Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th June 2013 Written Episode, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14th June 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Chikki waiting for someone to come and pick her up. Neha says her car came, and she has to leave early. Neha leaves. Ankit sees Chikki and comes to her. Chikki does not feel right. Chikki is tensed, and Naitik comes to take her. Chikki rushes him saying lets go. Ankit sends her msg. Chikki is worried.

Akshara’s brother is taking his dad to the dr. Ananya talks a lot with her Dadaji. He says he will always remember what she has drawn on his plaster. Ananya says I love you dadaji, seeing that her Dadaji has taken its photo. Chikki thinks she should tell someone about Ankit. She says God please help me. Chikki continuously gets msgs, Akshara says the food will come, Naitik says don’t we have water to cook. Maa says we have ordered

food. The food gets delivered and Akshara serves the food. She calls everyone as the table got ready. Everyone are happy to see the table which looks good.

Akshara gives noodles to Naksh, and fried rice to Chikki. She serves everyone. Naitik says you have done good arrangement, and the crockery is eco friendly. Naksh says he likes the food, and he wants such food daily. Naitik says there is a sweet in which something is written about the future, and so its called Bhavishya phal. Naksh reads Dukh me Sukh. Akshara says its like we have water problem, but we got food to eat. She explains Naksh. Akshara sees Chikki worried.

Everyone are waiting outside the house, for the tanker. Maa says Akshara do you remember that we faced the same problem earlier, Naitik says I managed to get the tanker. Maa says good, and I asked our neighbors also to come and take water from here. The tanker comes, and Naksh says I will also fill water so that I can have a bath. Naitik and Akshara fill the vessels. Naksh says the water is not clean. Maa says yes, Akshara says we can use it in bathroom. They think what they will do now. Naitik asks them to fill the water. Chikki says I will not go to institute today. Maa asks why, Chikki says I can’t take a bath with this water. Naksh says if I bath with this water, I will become dirty. Akshara says we can go to my mum’s house. Naksh says yes, we will go. Naitik says the idea is good, we can go. Akshara says I will call Varsha and inform her that we are coming.

Scene shifts to Akshara’s mum’s house:

Babuji leaves for the dr. Akshara and her family comes there. Naksh is really happy. Ananya says we have filled water for you. They greet everyone. Akshara says we had breakfast.

Scene shifts to Chikki:

Ankit asks Chikki did you understand what I explained you yesterday. He asks for his msgs’s reply. He says don’t you know why I chat with you. He says you are very special to me. Chikki does not reply and goes from there.

Akshara says we will see if the water does not come, we will come tomorrow. Varsha says she has packed their lunch. Akshara’s brother Shaurya says he will send the tanker at their house. Varsha receives a saree by post. Akshara says what is it. Varsha says we have ordered a saree online, Varsha says it is somewhat cheaper, and says she got it in two days. Akshara says Varsha you have become smart. Shaurya says even Dadi uses internet. Maa says its so good, we can order online too. Naksh agrees.

Akshara is teaching Naksh piano, and she asks him to practice. Akshara sees Chikki tensed and asks her is everything fine, you look worried. Naksh leaves from there. Chikki wants to tell Akshara, but Maa and Bhabhi maa comes there. Akshara says Naitik’s laptop is free, if you wnat you can take it. Chikki says I don’t need it today. Maa says Chikki to teach them how to use it and buy saree on it. Naksh asks them to listen to him.

Dadi tells Varsha to ask Akshara does she needs more water. Varsha says I have asked her, Varsha suggests that we should keep water pots outside the house, so that people can drink water.

Akshara asks Chikki what is the problem. Chikki says yes, Naksh suddenly falls, and Akshara runs to him. Maa scolds Chikki as her belongings are everywhere. Bhabhi Maa also scolds Chikki. Maa asks her to keep her things. Chikki says she did not do this purposely. Maa says you do what you want, but your things are seen everywhere. Chikki is angry and says its her mistakes always.

Chikki comes to her room and cries saying no one understands me, not even Akshara. Chikki says thank god I did not tell her about Ankit Sir. Ankit calls Chikki and she disconnects the call. Akshara comes to her, and asks her not to cry. Akshara says its not your mistake. She asks Chikki what she wanted to tell her. Chikki says nothing. Akshara is tensed.

Ankit asks Chikki why she did nto come to class. Chikki asks him not to come to her house. Chikki is worried.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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