Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 14th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 14th June 2013 Written Episode, Devon ke Dev… Mahadev 14th June 2013 Written Update

After that Vedic consort which was sung just ones and may be recorded in some ancient music player.. its time for the boon!

Ravan wishes Mahadev to go with him to his Lanka, he is desperate to hear Mahadve to say Tathastu!

Shiva says that whatever Ravan asks he has to give it away.
Mahadev’s family is shocked hearing this.

Ravan feels extremely happy hearing this and says that having Mahadev with him all the time was his wish for life.
Mahadev gives him the boon that he’ll be there with Ravan always… in the form of this pashan ling, he further says that he’ll fill the ling with his powers. Meaning with that ling Ravan would feel Mahadev’s presence with him always.


Ravan is shocked to learn this.. he says he can’t possibly take that with him.. as its not what he exactly asked for! Ravan wishes to take Mahadev in his true form.. either he comes with Ravan in that very form or he doesn’t want anything in return of his work.

Ravan blackmails Mahadev that he’d start a sadhna(endeavor) which would only ends when he gets what he wishes for.
Mahadev tells he is giving Ravan whatever he wished for.

Ravan respectfully rejects Mahadev’s say. Ravan says that he needs to serve Mahadev and that is the only wish he(R) has.
Ravan continues with his emotional attyachar saying he better takes off the tag of being the biggest devote of Mahadev.. he doesn’t get mocked by all.

Nandi has this expression of ‘what a crazy man he is!’
Mahadev tells such obstinate attitude doesn’t suite a great devote as him.. its up to him to accept or reject it.
Ravan with bitterness and pain asks for his leave.

After Ravan goes, Parvati devi asks Mahadev why does he give Ravan chance to be all the time dog him.. its just his selfishness. How can he always forgive Ravan.
She questions why he gives Ravan a chance to be be on his own whims when it comes to Mahadev?

Mahadev tells Parvati devi does she really want to know why Ravan wishes to have him a his place.
She tells she wont like to be worried all the time thinking of the future after knowing it!

Devi Parvati fears one day Ravan would take him to Lanka.


Ravan feels sad on Mahadev’s remark.
Nandi confronts Ravan and says that whatever R is thinking is wrong.. Ravan again insults Nandi tagging him as an ape.

Nandi tells that R has not realized his mistake.. he feels that Mahadev n the SHiv ling are tow different things. No person gets such great chance of getting the SHiv ling from Shiv himself.

R again starts his I’m the greatest devote of Mahadev song.
He feels his life is meaningless.. and tries to end his life with the same Chandrastr which was given to him by Mahadev.
Nandi tries to stop him.. but he never budges..
He takes the Shandrastr and puts it on his neck to cut it.. but he couldn’t do it.. then Mahadev arrives. Raavan falls on Mahadev’s feet, Mahadev asks him what he wishes.
Ravan says his life is meaningless without him.
Ravan again asks Mahadev to come to Lanka so that he’d blessed with a life serving Mahadev. Raavan literally begs Mahadev to say tathastu.

And Mahadev does say it. Raavan is on the top of the world.. Devi Parvati feels disappointed and vexed with Raavan as Mahadev has other devotes and his own family to look after. Raavan gives her some lame explanation and justification saying that Mahadev has no responsibilities he just needs to be worshiped!

An excited Raavan invites Mahadev to come along..
Mahadev stops him and informs him that whatever boon he has given to R, he needs to know the terms n conditions of it.. the meaning of it..

Raavan doubts if he is gonna come along or not and asks the same, Mahadev tells he is coming along but when he gave Raavan that ling, he has rejected it.. only cause Raavan wanted Mahadev’s true- mool swaroop.. but its essential fo R to understand it.
Mahadev the agrees on going with R only after making the journey from Kailash to Lanka as the Paashan ling; so Mahadev asks him to make necessary arrangements.

R says that he is not gonna take Mahadev on any chariot or plane, but he’d lift the ling.. service begins from the moment.
Mahadev tells the journey is long and he might want to think about this through the night.
Raavan says that after having him (M) he doesn’t have any goal or thought left.
Mahadev then tells, for that night he (R) must rest the next morning he’d get into his pashan ling form and he’d become R’s. And after whcih wherever R puts him down he’ll be established there itself.

Shiva asks R if he is happy now?
Paravti devi is upset with this.

Mahadev slays Gajdanav(Elephant demon) which was troubling the common people on the earth.
Mahadev tells R who is trying to lift the Shiv ling which is established at a place eventually the place turning into ‘Virdhynath Jyotir ling’

Update Credit to: Killer_Shark

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