Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Naitik clearing the misunderstanding. The people apologize to him. Naitik greets them and goes with the right person who is Mohit’s relative Vipul. Naitik comes to the house and meets the family. He goes to the room and likes it. The lady asks him to pay rent and food expenses. Naitik says fine, I have money, I will pay in advance. The lady thanks him and says food will be ready. Vipul says we will eat together. He asks him to freshen up and come. Akshara asks Naksh to sleep. He says he can’t sleep till Papa calls. He gets Naitik’s call and says he is angry as he called late. Naitik says sorry, I was busy. Naksh says he wants to see his home and Naitik shows the room. Everyone have the webcam on.

Naitik says the room is good. Bhabhimaa does not like the room. Everyone talk and does not give a chance to Akshara. Naitik asks them to speak one by one. He sees Akshara and smiles. Naksh asks is he missing them, can he stay without them. Naitik hides his tears and smiles. Jasmeet tells Anshu that Karishma is not taking my call. She says I will handle it, as its about my mum now. She is worried, before they talk, I want to alert her.Anshu says you look good when you are angry. He asks her to smile. She says she is worried. He says lets talk about us, nothing else. He hugs her and they smile.

Akshara laughs talking to Naitik as he tells her about the proposal. He says stop laughing. She says sorry. He says he is feeling lonely. She says she is also missing her, but don’t tell this else I will feel weak. She says about office and stops. He asks what happened. She says nothing. He asks what happened. She changes the topic. He says she is lying, and asks her again. She says nothing, good night now. She says sorry Naitik, I can’t make you worry. Ananya talks to Shaurya about project. He says Varsha its very complicated. Varsha says yes, she knows everything, the school is good, they are making them push the limits. Shaurya says yes, she is talented.

Its morning, Naitik wakes up and gets hurt and calls Akshara. He realizes he is not in his room. Akshara calls him and asks how is he. He says he is missing her a lot. He says he slept for two hours, he will end work and come soon. She says take care, I will manage here. She says how will I do all this, he has spoiled me. Rukmani asks Nandini to take rest. Nandini says she is getting bored to rest all time, she wants to go out. Rukmani says wait, I will come along. It starts raining. Rukmani says now don’t go out, be at home.

Naksh misses Naitik. He says he wants to go to him. Bhabhimaa cries thinking what might be Naitik eating there, we know he is choosy about food. Naitik talks to Vipul and his wife asks him for food expenses. She says she wants to clear the matters. Vipul is sweeter and asks his wife not to charge for today’s food as its first day. The laptop bursts and everyone is shocked at Maheshwari home. Anshu says we should not keep laptop in lap, it gets overheat. Shaurya says I don’t have backup. Ananya says is my project gone too.

Naitik talks to Vipul’s son and misses Naksh. Vipul asks him to have tea. He gives the Dhokla. Naitik eats it and coughs. Vipul gives him water. He says if you don’t like, I will get something else. Naitik sees his wife and says he likes it. Naitik comes out of the house and misses his car. Vipul comes and sees him tensed. He asks him to take his scooter. Naitik is annoyed as people call him Mota Bhai. He asks am I fat and why does he say it on my face. Vipul laughs and says it means elder brother here. Naitik says oh and smiles.

Naitik sees the scooty and Vipul gives the helmet. Naitik is unable to start it. Vipul says he will start. He says it knows me, come on sit now, go. He says call me if you have any work, bye. Naitik leaves. Akshara says what if anything goes today. Naman says our employee is stealing. Bau ji says everyone is reliable here. Naman says he saw CCTV footage and nothing is suspicious. We have to verify at every step. The manager says he will send all reports.

Naksh asks Akshara will Naitik come tomorrow. Akshara says yes, he will try. Naitik calls Naksh and he gets upset.

Update Credit to: Amena

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