I am ending deal, you can eliminate me. Shiv says you are changing your words.
Deepak says to Romil that why we are not playing for ourselves. Romil says you know I would support you and Surbhi if I am not in task.

Romil says to Surbhi that you keep asking me same thing. Surbhi says if you had cleared all things then it wouldnt happen. Deepak asks Surbhi to remove Shivashish from the game and she refuses she is a woman of her words. Deepak says we are fools here. Surbhi says I am talking nicely to you. Deepak says dont give punch lines. Surbhi says I am talking nicely.
Shiv says in camera that I exposed their game.
Deepak says to Surbhi that you want to become captain now? Surbhi says I left captaincy a lot of times for you people and now you call me selfish? Deepak says dont shout. Surbhi says I will shout when I want, leave ******. Deepak says she is cursing me. Surbhi says to inmates that now I am selfish? I gave up captaincy for them so many times. Deepak says dont curse me. Surbhi says look at your language, I was talking nicely. Deepak says dont call me *****. Surbhi shouts at him and says dont talk to me if you cant bear it. Sristy is smiling.
Romil says to Shiv that Deepak is wrong here.
Deepak and Surbhi are shouting at each other. Sree pulls Deepak aside. Surbhi says I just asked for first time for captaincy, dont talk to me.
Deepak says to Sree that Surbhi always supported you, dont fight with her.
Surbhi says to inmates that I am not playing now. Romil says we are supporting you.
Sree asks Deepak to not fight with her.
Surbhi says to Romil that I am guilty, I am not fighting with you. Romil says we are not calling you selfish. Surbhi says he was calling me selfish. Romil says he didnt mean it. Surbhi says I dont mean a lot of things too in anger, its justified for Deepak but not for me.
Shiv says to camera that Surbhi and Deepak-Romil are separate now because of Shiv.

Sree says to Romil that let all do what they want, my deal is off, according to rule we have to kill person with highest bid, you didnt kill Deepak with highest bid. Romil says I killed Dipika as you didnt want to look bad. Sree says you had higher bid thats why.
Surbhi takes off her mic and says I am not a bad person. Bigg Boss asks her to wear her mic.
Sree says to Romil that you were playing too. Dipika says to Romil that you had 12lacs in your hand, Sree wanted to remove Deepak for 3.6lac so you said that you would remove me for 12lacs if he did it? I want to ask if you said that? Romil says we didnt talk about it later. Sree says all were there, Romil says I said it later to cover it. Dipika says whom should I believe? Sree says listen to me, I am a liar. Dipika says I want to know about first coin, Romil is not telling truth. Romil says I didnt use highest bid when I had a chance, he wanted to remove Deepak for 3.6lac. Shiv says Sree didnt lie. Dipika says why Sree is not clarifying himself? Sree says to Romil that you lie, you said that if I removed Deepak then you would use 12lacs to remove Dipika? Romil says yes. Dipika says then why you lied? I cant trust you.

Dipika says to Sree that I dont want to talk you, did you even hear me there? Sree says I am not talking to you. Dipika says I was talking to Romil. Sree says you didnt trust me, do what you want.
Jasleen says to Megha that we dont know what is happening here.
Sree says to Shiv that you are my brother so you would trust me or doubt me? Dipika says we stand with you and support you everytime. Sree says there is no deal anymore. Dipika says then dont do it, there is a limit to everything.

Surbhi mimics Deepak calling her sister. Surbhi says he called me sister and then ill-talked to me, Deepak says you called me *** but I am your brother? Sree asks Deepak to stop it. He asks Surbhi to not tuant. Deepak says you give us food and then curse. Surbhi says I am just teasing like they do.

Rohit says to Deepak that dont fight. Deepak says if they bring old things and insult me and demoralize me then there is no relation, atleast others dont bring all this.
Surbhi says to Sree that they are not wrong but they are against me.
Deepak says to Romil that I am playing for Shiv as I gave him word, I will eliminate KV and Sristy, I will take my name off but not Shiv.
Surbhi says to Sree that you didnt let tasks happen and now I wont let it happen.

All are standing near safe. Sristy asks him to not touch her. Sree asks them to not touch safe. Deepak says this is new rule. Sree says if you want to play then remove your hand from safe. Deepak says its not written there. Sree moves him back and says you cannot touch safe *****. Deepak says dont push me away. Romil asks all to move back. Deepak says he is referee but that doesnt mean he can make new rules. Sree moves back and smiles.

Somi asks Deepak to stand infront of her. Sristy says you are standing infront of me, I was standing there before. Lights change, all are pushing in safe. Sristy says dont push me Deepak. Megha brings a coin, she gives Surbhi’s name. Sirsty gives Deepak’s name. Surbhi gives KV’s name. Megha asks them to be fair. Romil says to Sree that Deepak is playing for Shiv, we can eliminate Deepak or KV. Megha asks to eliminate person with highest Bid. Shiv says to Sree that its on you whom to accept. Sree says as per rule, its Surbhi’s name. Romil says if we both have coins then we will go for highest bid. Sree says highest bid is for Surbhi for 3.5lac, he eliminates her. Surbhi says Megha will not become captain now.

Sristy says to KV that we can take coins of smaller bid and eliminate Somi.

Deepak asks Megha if she didnt take his name? she says no, he says thank you.

Lights change, all run to get coins. Deepak gives Sristy’s name. Megha gives Deepak’s name. Surbhi gives KV’s name. Rohit gives KV’s name too and says eliminate him, he is irritating all. Romil says we promised to save money. Sree says you are killing Sristy. Romil says you killed Surbhi too, I promised Shiv but I will kill Sristy. Romil kills Sristy.

Lights change, all run in safe. Deepak gets coin and gives it to Romil to eliminate KV. Rohit gives KV’s name. Megha gives Deepak’s name. Romil says I will kill KV for 50K. Sree says then I will kill Deepak for 1lac. Romil says then I am killing KV for 2lacs. KV says to Deepak that thank you. Romil kills KV for 2lacs. Deepak says KV wanted to eliminate me too, he asked Megha to eliminate me. KV says to Deepak that you didnt do right.

Somi says to Romil that we can support Deepak. Somi asks Jasleen and Megha to support Deepak.

Lights change, all run to get coins. Shiv takes coin from Deepak. Shiv asks Sree to kill Somi, Sree says I am not going to kill her, I will kill Deepak. Romil says if you dont kill then you have to go on high bid otherwise give his coin back. Sree says I am not giving it back. Romil tries to take coin from him but Shiv asks him to move back. Sree says I want to kill Deepak. Romil says you have to go on highest bid. Bid goes in room too. Romil says you cant kill him like that. Sree says if Deepak doesnt come in then I am not playing. He throws coin and leaves.
Sree says to KV that I asked Deepak to come inside to kill him but he didnt come in. Bigg Boss says one man have to be killed and hitmans have to decide. Deepak asks Romil to take decision. Romil kills Somi but Sree tries to kill Deepak. Romil says you threw your coin. Bigg Boss calls Sree and Romil in confession room.

In confession room, Romil says Sree had highest bid but he didnt want to use it and kill Deepak for lower bid. Sree says its my decision. Romil says he cant do that. Bigg Boss says you have to take decision when lights change. Bigg Boss summons them and clarifies that Sreesanth has the right to eliminate since he has a higher bid. Deepak is eliminated from the captaincy race.

Sree calls Deepak and kills him for 50K.

Sree says sorry to Romil. Sree says that you and Shiv can go, I dont want to become captain, Romil says let them play and see if Somi or Shiv wins.

Lights change, Shiv brings bid to kill Somi to Sree. Sree sits with Romil and says I cant kill Somi. Shiv thanks Somi. Sree says I am killing Somi for 1.15Lac.

Task ends. Bigg Boss asks for their money. Sreesanth has Rs 8.35 lakhs, Romil has over Rs 13 lakhs, qualifying Romil for the captaincy task. Shivashish is the other contender for captaincy as he was only person alive. The season’s prize money is Rs 23,40,000. All are shocked.

Romil says sorry to Deepak for him getting killed, Romil says Shiv was playing game, I did everything to get coin from Sree. Somi says if Sree didnt kill you then he would kill for higher bid and he would win.

Jasleen is crying, Megha is consoling her. Shiv asks what happened? Megha says you said you dont need her friendship. Shiv says she is always my friend. Jasleen says I have been your friend for 2 months and now you are Sristy’s friend. Shiv says dont cry, I am your friend. Jasleen smiles and hugs him.

Dipika and Depeak sits with Sree. Dipika says you didnt eat anything, do you want to eat rice? Sree hides his face. Dipika says he cant control his laugh. Sree says I dont want food. Deepak says we are not giving you food, they laugh.

Surbhi is talking and laughing with Shiv and Romil. Megha says if you want to enjoy then go to washroom. Romil says go to sleep. Megha says if you want to enjoy then I wont let anyone sleep. KV says nobody is sleeping. Megha says they are talking about me. KV says dont take her name now. Megha says they are losers, you dont know what winner is. Romil says Rohit is sitting there, Megha says you dont value this show. Romil says then we should nominate you? Megha says losers, dont talk about me. Romil says no one will whisper about Megha. Surbhi laughs. Megha says you donkeys have no right to win. Romil says I have a doubt on that winning, you are showing winning qualities. Megha says you are showing your loser qualities, Romil asks Rohit to not talk about her.

PRECAP- Romil is doing press conference with inmates. All inmates fight to make their friend captain. KV is referee and ask them to stop it. Nobody listens so Bigg Boss cancels captaincy task for first time.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. lol srishty is really a backstabber she is jealous of dipika and jasleen # sree is puzzling all the housemates now # surbhi and deepak unnecessary fights # rohith is a dumbo #dipika got victim of her popularity # megha just doing overacting not focusing on the game # things have become chaotic in the house its no more entertainment except for CLEVER SREE and GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL # time has came for the makers to dissolve happy club and eliminate members now to have top 4 # dipika # sree# kv # romil

    1. Aapke according to game kl hi khatam kr do or
      Aapke Golden hearted romil ko winner bana do 不不不不不不
      You are obsessed with your so Called Golden hearted romil

      1. Airplanes wla toh romil ka family k hi lag rh h ,muje yaha par kafi famous kr rh hai romil ko

  2. I think someone should uld stop tagging romil as golden hearted… Tdy his heart wen teasing a girl alone in group doesn’t justify dat

    1. Exactly
      Enough of this ##golden hearted romil … feeling irritated now 不

      1. Tum sab jali huyi hai Golden hearted Romil ki popularity se…

        Airji , ap rehne de… These people can’t understand Ur pain and suffocation..!

        …. But I have a doubt is it just his Heart which is Golden?? Aur liver , kidney,etc woh bi same same hai kya??

  3. 1) KV’s supporters outlived every other topic on twitter by sharing Teejay’s open letter to Bigg Boss. Finally…!! Now, I can die in peace. Everyone is so against Salman..It’s unimaginable. Pritam, Upen, Sambhavna, Manveer, Nakul, Simple, Arjun, Surbhi Chandna, Manu Panjabi.. all are slamming fir the way KV has been treated by the host.
    Oh yeaaaah they demeaned his emotions , and now let these makers starve to death.. I am so happy..

    Today, I watched BB after two days of Bigg Boss Vrat after getting relieved from the KV mishap ! And I was literally taken away by today’s epi… Shiv is just sooooo awesome and funny ! I want Surbhi to be by KV’s side now.. and Srishti’s expressions and Deepak’s activities … whole of it was so funny.

    2) Gold is an inert element .
    Inert means those who don’t react.
    Romil doesn’t react.
    Therefore , Romil = Gold !
    Aww.. Much love to Romil.
    But “#lol” is acting when none is reacting ! So, why are ppl even bothered? Ignore..

  4. lol all jealous of GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL # haters keep getting jealous lol

    1. 不不不不不不不不不

  5. Romil kisko chala ra tha that he only let sree kill deepak to not let him get bigger amount?this is where his farzi mastermind-ry get exposed lol and miss piggy(somi) actually believed him, what’s happening with megha is really not funny ek aad ko koot dena chahuye ise with sree and that’ll be bigger than actual winning she’ll be biggboss winner in my heart just ram deepak into a sofa and romil head into toilet aha maza ajaega, jab jab deeika aur deepak sree k paas chaplusi karne ate gain na bilkul vo wali feeling ati hai jab jaise kidnapper chote bache to lolipop deta hai na kidnap karne se pehle they look so cunning…I didn’t expect srishty to be as double faced as she’s coning out in last few episode and WHY IS SHE SO JEALOUS OF JASLEEN?

    1. @jagganath…….. I agree…….even I m not able to guess the reason behind srishty being jealous of jasleen……..

      1. She needs one person to target and gain footage first it was shiv than it was deepika and Neha and now its jasleen

    2. @jagganath
      I agree with all your points..and srishty is from a different planet..she really should be kicked out if eviction is based on performance in the bb house…why are her followers even voting for her..

      1. Seriously her fans were saying she is funny and to watch extra dose etc to see her funny side and I did only to be struck by cringe attack her jokes with kV are lame and her smile after every word irritates me and her attitude towards jasleen is ugly she’s like before-elimination-week-benafsha, (like benafsha was actually cool it’s just her last days in house which were annoying she became whatever srishty has been throughout the season)

    3. If Megha beat deepak that will be the biggest & best highlight of this season cause many people(including me)are super irritated by him and IMO he deservessss a good ‘ol beatdown but on another note Megha do need to stop with her “main winner hon” it’s getting repetitive to be a good comeback, srishty isn’t jealous she thinks herself to be superior than jasleen at least that’s what I draw from her behavior towards her

  6. To be honest I just don’t understand what even they all are planning or fighting over this season editing is too bad and choppy and you just can’t get the whole issue that what’s even happening, last year they used to align clips in sequence in which matter transpired and sometimes even have a voiceover about what contestants are talking about but now episodes are all over the place contestants talk with jam in their mouths

    1. True and another thing i dont understand is that Why bb team has taken an oath to never show any fun stuff?everything from day one is either someone fighting or b*t*hing this season literally frustrate me the most, I don’t think contestants have monotonous personalities they just don’t show their funny side their formula to gain trp has actually done the opposite till now

  7. Shree seems to be an elder version of Acash. Can’t predict when is he gonna flip

    1. There are parallels in how he was used all season long (by bandigi and puneesh )too

  8. I hate when sree and deepika are on same side cause she always ends up making it all a saas bahu saga, I don’t want to see bucket full of tears and her stopping sree with her melodramatic squeals I don’t like deepak near shree either I may be wrong and he could really might be fond of him but his body language just creeps the f**k out of me his attitude near him is like gollum with the ring in lotr

  9. GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL is winning hearts across the nation and he became the contender for captaincy yet again ,it shows how is he reacting with impulsive flukes like sree and that pet of sree # shiv is captain’s contender hahahaha such a joke by BIGBOSS makers # shiv is tommy of sree who feeds him pedigree everyday lol

  10. I just out of the blue remembered how shilpa proudly shared the fact that she wash kitchen cloth in bathroom bucket which they used to use to wash panties lmao I don’t know why this came in my head randomly

    1. And it gave rise to the (second) biggest rivalry of the season hina v/s shilpa/arshi ahh I can’t forget that season

  11. Hello m frm pak

    N a big fan of bb

    1. Hello welcome but can you please not use “paki” as your name anymore?some of us rowdy idiots use it as an insult to certain community so use your name or random anything or even Pakistani but don’t use paki that word has become a slur

  12. I m feeling sorry for the”rented mastermind” that someone took his tag today…….sree played well in this task…….romil ki to chali hi nhi iss task mein……lol n finally surbhi has realised that romil n deepak r backstabbers…….
    Dipika’s convo with sree was nice…….happy that now she is not his “behna” n all…….deepak is so very cunning…….double standards……
    Somi n rohit r not required in this house……..they do nothing except eating n sleeping like an anaconda…….
    Srishty is trying to use her brain at times but then others don’t even bother to see to her opinions…….
    Andho mein kaana raja#romil when asked said that deepak is wrong during the surbhi matter but he didn’t tell him to stop……which shows that he is not a good friend instead sree was calming deepak……
    I don’t like surbhi but she has supported deepak n romil every time so they should respect her opinions……

  13. I used to like Surbhi even when she was using bad words as she looked like a good soul. She has better analysis of people in the sense that she knows what is going on in HM’s mind. But now I am getting this feeling that she is more flip than anyone else. She is being overdramatic and is using Sree, Romil, Somi and Deepak emotionally. The girl is trying too hard to show her good side, not that she has not one but now it is looking fake. She is on Sree’s side and already saved herself from nomination and tried to convince Sree for her contendership. The girl is actually using people. Sree and Romil understand her game but are still giving in.
    I am saying it on basis of past few episodes. I have not watched this one yet

  14. GoLdEn HeArTeD RoMiL will win one rupee in the end and 0.25 paise after gst if he keep taking these kinds of money task lightly taking deals of over 12 lac then saving his own skin by throwing 5lac in that immunity task smh he’s overconfidence ki dukaan

    1. golden hearted Romil will loot all money to save himself…
      In Season 10 , Host was blaming rahul dev , rohan and Gaurav chopra for bidding high value for immunity… But he didn’t give a single scolding to their fixed winner now.

  15. Sree was going to become the captaincy contender instead he let Romil wins Maybe he does not want to play against his best friend Shiv .

  16. I dont know why but I dont like Romil… He is cunning

  17. GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL is playing very good # bigg boss makers have decided to continue karanvir as captain acc to rumours even if this happens no regrets coz GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL became the contender he has proved his worth # keep going GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL viwers are supporting you loving you and voting for you too :))-

  18. GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL is the new CAPTAIN OF THE HOUSE !!!!!# well played ROMIL despite torture task you seemed to stand tall among all those losers # great going GOLDEN MAN # loving your effort to win the show you are winning hearts across the globe and thats what matters the most #PROUD OF GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL # no bad words for ROMIL haters coz ROMIL showed us how the game should be played and now he is the MOST DESERVING CAPTAIN #KUDOS TO YOU GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL # keep going on and viewers are with you you earned viewers support

  19. Airplanes wla toh romil ka family k hi lag rh h ,muje yaha par kafi famous kr rh hai romil ko

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