Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 14th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 14th June 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 14th June 2013 Written Update

Part 1:

Uddham says even I don’t understand. Who from the house can do that? Kanhiaya says bhaiya we won’t have to wait long. We’ll find out really soon. The manager must be coming shortly with the CD. He’ll come and we’ll know everything .Uddham says Kanhiya I’m going out for some work. As soon as the CD comes, call me. Kanhaiya says okay. Uddham says I’m leaving mummy ji. He leaves. Kanhiaya says make me a cup of tea. I’m going in my room. Sona nods. Sunhainya stands up and leaves. Sona thinks to herself if he gets a hold of that CD, then he’ll learn the truth about mummy ji. I’m going to have to do something.

Mummy ji is washing her face in the bathroom. Sona walks in. Sona says don’t worry, mummy ji. Believe me I won’t let the truth come in front of him. Sunaina says but why Sona bahu? Even after knowing that I tried to frame you, you want to save me? But why? You should be mad at me. Sona says I’m not doing this for you. I’m doing this for your son. I’m doing it for my husband. He who believes in you blindly. I don’t want his trust to be broken. I don’t want him to be in any sort of trouble. And mummy ji don’t think that I have anything against you. I have nothing against you. Dadi had always taught me to forgive others. It makes your life easy. All the difficulties in life goes away. Dadi is right. I have nothing against you. But yes, now I have lost all the respect that I once had for you. Sona leaves.

Part 2:

The doorbell rings. Sona opens the door. The guy says please call Kanhiaya ji. I wanted to give these CDs to him. Sona says give them to me. The guy says to you? Sona says I’m his wife. The guy says okay, here. He hands her the CDs. Sona says thank you and closes the door. She takes the CDs and starts to break them. Kanhaiya sees this. Kanhaiaya says Sona ji. What have you done? You broke the CDs. This was the only way I could have caught the culprit. Why did you do this? Nothing was in the CD. It was just a game I set up to catch the culprit. Only someone from this household could have done this. I thought by this that the person would want to destroy the CDs and stuff. Why did you do this? Tell me. Sona says because I called. Kanhiaya says Sona ji do you know what you’re saying? Don’t lie to me. Are you trying to save someone? Or you know who has done this and you’re hiding it from me. Sona ji I’m asking you are you trying to save someone? Who are you trying to save? Sona says I don’t know. Kanhiaya asks who are you trying to save? Sona says I don’t know. Sunhiaya says Kahiaya beta. Sona bahu is trying to save me.

Part 3:

Sunhaiaya says I had made that phone call. Kanhaiya says mummy ji what are you saying? You love me so much…you can’t do such a thing. You can’t do it. Its impossible. Tell me the truth. Why are you hiding it from me? Tell me. Swear on God. Swear on your Kanhiaya. Tell me what the truth is. Tell me you’re lying. Sona ji why is mummy ji not saying anything? Sona ji tell me is mummy ji hiding something from me? Why is she lying to me? You both are lying to me. Tell me what’s the matter. Why are you both quiet? Tell me what the truth is. SUnhiaya says Kanhiaya beta, what you heard is true. I had made that call. Kanhaiya asks why mummy ji? Sunahia says I admit it was a foolish act. I felt that Sona bahu is separating me and you. And then I kept trying to separate you both. I wanted you to start hating Sona bahu. When everything I tried failed, then I tried this last game, thinking that you would leave Sona bahu forever. Kanhiaya says mummy ji how could you even think that Sona ji would want to separate me from you? You should have trusted your son. Sunhaiya says Kanhiaya beta forgive me. I know you are very hurt. But beta look from a mother’s perspective. Maybe then you’ll understand why I did this. Once a mother starts fearing that someone is trying to snatch her son away from her, then how can a mother live? I know I deserve to be punished. I have made a mistake and I should be punished. But I did all of this because of the love I have for you. I request you to think with a cool mind. Kanhiaya takes his hand out of his mother’s hand. Sunhiaya says please forgive me Kanhaiya beta. Kanhiaya says why should I forgive you? You don’t even realize what I’m going through right now. You doubted someone like Sona. You have tried so much to separate us, but she is the same one who continued trying to get you and me closer. And you doubted her? Don’t forget when everyone else was against you, even then Sona ji supported you and was by your side. As much as I love and respect you, then loves and respects you so much more. But I wish you could of understood all of this. Sunhaiya says I have realized my mistake. Won’t you forgive your mom once? Kanhaiya says how can I forget who I loved the most in this world? The person I respected a lot has betrayed me to such an extent. How can I forget? You have betrayed your Kanhiaya. How can I forgot that? Sunahiaya says I am wrong, Sona bahu. Kanhiaya’s anger is just. But you tell me, Sona bahu, what has already been done how can I change that? I can only ask for forgiveness. Please forgive me Sona bahu. I have made a grave mistake. I wasn’t able to understand your love. But Sona bahu the little love and respect that you still have for me, for that sake please forget everything and forgive me. Please explain to Kanhiaya. Sona says listen. Please forget it. She’s your mom. Forgive her. Sunahiaya wipes Kanhiya tears and says Kanhaiya give me one last chance. I promise you I won’t ever do such a thing again. Kanhaiya hugs his mom. Kanhaiya says everything is over. Even if I want to I can’t forget this. By staying in this house I’ll keep remembering this. I’ll keep being reminded that the person I loved the most is not mine anymore. You have ruined everything. No one has ever given me this much pain before. And after all of this we can’t stay in this house in peace. It will be best for this house and this family that me and Sona ji leave the Chaturvedi house. Yes mummy ji we won’t stay here anymore. Bindiya overhears this. Suhaiya says what are you saying Kanhiaya beta? How can you even think like that? Sona asks what are you say…He cuts her off and says Sona ji. I’ve made my decision. Sunhiaya says beta I won’t let you do this. I can bear your anger, but not your distance. I can’t live without you. Kanhaiya says only on one condition I’ll change my decision. Only if you answer all my questions truthfully. Even if I forgive you, will this relationship come back? Will this trust that I had return? Will your love and respect come back? No mummy ji. No. And there is no point in the love when while even staying together I’m not with you. Sona says listen don’t take a decision in haste. At least think over it once…Kanhaiya says listen Sona ji. I’ve already thought and made my final decision. And I will stick with my decision. I will not stay in this house. He walks away. Sona says mummy ji I’ll try to make him understand. Sona walks away.

Precap: Kanhiaya is packing. Sona says arey what are you doing? Leave all of this. Kanhiaya says SOna ji please. I don’t want to argue with you on this matter. I don’t want it to reach that stage where I have to ask you if you’re coming with me or not.

Update Credit to: Cutiepie_rani

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